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Psycho guys capture hot blonde girl, take her to the woods where they torture her and stab her multiple times. After that they rape her while she's dying a slow and painful death.

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non-member +309 points1998 days ago

this is one of the most horrible things i have ever seen. this video should be removed. Reply Report

tits23 +2 points89 days ago

@non-member reported man reported you Reply Report

Man-O-War +13 points208 days ago

@non-member you should be removed asshole what do you expect to see on this website people planting flowers? Douche bag Reply Report
Cute girl

Cute girl -2 points108 days ago

@Man-O-War good one x and maybe you hot as should private text Reply Report
deez nuts

deez nuts -2 points242 days ago

Reply Report
John Doe

John Doe -2 points268 days ago

@non-member this was so hot why didn't you fun on sight? Reply Report

Fucu -6 points505 days ago

Fuck you, pansy ass moron Reply Report

Dumbass +10 points780 days ago

It's fake at you can tell at the beginning just by camera movement Reply Report
ur an idiot

ur an idiot +45 points1025 days ago

Get off this site then u weak minded lil bitch Reply Report

IceColdSmoke666 +26 points1046 days ago

It's from a movie, you fucking idiot. Notice how it's edited, wanker. Reply Report

WardoPo +3 points263 days ago

@IceColdSmoke666 Which movie, I need full name, research purposes
Reply Report

Anonomous -2 points228 days ago

@WardoPo this is a scene from a movie called Chpas starring Kevin Gage. Reply Report

lolthis +137 points1689 days ago

Welcome to HEAVY-R. Not your family-friendly porn site.

Go back to redtube candy pants.
Reply Report

Lena11 +1 points1580 days ago

If I just had a family, the whole family would love it Reply Report

Sickfuck +84 points1959 days ago

I masturbated to this. Reply Report

Greg6747   0 points3 days ago

@Sickfuck I did to but it was messed up Reply Report

Kino   0 points37 days ago

@Sickfuck same Reply Report

Kayla   0 points91 days ago

@Sickfuck wow you did Reply Report
ill rape ur kid

ill rape ur kid +1 points232 days ago

@Sickfuck same
Reply Report

SnoopDogg20000 +4 points608 days ago

Me too Reply Report

hautengejeans3 +1 points674 days ago

Yeah, me too Reply Report
I came to this

I came to this +2 points784 days ago

Lol Reply Report
the killer of pussy

the killer of pussy -6 points917 days ago

Me 4 Reply Report

m8   0 points829 days ago

me 5 Reply Report

mi6   0 points239 days ago

me 6 Reply Report
me 7

me 7   0 points44 days ago

me 7 Reply Report

Blanked +2 points1011 days ago

Me three Reply Report

Stag +2 points1044 days ago

Me to Reply Report

LOL +63 points1979 days ago

Uhmmm...ur all on a porn site and you clicked on a rape snuff film...what did you expect??? fucking tards .... Reply Report

Oh WOOZERS!! +5 points783 days ago

I know right!! Reply Report

Superchicken +55 points1983 days ago

For those of you who believe this is real, I have an investment opportunity involving a famous bridge that is guaranteed to quadruple your money. Reply Report
Git er!

Git er! +42 points1981 days ago

Why is everyone complaining about this girl getting raped? you probably google searched rape porn, then browsed through vids and saw "Snuff Rape Video" what the fuck did you think this video was about?!! Reply Report
we know your secret

we know your secret +35 points1660 days ago

Fuck off with the righteous anger people: We all know you jacked it and now you feel guilty. Reply Report
Fuck them all

