Champagne Bottle Pops Inside Pussy

Horny girl uses champagne bottle to masturbate and makes it pop open while it's inside her pussy.

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boneking +30 points2062 days ago

well thats a new technique Reply Report

tazmanian481 +7 points1922 days ago

Does anyone know who she is or if there is more of her??????????? Reply Report

boner +5 points2041 days ago

Hope that wasn't Dom Perignon! Reply Report

angelique21 +4 points1382 days ago

She is hot....saw this film a while ago....tried it with my girlfriend....she put it in me and shook it till it gushed out of my pussy and then we opened a bottle for her...we both loved it....we drank what was left and went to bed to fuck....a wonderful evening...we will try anything new....thanx for the upload. Reply Report

joep +3 points2041 days ago

what's her name ? Reply Report

Me +3 points1987 days ago

Who is she?! Holy shit she's hot! Reply Report

ChampagenBabeLover +2 points2041 days ago

God In Heaven I want to Fuck this Woman. Does anyone know her name? Does she do any porn? I need more of her. And God In Heaven I want to see her ass. Reply Report

damenwaeschewixer +2 points1881 days ago

anal wär besser .... Reply Report

drg +1 points2041 days ago

I want to drink under that pussy Reply Report

HORNBLOWER +1 points2041 days ago

I've never drunk champagne from that kind of glass before but in her case I'd be willing to try! Reply Report

tamponboy69   0 points2039 days ago

Usually I do a milk and oil enema, now I got to try champagne! Reply Report

wow   0 points2040 days ago

That was so hot Reply Report
Vergil's Bitch

Vergil's Bitch   0 points2040 days ago

Woman only takes one sip. That's almost a waste. Reply Report

deutsche   0 points2040 days ago

Not your typical German chic, she is hot Reply Report

deutschjunge   0 points2040 days ago

@Rich folk's enema: she says, she grant herself some champagne and her pussy too. its a drink for the pussy no enema ;) Reply Report

beedee241   0 points1990 days ago

Pressurized douche, huh? Reply Report

Antonious   0 points1423 days ago

Champagne flush.....The secret is to NOT chill the Champagne first. Reply Report

msmonique   0 points1128 days ago

Hmmmm.... A new way to enjoy Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante? That's nice! :P Reply Report

annoymus   0 points549 days ago

pretty face Reply Report

annoymus   0 points407 days ago

she is absolutely beautiful! her face makes this video what it is. Reply Report
Lil\' Dicktip

Lil\' Dicktip   0 points99 days ago

*shouts to girlfriend*
You: "sweetie can you do this?"
Her: "Umm. Idk"
You: "Do you want to try it?"
Her: "Why not?"
You: "Ok... Come on!"
Her: "Wait.. What! Now!...... Fine then..."
Reply Report
Rich folk's enema

Rich folk's enema -3 points2041 days ago

This is how rich folks clean their pussies before sex. Hope she remembers to remove that cork and not be dumb to think that it's a cock in there!! Reply Report