Penis Surgery Because Of Too Much Viagra

How a long lasting erection gets treated in the ER.

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hobo +29 points2060 days ago

They chose a male doctor cause a female one prob would jack him off :/ females. Reply Report

...   0 points958 days ago

I mean... she'd lose her job, but okay. Reply Report

ssss +11 points2060 days ago

The doctor wishes he started to pursue the career of a garbageman Reply Report
Rusty M. Nickels

Rusty M. Nickels +9 points2060 days ago

Another hard day at the doctor's. Reply Report

saint +2 points2060 days ago

My dicks bigger. Hes black, im white....take THAT society Reply Report

mystikkal +2 points2059 days ago

lol at least he was a good sport about it... especially his comment "I always wanted to be in the movies" lol Reply Report

funny +2 points1783 days ago

Erection last longer then 4 hrs call more bitchs Reply Report

me +1 points2055 days ago

hahahah that would have been funny if he blew a load when intern was squeezing his cock and he punched it!!!!! Reply Report

hwdp +1 points1500 days ago

viagra? no thx Reply Report

Ulf   0 points2059 days ago

He's well hung! Reply Report

errr   0 points2058 days ago

okay so this was not because of too much viagra. but gosh i feel sorry for the man! thats some hell of a treatment Reply Report

chrissy97236   0 points2053 days ago

I am glad I didn't have to go through that! Reply Report

umad   0 points2007 days ago

Everytime there's a black dick on screen the insecure white guys come out of the wood work. so damn pathetic. was your mom fucked by a black dick and were you forced to lick his superior seed out of her pussy? Bitches. Reply Report
Korean Girl Looking

Korean Girl Looking   0 points1854 days ago

wait... i don't understand.. what happened to his dick?? Reply Report

fhghjgf   0 points740 days ago

This is a Larry mellick of off youtube.. He has a yt channel Reply Report
That one guy

That one guy   0 points865 days ago

I'm surprised. The procedure is exactly what I expected it to be. Reply Report

hr -1 points2060 days ago

no viagra .. . he said to the end... Reply Report

nice -4 points2060 days ago

nice cock though Reply Report

armando -7 points2060 days ago

I would have sucked his cock and took a big creamy load Reply Report
happay go luckay

happay go luckay -8 points2058 days ago

small black dick. its always good to put stereotypes to bed Reply Report