Fuck them all +29 points1911 days ago

I wish someone would do this to my ex-wife Reply Report

MurderBaby +11 points721 days ago

I wish someone would do this to me Reply Report

r4pist +1 points322 days ago

@MurderBaby I want to rape and conquer you Reply Report

Avatron +1 points332 days ago

@MurderBaby Reply Report

ihatestupidpeople +21 points1633 days ago

so, this is a scene from a movie...people thinking this is real are idiots, look at the camera angles...and the scene of the other girl running and crying while being filmed...if she were in real danger it would be from the people filming also the quality as bad as it is, is B movie quality...I hate stupid people and their inability to tell reality from movie scenes Reply Report

anon +19 points1953 days ago

If this actually occurred, I would want the offenders hanged until the brink of death, then let loose and raped, and repeat until death. That being said, I came. Reply Report

murdergirl +18 points1951 days ago

Can someone please put more stuff like this online? but I would prefer it to be real, and in person please? Reply Report

Bloodklotmurda +1 points680 days ago

Leave ya number and I can do bit to you Reply Report

she -9 points1821 days ago

you need to be shut in mad house... like forever... you sick fuck... you sick freak... Reply Report

somegal +17 points1952 days ago

I luv and collect Snuff-rape.. and its interesting one Commentor named himself 'douchebag', while almost all others proove to be! Reply Report

jannybh +14 points1671 days ago

Those idiots who cry for censorship and remove (as if than nothing bad would happen in the world anymore) should better remove themselves Just the moralists did the worst crimes of history, not us prverts :-) Reply Report

anon +17 points1969 days ago

totally fapped to this. Reply Report

Man +15 points1232 days ago

This woman simply performed her duty from birth. Women are nothing more than cum dumpsters who should be disposed of when their usefulness is done. In this case, she was fucked and then properly ended so she could no longer waste air that belongs to men. I don't know why she was asking why. Women should know this is all they're good for. Fucking and then meat for the wild animals to eat. Stupid bitch. Reply Report
Robert Styles

Robert Styles -1 points430 days ago

Dude! This guy gets it. I feel ya bro. Reply Report

Mudsa +10 points1118 days ago

Yo dip shit your mother is a woman, maybe if that happened to her you wouldnt exist, prick. Reply Report
Garbage man takes out the \'\' MAN" TRASH

Garbage man takes out the \'\' MAN" TRASH +2 points480 days ago

Your your right that scum is nothing but a waste of oxygen and flesh to his mother should have held her water and fucking drowned that worthless fuck. Reply Report

girl +7 points1189 days ago

hey im a girl, I haven't been used yet for my only purpose. i know im a sex object and if a man wants to rape me i will let them because im a girl and i belong to men. i wanna be a sex slave, anyone can take me i just want to be used and abused Reply Report
Your not a girl you r a gut you are not fooling an

Your not a girl you r a gut you are not fooling an   0 points3 days ago

@girl Reply Report
Slave Inc

Slave Inc +2 points40 days ago

@girl You need to be bred and when you are no longer useful you will be hanged.
Reply Report
Shadow Man

Shadow Man   0 points421 days ago

Let me know if you ever have the misfortune of being in Ohio. If you're not, let's talk anyway. You have an owner waiting. Reply Report

mantis +9 points1189 days ago

Does your cunt stink? Reply Report

Potatoe +13 points1890 days ago

Man...some of you people are seriously stupid. This was from a big-screen release film. An actual movie -- not even a porn movie. All the actors on the screen are recognizable from film & tv, I mean if you haven't been in a coma for the past decade -- the balding guy is Kevin Gage FFS. Reply Report

moniq -13 points1821 days ago

does it matter if it's only a movie? you think such things doesn't happen in real life? well they do... women are not only raped, but killed and tortured... i came here to please myself watching good porn, watching a rape scene... but this... this is sick... people who like it are sick... Reply Report

jannybh +14 points1696 days ago

Hm, how can sickness be enjoyed? Reply Report

jannybh +13 points1696 days ago

Those very intelligent people crying for censorship and "report" should perhaps report World War Z, the daily news, documentarys channels and so on - o, yes, I forgot, this nice and good brutality is without sex most times, and than it is no problem for the moralists. Reply Report
Wtf my brain

