Toilet Slave

Russian femdom slut uses her slave as human toilet.

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extreme +42 points1946 days ago

i should eat her shit Reply Report

podkabluchnik +11 points1946 days ago

Only piss? My Russian mistress shits in my mouth - I eat it all :)) And cum for her :) Reply Report

Carly +10 points1945 days ago

All that and no brown. I'm only partially wet now, thanks a lot. Reply Report

sueleather +6 points1821 days ago

She is so sexy! Would love to eat her shit xx Reply Report

Fetishist +5 points1956 days ago

Oh man, it would be so much fun with that mistress. Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +5 points1339 days ago

Human toilet? The only "toilet" related thing was the seat!! Where was the pee & poo that we associate with a toilet slave? Reply Report

bigcumload +4 points1809 days ago

id eat it right from the tap!!! please feed me Reply Report
I'll eat it all

I'll eat it all +4 points1463 days ago

Whoa she is hot Reply Report
Internet Troll

Internet Troll +2 points1946 days ago

In soviet Russia, toilet gets bodily fluids on you! Reply Report
Satanic Pancakes

Satanic Pancakes +2 points597 days ago

nice pussy lickin ;) Reply Report

JuicyCutie18 +2 points1902 days ago

She's a devout and typical catholic. LOL ;p Reply Report
sissy crosddresser

sissy crosddresser +2 points1760 days ago

I eat my dominatrix shit all the time Reply Report

tehpole01 +2 points1608 days ago

he is a real lucky guy!! i bet she taste real good!! healthy sexy whore! Reply Report
sissy sussie

sissy sussie +2 points1223 days ago

thats my wife and and she also shits in my mouth Reply Report

smally +2 points1060 days ago

She is hot Reply Report

abracadabra +1 points1958 days ago

I wanna lick her too Reply Report

Puh +1 points1946 days ago

ass cleaner integrated Reply Report

jami63 +1 points1870 days ago

she is very cute, I wonder how old is she ? Reply Report

jeffa13 +1 points1056 days ago

This was BS. she never shit on him not much of a Mistess Reply Report

smally +1 points930 days ago

Lovely Reply Report

Markymoo +1 points57 days ago

Bec driscoll, i want this. I want to eat your shit. @becdriscoll Reply Report

wut   0 points1946 days ago

where da poop? Reply Report

Steve   0 points1710 days ago

look up, "You'll eat my shit and love it" on this site and you can see her shitting on a guy. Reply Report

Rocco -1 points1943 days ago

киска-кончила от такого кайфа! Reply Report

abner -1 points1532 days ago

That sucked where's the shit zero stars and they should be severely beaten Reply Report

ghetto13 -2 points1886 days ago

Insultatemi SMS al 3895220109 Reply Report

Fake -8 points1946 days ago

Fake Reply Report