Girl's First Time In Porn

Young girl her fist time in porn. She's still very nervous and a bit shy to the camera. Luckily her task is easy; Jerk his cock and make him cum on your tits.

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Clars +55 points1614 days ago

IS their a sextape of her? A Handjob is that boring Reply Report

Bangbro +5 points1612 days ago

Her name is Mandy Main. Reply Report

dad +5 points1305 days ago

Hopefully get to see my ddaughter on here an porn one day love her to start young Reply Report

Kinkydude +4 points1613 days ago

First time in porn? Hell no... Reply Report

Catty +3 points1469 days ago

Too Much Talking Not Much Fucking Reply Report
 do it

do it +2 points1613 days ago

give her the dick! Reply Report

Nem +2 points1613 days ago

Lil Candy.... Reply Report
Raider Rob.

Raider Rob. +1 points1613 days ago

Yawn!!!!! Wake me up when she's done. Reply Report

Minkoil81 +1 points1636 days ago

Great body! Reply Report

Wtf +1 points1540 days ago

This was awkward for me to watch let alone for them how the fuck could he stay hard hahaha she shouldn't have gotten payed fuckin not even trying dumb cunt bit h hahaha Reply Report
mr. aaaaaaaaaaaa

mr. aaaaaaaaaaaa   0 points1613 days ago

very poor video fuck Reply Report

graves   0 points1613 days ago

13 inch cock ? ahahaha in your fuckig dreams. Reply Report

Lonely-Guy87   0 points402 days ago

For porn that is reality. Everything you will see is artificial, from the lighting to the make-up to the size of breasts and dicks. It is done to get the maximum sensual and sexual tension out of the models and viewers. In this case viagra, and probably some very painful stretching treatments for the male models dick. My advice to you is find someone real to sleep with and stick with the real thing. I'm currently single which is why I'm here, but I plan on finding a women ASAP. You should probably follow suit. Reply Report

thfgh   0 points1611 days ago

that was painful to watch Reply Report

thatcrazyguy   0 points1385 days ago

Keep them afraid and they'll consume Reply Report
I'll pass

I'll pass   0 points1346 days ago

Itty bitty titty small small ass Reply Report

ggwp   0 points1191 days ago

name: mandy main Reply Report

ingomat   0 points767 days ago

Charming little girl - definately not a first timer Reply Report

Rapesection   0 points409 days ago

Non member Reply Report

rick2420   0 points39 days ago

she is so innocent and hot and a nice cock to, what more can u ask for Reply Report

l -14 points1613 days ago

I want her to suck my 13in cock :) Reply Report

thatcrazyguy +3 points1391 days ago

the biggest dick in the world is 12in Reply Report

Kyleisgay +2 points1374 days ago

Maybe he was confusing inches with centimeters? Reply Report