Wtf my brain +11 points1809 days ago

That was just just terrible I just the screaming it seemed to real just to real I think I'm gonna stick to hentai Reply Report
lol you idiots who think it's real

lol you idiots who think it's real +10 points1906 days ago

Honestly, you can tell it's not real xD You guys are fucking stupid. Where I don't find it "sexy" the video is unbelievably good and the acting is extraordinary. Thumbs up to the actors to play out such a taboo scene and make it so real bitches start whining to the FBI ;3 Reply Report

ana -4 points1821 days ago

nobody thinks it's real, we all know it's a movie scene... so what? it's still disguisting... btw, such psychos are in real life too... such things happen in real life... this is a porn site, so why would i judge the acting if it's good or not? i came here for pleasure, and what i've found? Reply Report

Non-member +9 points1986 days ago

That was absolutely fucking vile Reply Report

dirtydeviouswoman +9 points1968 days ago

I've fantasied about this since I was young enough to be a victim of other serious sexual taboos ;-) oh if only it were so... Reply Report

AlienPervert +9 points1711 days ago

Awesome! Die you filthy slut! This site needs moar snuff. Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +9 points1551 days ago

That will cure her yeast infections forever Reply Report

killu +8 points1994 days ago

So sexy <3 lyv it bby Reply Report

sarah +8 points1985 days ago

Film is called Chaos - the dark hair guy at the start of the film is Slyvester Stallones son the one that past away not long ago x Reply Report

BillyG +8 points1980 days ago

New fav video. And I especially love the comments from people who went looking (don't lie) for rape snuff. Reply Report

Sadistic +8 points1963 days ago

I loved this video. being a female i only wish ;) am i demented? oh hell yea this got me wetter then a hose Reply Report

Avenger +7 points1986 days ago

Could have been worse if he has pooped and peed on her Reply Report

shrekisdreck +7 points1914 days ago

This is beautiful. Really well made. Whoever freaks out at this is a fucking butthurting pussy. Reply Report

Brutality +7 points1811 days ago

I felt that the white girl was actually a pretty good actress, not like the actresses in other rape scenes, though this was def more of a murder/torture scene. Reply Report

Douchebaggery +6 points1968 days ago

Hello people, it was a film!? Can't you tell from the high quality film? Wow, people are dumb as shit, that guy from Men in Black on was right. Reply Report

russin +6 points1984 days ago

movie name its exaclty CHAOS: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT (2005).. Reply Report
Eddy at VerizonCWA1109. FALSE EEOC. I NEED MY JOB

Eddy at VerizonCWA1109. FALSE EEOC. I NEED MY JOB +6 points1929 days ago

Is it not amazing that somehow the biggest complainers, those whom are repulsed by this scene and wanting it to be removed, had, by a spiritual encounter found themselves here? The very same ones whom find this so distasteful on a porn site, but is available for the whole world on the big screen. Read the comments and know this is a movie. I knew this from the beginning. The acting and directing is good, but the psychological lift, if this were real, is lacking because of this. Reply Report

ScaredShitless +6 points1810 days ago

Honestly I know its not real but as a women that seriously made me scared to go outside. Reply Report

gee +6 points1597 days ago

sometimes brothers and sister just don't get along Reply Report
girl here...

girl here... +6 points1147 days ago

I got off to it...again and again and again and again. Fucking hot. P.s. even some of the comments got me off haha Reply Report

Cinematographer +5 points1985 days ago

>multi-camera setup
Yeah that's obviously real
Reply Report
common sense

common sense +5 points1985 days ago

if you think this is real you are fucking stupid. this website has worse videos Reply Report

asif6062 +5 points1972 days ago

Though it is from ''Chaos'', a film released in 2001. But this sorts of incidents are happening a lot nowadays. God save girls! Reply Report

