Pizza Deliver Guy Crushed To Death

Pizza delivery guy gets crushed to death in elevator freak accident.

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gdgd +19 points1665 days ago

im glad that they upload this type of videos on this website , its good to know what happens in REALITY because they always censor it on TV and make it like a romantic movie :D Reply Report
You Cunter

You Cunter +1 points373 days ago

YES! Because if Domino Pizza ran this as an Ad no one would buy them! DUH! Reply Report

TrollGuy +7 points1665 days ago

That doesn't look like a pizza deliver guy...looks like a mom and a baby
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Does this site actually have any members?

Does this site actually have any members? +5 points1665 days ago

What the hell kind of elevator is that?! Reply Report
Adolf H.

Adolf H. +3 points1664 days ago

Made in China! Reply Report
M. Miam

M. Miam +2 points1665 days ago

Not sure if that women is dead Reply Report

heavyghost +2 points1610 days ago

That is one evil elevator. Reply Report

Joe +1 points1597 days ago

Where is this pizza delivery guy everyone's talking about. Dressed as a woman??? Reply Report

BrockLee   0 points1663 days ago

They must have ordered their pizza with REALLY thin crust. Reply Report

goku   0 points1662 days ago

Thats the wierdest elevator ever, it move before the doors are close.. Reply Report
Made In

Made In   0 points1533 days ago

Fucking Chinese elevators... Reply Report

imbatman   0 points1469 days ago

Whoever that was, went off to Neverland Reply Report

Penisface   0 points1426 days ago

It looks like a lady with a baby instead.. Reply Report

Honestly   0 points398 days ago

If you pay attention you will see once the button is pressed it moves wether the doors are closed or not is up to the operators caution.
So when he seen the next man start to enter why did he hit the button again???

This is why we have safeties and sensor protections on our elevator rather then relying on some imbecile to not hit the button until you get in there.

I'd haunt his ass until he killed himself if he'd done that to me.

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Joe -1 points1632 days ago

Stupid fuck. Doesn't say to get back there's something wrong with elevator. Just let's her die. Reply Report
viva la mehico

viva la mehico   0 points1055 days ago

that wut u get out of the usa, stupid fuks Reply Report

OH -6 points1665 days ago

GROSS Reply Report