Psycho Woman Cuts Off Dick During Sex

When this woman is horny, it makes her do crazy stuff. She warned the guy when he came home with her, but probably he thought it wouldn't be that bad. He had to learn the hard way, has his dick cut off and has it grinded in a meat grinder,

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Woman fucker

Woman fucker +60 points1831 days ago

That woman ought to be shot in public immediately! Reply Report
a real man

a real man +21 points1831 days ago

any woman does that deserves to be shot Reply Report

NekoChan +6 points1827 days ago

i want to know the tittle of this film :D ~ Reply Report

BRAZil +6 points1830 days ago

This video is from Brazil , and is fake , its a film
Reply Report

golu +6 points1830 days ago

I am so turned on! :p Reply Report

LOOL +5 points1831 days ago

SO FAKE LOL Reply Report

Superchicken +5 points1830 days ago

This has to be fake. Nobody wears a pink shirt with a tuxedo. Reply Report

sub69 +4 points1385 days ago

any woman out there willing to do this hit me up Reply Report
I like her

I like her +4 points1219 days ago

She could do that to my cock anytime.
maybe she could use the grinder before she cuts it off, let me see how much I can take before I beg her to cut the rest off..
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sdfsdf +3 points1831 days ago

Im no going near her AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Reply Report

Dontz +3 points1831 days ago

Fucking nasty Reply Report

MurderGirl +3 points1803 days ago

Fuck that was hot can someone get me her number? Reply Report

breathtaken   0 points513 days ago

Or you can have mine! Reply Report

shiteeater410   0 points22 days ago

@breathtaken would u do this to me? Reply Report

lol +2 points1831 days ago

The fuck did i just watch.

Is this a movie or just a clip
Reply Report

Boss +2 points1823 days ago

Wow! She is extremely sexy. Dang she's hot! Reply Report

Chris +2 points1522 days ago

I would be happy to eat it later... Reply Report
Some really done with this shit

Some really done with this shit +1 points602 days ago

The movie is called "Conceição"(woman's name) made by federal university of Rio de Janeiro (UFF in the IACS - instituto de artes e ciências sociais - arts and social science institute, it is the cinema faculty of the said college. Yeah, they used our tax money to produce this "entertaining art movie" feminist propaganda and was screened in movies festivals and the uff cinema. This is the real feminsm and social science course in a real college in Brazil. There is no place to run if you think your country is a filthy feminist red shit. Not a "controversial" "b-movie" no one has ever watched. Reply Report

dualcowl   0 points590 days ago

I looked up the film you said, Conceição is an 18 min short film but it does not contain this scene. Are you sure that's the correct title? Reply Report
not good

not good +1 points1810 days ago

cut her pussy up Reply Report

shiv37 +1 points1572 days ago

its fake you fuckwits Reply Report

JK99998888 +1 points569 days ago

I'm surprised she did no have this is what a feminist looks like T-shirt Reply Report

FEMINIST +1 points33 days ago

All men deserve to be SEXUALLY TORTURED on the penis!! I would have first handcuffed his ass, lite the head of the DICK on fire. Then turned of the flame and as he agonies stab the dick a few times and grabbed a brunch of used syringes that may be infected with AIDS. This would be good to do to all blonde white AMERICAN guys! Like KELLAN LUTZ, CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY
CAM GIGANDET, ALEXANDER LUDWIG, JUSTIN BIEBER, MATTHEW LATER, JAKE PAUL, MATTHEW LAWRENCE, RYAN SHECKLER, RYAN REYNOLDS, EMINEM, GARRETT CLAYTON, CHET HANKS, JUSTIN HARTLEY AND NICK CARTER just to see how MANLY they really are HAHAHAHAHA!!! And don't get me started you ASS HOLES called men. You make worse videos of stabbing Girls!! What if it was your Mom or Daughter you piece of sheets!!
Reply Report
Bite my cock off

Bite my cock off   0 points11 days ago

@FEMINIST are you really sure you want to do this give me a way to contact you Reply Report

breathtaken   0 points22 days ago

<3 Reply Report
Idiot Checker

Idiot Checker   0 points30 days ago

@FEMINIST Ryan Reynolds is neither blonde nor American... Reply Report

. +1 points69 days ago

Some girl here wanna do this to my cock? Reply Report
dudes now fucked

dudes now fucked   0 points1828 days ago

Hahaha A+ . Next time Watching Porn Or Waning A BJ Think Of This Shit & Her Biting It Off! Haha Love It Reply Report

WTF!   0 points1831 days ago

Im scared to have sex now especially ORAL SEX !! Reply Report

fukker   0 points1831 days ago

what a shit Reply Report
Wtf is this

Wtf is this   0 points1831 days ago


demysurviver   0 points1771 days ago

ABC of death Reply Report

Ulf   0 points1830 days ago

Thid was pretty disturbing. What sick mind made this shit?
Reply Report

zeus   0 points1830 days ago

WOMAN-FUCKER...fuck garden Reply Report

whatever   0 points1824 days ago

What a ducking dumb ass fake no blood nothing to show it was a dick she rubbed up against her tits idiots post something worthwhile Reply Report

wete   0 points1807 days ago

what the fuck Reply Report

NekoChan   0 points1806 days ago

Whose know this movie or film? i want to know the tittle i want to watch full video :D
Reply Report

Blazing1   0 points1570 days ago

Anyone know the name of this movie? Reply Report

whatthefuck   0 points1550 days ago

what movie is this from? serious wasnt in abc of death Reply Report

longshlong   0 points1549 days ago

Id Let a Woman Do this to me if she wanted ive been into the ideal of it for awhile so if any ladies intrested in owning their very own
hmu sometime
(352) 234-6287
Reply Report
please castrate me

please castrate me   0 points1385 days ago

sure like her to do that to me! Reply Report

Daie   0 points1231 days ago

Fuck the comments on IT'S SO FAKE..the 1st signs of crazy like a dog that's got rabies put the bitch down!!No matter how good the pussy is!! Do it for your dick, damn it man!! Reply Report
All theses

All theses   0 points874 days ago

It's fake Reply Report

Kippa   0 points533 days ago

That's awesome i love that girl Reply Report

S.J.   0 points635 days ago

Sucks to be him that he didn't get to cum in her mouth and finish first. Reply Report

xgrimm13x   0 points553 days ago

Thats how i want mine cut Reply Report

Khfdhn   0 points59 days ago

This is so fake Reply Report

Respala   0 points318 days ago

J'adore cette femme, je veux l'épouser!! Reply Report

Cock4fem2control   0 points149 days ago

Mistress made me watch this and stroke my months denied dick hard to it without orgasm permission! Reply Report
eat poop

eat poop   0 points70 days ago

luckly guy go to 813 turn left 573 go cut, 8557 any ladies want to cut mine ogg Reply Report

shiteattingsmallcock   0 points13 days ago

me next please ill eat it even torture it more split a pair or 2 o sissor and stick them up it abd hammer my balls flat Reply Report

Phase10 -1 points1831 days ago

How does she think she is Reply Report

Phase10 -1 points1831 days ago

A real man she did get shots in the arm two times Reply Report

Damn -1 points1831 days ago

Dats some fucked up shit!!!!!! Reply Report

beedee241 -1 points1831 days ago

A Lorraine Bobbit wannabe! Reply Report

cicciomidotato -1 points1469 days ago

use my little cock Reply Report

ilikeyng1 -1 points1434 days ago

klk me:ilikeyng1
i think of cutting it
Reply Report

lonestarnaughtygirls -3 points1831 days ago

fake Reply Report