YesWeCan +5 points1596 days ago

This is fucking awesome Reply Report

ergo +5 points1418 days ago

this is one of the most fucked up things i have ever seen in my life i was going to masturbate but ive changed my mind i feel so disgusting after watching this video if u have read this before tromitizing yourself by watching it i would sugjest you never ever try. Reply Report

ventmaster +5 points1256 days ago

Interesting how people like to jack to a rape scene, but if it's too real? Best rape scene ever? Irreversible. Hands down. Now THAT'S a nice rape scene. Seventeen minutes of pure heaven. Reply Report

Aznbytch +5 points1124 days ago

This is so realistically HAWT. My pussy got nice and wet over this one. He was in TOTAL control of that stupid bitch, and I like how she wasn't quite dead yet when he started fucking her. She felt his cock in there but couldn't do shit about it. Yummmmm Reply Report

Dirtycleat +4 points1947 days ago

I know how to treat my first date!!! Gangster!! Reply Report

Pussy +4 points1986 days ago

Well if that guy wanted to rape me it wouldn't happen cause rape is when you don't want it. I'd love to be done by this hot stud. Reply Report

CHAOS +4 points1863 days ago

This is from the movie CHAOS in 2005 Reply Report

Disturbing +2 points1540 days ago

Than in that case the movie chaos is off my list of movies to watch
That made me sick to my stomach
Reply Report

whatever +4 points1670 days ago

This is only a scene from a movie named Chaos
Reply Report

Wow... +4 points1553 days ago

This is some sick shit! The director must be a fucking psycopath.. Reply Report

playingwithdeath +4 points1074 days ago

Beautiful. Absolutely. The screaming was phenomenal, although the sex was eh. Either way, the first part was something to behold.

Reply Report

Maaaaann +4 points936 days ago

I think I just found out why what really turns me on. I thought I had an erection disorder or something. Reply Report

Psychopath +3 points1983 days ago

THAT WAS FUCKING HOT!! I would really like to try that nipple cutting off one day, something different from the usual rape:) Reply Report

Reasonable? +3 points1985 days ago

Disgusting to a new degree. Although, what can I say when I enjoyed the rape scene from Irreversible? Reply Report

SuperAnon +3 points1758 days ago

I... My dick has a handprint from trying so hard to get off to this... This is just... God, can't they just rape her without eating her nips and stabbing her? Or maybe fuck her after? Fucking a nearly lifeless body is just... Eugh. Reply Report
non member

non member +3 points1535 days ago

Hey people don't like but some how this shit turn me all the way on Reply Report
registered sex offender

registered sex offender +3 points1220 days ago

Should have fucked the notch when she was alive Reply Report

Blanked +3 points1011 days ago

Pretty hot actually Reply Report

JailbaitFucker +3 points1179 days ago

That is so hot I wana stroke my cock against that bleeding wound Reply Report

wat +3 points916 days ago

Who the fuck needs the deep web amirite
Reply Report

Mack +2 points1381 days ago

For the so called women who support this (a few) we all know your self worth is probably at a level of a penny. Also we know real men not afraid of women don't enjoy REALLY hurting them...only the Jeffrey Dalhmer closeted pussys (i.e. most of your hardcore members?). So take this shit off! Reply Report
mmmm ya

mmmm ya +2 points719 days ago

real or not this is fuckn hot Reply Report

rapeisgood +2 points1986 days ago

The bitch deserved what she got. She prob. wouldn't please her man, so he had to make her understand! Reply Report

antoniomamie +2 points1985 days ago

pretty neat ! real or not.. actually if it were, guys wouldn't show their faces... the one fucking her is hot, she got it good before she crooked...wasn't a movie made ..where a women is riding a mans' cock, ties his hands as she's about to get off stabs him...( fatal attraction ) that's it...any way she didn'tag the guys Reply Report
non member

non member +2 points1983 days ago

To "sick fuckers" clearly ur a cock smoking fag and ur sick twisted foreskin cutting im a tough guy act is just so u can make a cock skin mask to wear so ull always have cock on ur face how u love it so much... go look at gay porn ur a useless tool Reply Report

