Slut Drinks Cum From A Plate

Cum thirsty slut milks guy's cock on a plate, then drinks it up.

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meh   0 points1943 days ago

the moaning or humming is done cos it feels fucking great,
but obviously you have never had a hummer
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Brock_Lee -1 points1943 days ago

TO Meh:
Then, why does that bitch still moan and "hum" when she DOESN'T have the cock in her mouth? Watch the video after the 3:08 mark; the dude has already cum and gone and she's STILL DOING THE FUCKING MOANING!!!

By the way, every girlfriend that's every tried to give me a hummer was met with a pimp-slap and told to, "Knock it off with the fucking noises or else imma hafta choke a bitch!" That's right...I'm gangsta, boyeeeee!
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Brock_Lee -3 points1944 days ago

Why does she make that moaning noise when she's sucking a dick? There is no type of G-spot in the mouth.

To Britney Skye at SpermTrainer: QUIT WITH THE FUCKING MOANING!!! It's annoying as fuck!!! Also, why would anyone want to join your website when you're spamming other websites by uploading all these videos for free? Whomever you hired to do your marketing needs to be shot!
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