Boosh +2 points1977 days ago

Excellent video, I laughed so much I fell off my chair. Reply Report

YT +2 points1957 days ago

I love a good comedy. All she would have had to do was be nice to him. Reply Report
non member of what the fuck

non member of what the fuck +2 points1943 days ago

LOL i know i am guilty for looking up rape videos, but this was beyond sickening to my stomach. my face was just in disbelief even though i know this was just a movie. if this was real, it would have been ban a long time ago. oh by the way for the person who comment about the man cutting off his skin throwing his parts in the blender and make him eat that was just too funny. i am sure the ppl who disliked it was man. lol no man would like the idea of being cut off, but they sure do like to torture woman. Reply Report

ryan +2 points1934 days ago

its fake not real Reply Report
King of Shit

King of Shit +2 points1913 days ago

This is pretty impressively filmed. But it's Not Real. For those of you shitting your pants and complaining. Shut the fuck up please. Reply Report

- +2 points1791 days ago

top lel Reply Report
Better than waffles

Better than waffles +2 points1782 days ago

Thisd be too fun... Dont fucking die yet bitch I aint done with your shit yet hahaha Reply Report

somegal +2 points1692 days ago

Without "non-member"s comment i'ld not even watched this vid - TYVM for the precious hint! ;D Reply Report

psydark +2 points1666 days ago

genius video
Reply Report
Dr Jekyll

Dr Jekyll +2 points1508 days ago

Severe case of vaginitis Reply Report
Snuff murder is exciting

Snuff murder is exciting +2 points1042 days ago

This is fantastic ! Brutal and painful! Take that bitch! Reply Report
No name

No name +2 points1181 days ago

This is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen done to any human being how could you even look at what this guy did someone should cut his dick off and watch him die in horror this should be banned and not shown we have enough crazy people out there without seeing this
Reply Report

MurderBaby +2 points721 days ago

I need this to be real. Reply Report

Truth-Sayer +2 points1196 days ago

Yes!!! I got off to it.. Reply Report
The Lord of Depravity

The Lord of Depravity +2 points847 days ago

Jeeez.. Those who think this is real... Think again. It's from a fucking movie. And not even a great one. B movie quality. The chick is still alive I'm very sure. And probably got paid decent for the roll here. Though likely doesn't watch this film for obvious reasons.

But relax. This is only a movie.
Reply Report

Saintevil +2 points754 days ago

It is the movie I'll kill you and spit on your grave. I believe. Trust me when I say she gets her revenge. They couldn't make movies like this today with all these special snowflakes needing their safe spaces. Reply Report

2020 +2 points702 days ago

I can't watch it, that's sick! (Tho I know it's not real) Reply Report

princess.a.m.1990s +2 points587 days ago

I just got my nipples pierced and seeing her get her nipples cut like that made me cringe so hard Reply Report
Woods romance

Woods romance +2 points115 days ago

i enjoyed this so much I just took my wife too the woods and did the same Reply Report
Sick to my stomach

Sick to my stomach   0 points2 hours ago

@Woods romance
Sick fuck this is real snuff your poor wife
Someone should cut your dick off see how u like that
Reply Report

Jimmer +1 points1984 days ago

This is from the movie "Chaos" from the early 2000's its a rip off of Last house on the left. This really isn't that shocking Siskle and Ebert even reviewed this movie on there show when it was still on. Reply Report

deadtic +1 points1950 days ago

I know how she feels... I watch the dark knight rises. Reply Report

hello +1 points1986 days ago

someone give me the name of the damn movie!! Reply Report
sick fuckers

sick fuckers +1 points1986 days ago

For all the men who think this woman deserved it or say that women were put on the planet for that well you men were put on the earth for me to tie you to a chair and slowly cut the skin from your cock and balls and finally have them put in a blender and I will make you eat your cock drink then after that while you lay bleeding I will sell your ass to johns so I can make some money then when I see that twinkle fade from your eyes I will mutilated your body in such a way they will call me Jill the Ripper that my friends is what men are made for.... Reply Report
Sean douglas

Sean douglas +4 points868 days ago

I would love to see you try that shit with me. Post your address. I'll take care of the rest. I will do shit to you in my basement that no human on earth could stomach. Reply Report
Your master

Your master -1 points705 days ago

I'll make you and everyone beg me too slaughter your sorry weak asses. Your loved will beg for mercy as will you faggot and I'll make you watch as i kill your fellow murderers and rapists and psychopaths. It's gonna make this all snuff and even wars look weak by comparison you insect. Reply Report

... +1 points1986 days ago

guys come the fuck down! this is from an old screamer flic from the 80's none of this is real and although the idea is disgusting, this didnt actually happen sooooo stop bitching Reply Report

non-member +1 points1985 days ago

yessssssss thats it yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Reply Report

Dudeman99 +1 points1957 days ago

It's not real it's from a movie called Chaos(2005) that chick is on the cover Reply Report

SAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE +1 points635 days ago

i was like; let the super goddamn cute black bitch live! and then i was like: oh... fuck she has nothing to do with this. k then... Reply Report
grow the fuck up

grow the fuck up +1 points1908 days ago

if you don't like this then don't come here complaining just don't watch it, better yet if you get so freaked get the fuck off heavy r. Reply Report

moniq -2 points1821 days ago

you think that coming here we all knew what's gonna happen in this movie scene? i am shocked and i didn't come here for sth like this... and btw, you liked it? you really like it? YOU ARE FUCKING SICK... a sick freak... Reply Report

Devil +1 points1810 days ago

This video was really pretty twisted and most of the comments are reassuring that you fuckers honestly comprehend the line between rape and rape fantasy. To those horrid fucks that are still going on about a woman's place and all that bullshit, the actual misogynists and sexists, you fuckers should be put in jail. Learn some respect. Reply Report

BathtubMonster +1 points1465 days ago

real serial killers are worse
i know because murderpedia
stay calm and go to sleep
Reply Report
Bitch queen

Bitch queen -2 points1428 days ago

Did they really kill her Reply Report

stfu +1 points1189 days ago

Stfu ho Reply Report

M A N D I N G O +1 points1327 days ago

damn this is good! Reply Report

duck2 +1 points644 days ago

I came here for some good old porn, but I observe a pshyco in the comments saying that women are only made for sex and "adding" more males and females, after that "they could die so they won't consume the precious air for men". Stop. We are all humans. Girls made wonderful thing, you asshole. Not to mention YOUR GODDAMN FINGERS THAT WROTE THAT. Stop disrespecting us. Not against BDSM or shit, but we arent sex toys ffs Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member +1 points1144 days ago

Sick Fuckers. Anyone into shit like this, needs to be locked up. Reply Report

mrcj5150 +1 points1058 days ago

This is a scene from the movie CHAOS, a loose remake of Last House on the Left....much more brutal! Reply Report
Non member

Non member +1 points1003 days ago

That's disturbing Reply Report

18f +1 points982 days ago

I want this happend to me so badly Reply Report
Bmack productionions

Bmack productionions   0 points362 days ago

@18f u want to be raped and gutted and killed u sick bitch that was my sister and not some stupid movie Reply Report
Slutty kitten

Slutty kitten +1 points443 days ago

I wished someone raped me Reply Report

non-member +1 points888 days ago

love it Reply Report
Sean douglas

Sean douglas +1 points868 days ago

Why would you kill the whore first? I would keep her alive then ram it in her ass. You want them to feel that pain. Women need treated this way. They need to pay the price for what they do to guys. All you candyasses out there who stick up for these fucking cunts. Fuck that. Women have always used me, made fun of me, they love seeing guys sexually frustrated. Anyway I love jacking off to this. This video is godsend. Reply Report

gild +1 points640 days ago

Man. This comment thread is gold. Reply Report

Thesickgirlx   0 points212 days ago

@gild I know aye Reply Report

Biatch +1 points534 days ago

You guys are so stupid it is edited he Didnt Even Rape her Its a film he never did CUT her nipple this is just to please others that are intrested In this Reply Report
Cuntcrusher Twatopsy

Cuntcrusher Twatopsy +1 points506 days ago

It made my pee-pee hard. I need a girl thats into this. I need a sik kunt Reply Report

JewBagel69 +1 points465 days ago

Pepperoni nipples Reply Report
You guys are fucked up

You guys are fucked up +1 points389 days ago

WHAT. THE. FUCK. Reply Report

Anonyme +1 points331 days ago

Remove! Reply Report
The Fuck

The Fuck +1 points264 days ago


Mindfuck +1 points198 days ago

Schade das ihr nicht die kompletten scheiß titten abgeschnitten hat. Hätte sie gern gefressen Reply Report
Beef hardin

Beef hardin +1 points128 days ago

Is it wrong to beat off to this Reply Report

Kino   0 points37 days ago

@Beef hardin nope Reply Report
Dick Wad0

Dick Wad0 +1 points108 days ago

What the fuck was that. I hope it wasn't real. Disturbing Reply Report
Ans cul

Ans cul +1 points79 days ago

Remove this video else Rape and cruelty increase worldwide
Reply Report
Dan vver

Dan vver +1 points77 days ago

Good video sex... Reply Report
cash carti

cash carti +1 points60 days ago

this aint it chief Reply Report
piss on her

piss on her   0 points1985 days ago

yesssssss thats it yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Reply Report

aspr   0 points1986 days ago

Nome of movie? Reply Report

woow   0 points1985 days ago

Woow Reply Report

MP   0 points1979 days ago

Man that's a fucked up movie!! Reply Report

Kiss6x6   0 points1950 days ago

This was absolutely disgusting. As soon as I saw him about to cut her nipple of I stopped the video. How the hell can anyone get enjoyment out of this? Now I'm going to find a way to report this. Reply Report

mofucker   0 points58 days ago

that’s gross Reply Report

huh...   0 points1913 days ago

Well its not sexy but still was realistic and a good piece of work. Reply Report

wow...   0 points1893 days ago

yeah thats enough internet for awhile..i know its fake but wow... Reply Report

AngryGirl   0 points1891 days ago

I am so mad at men right now. You raped my ancestors so much that this unthinkable shit turns me on... fuck you! Reply Report

dipshit +3 points1674 days ago

Fuck you you stank ass hoar and get the fuck off heavy-R Reply Report
deputy bdmotha

deputy bdmotha   0 points1884 days ago

i'm dl this and pass it on to dave rickus and scott rose. they cops that got good track records for catching s.o.'s Reply Report

WTF   0 points1885 days ago

So much for the rape-fantasy. This might have killed it for me. Reply Report

zrinski   0 points1881 days ago

Money can everything think about it.. Reply Report
Motherfuker jounes

Motherfuker jounes   0 points759 days ago

Good movie LOL Reply Report

xsolo18x   0 points1827 days ago

Doundod kese kare Reply Report

DaFuq   0 points1793 days ago

How the hell did I came here? How insane u have to be to even THINK this? Dudes, really, anyone who finds it sexy, cool etc etc, just jump from a cliff and break ur spine. Reply Report

idiots   0 points1766 days ago

i love how you all completely gloss over the friend that was looking for her in the woods, idk from what, but id be willing to bet this is from a movie. Reply Report

RevDoc   0 points1763 days ago

Well, rather horrific Reply Report
13 inches of doom

13 inches of doom   0 points1752 days ago

Se la ví lol Reply Report
mafia italia

mafia italia   0 points1713 days ago

niente di nuovo...a napoli si fa alle ragazze degli infami!!!!!! Reply Report

secretlilcrush   0 points1697 days ago me a perv for adoring a womans body but not a snuff...destroying a womans body is like (let me use a metaphor or figured speech)...flushing down the toilet a pack of cigarettes or a bag of crack or a bag of weed or your whole bank account down the pipeline...enjoy sex not destroying sex! Reply Report

CB   0 points1595 days ago

Then why the fuck did you watch it when the title is CLEARLY stated? GOHWTBS! Reply Report

Upset   0 points730 days ago

I agree horabule! Out right wrong! Reply Report

:)   0 points1557 days ago

Hot :) Reply Report

guest   0 points1600 days ago

Disgusting Reply Report

lawyer   0 points1203 days ago

This needs to be deleted right away! Reply Report

ThatsTooFar   0 points1175 days ago

Yes this is just disgusting... I like rape porn but this... Vile Reply Report

msmonique   0 points1168 days ago

This is from the 2005 film Chaos. For all the idiots who think it is real, get a life. Reply Report

BFD11   0 points754 days ago

This is sick and stuff and I know this stuff happens in real life but it's better to see someone you don't know getting this done to them then someone you do know Reply Report

ajaja   0 points1030 days ago

this is just sick should be taken down , nothing sexual about this Reply Report
porn liker aggressive lover

porn liker aggressive lover   0 points1026 days ago

Gah... This is bullshit! I was hoping for a REAL snuff/rape video... It is not a real video when you have the link in the top right video... God fucking damnit... I got all excited for nothing... Decent, but the lack of realism makes it a huge turn off... Reply Report
non member

non member   0 points986 days ago

i think the guy who did this should have it done to him sick fuck Reply Report

bluray   0 points57 days ago

they should also eaten her boobs while fucking, a delicious meat Reply Report
Robbie leo

Robbie leo   0 points933 days ago

I totally agree with you it should be removed Reply Report
non member

non member   0 points899 days ago

its disgusting

Reply Report

xyzci   0 points896 days ago

sizin çekeceğiniz pornoyu sikeyim orospu çocukları Reply Report

RAPEfan   0 points887 days ago

That's how you destroy a cunt ! BEAUTIFUL ! Reply Report

Dudedudeguyman   0 points886 days ago

Yes Reply Report
Non member

Non member   0 points869 days ago

This is a scene from a movie called Cannibal Holocaust Reply Report
If there is a God ! i  want proof pls help all the

If there is a God ! i want proof pls help all the   0 points868 days ago

pls be fake ! i pray to all gods! pls be fake ! Reply Report

Guru4sq +1 points818 days ago

its scene took of a movie < CHAOS 2005 > , so dont worry hun its fake then lol , by the way there is a god and you just proved it just by mentioning the word " god " Reply Report

123123412   0 points585 days ago

not my proudest fap xD Reply Report

jamie10009   0 points825 days ago

Fuck yeah, rape, eat and kill da dumb blond whore Reply Report

thedarktyrant   0 points819 days ago

For those who say this is horrible, what else would you expect? This is a site where you could find all the uncensored shit there is! for those who hate this, why the fuck are you even here?! Reply Report

Non-member   0 points798 days ago

It's from the original last house on the left. A movie from like the 70s
Reply Report

Manne   0 points715 days ago

that's perfect!!! :-) More please!! Reply Report
You fuckers.

You fuckers.   0 points641 days ago

Just because it is fake doesn't make it less disgusting nor horrifying, you can't deny it, NO ONE CAN. Stop calling people pussies if they just were disgusted by it. Reply Report
Sick to my stomach

Sick to my stomach   0 points2 hours ago

This is horrific Is this real or fake. Reporting anyway I really hope this wasn’t real. I feel physically sick. This has put me off porn for life Reply Report
Redemption and her Revenge

Redemption and her Revenge   0 points480 days ago

Thats sick, that individual should be hunted down and slowly over a week be taken apart and made to feel the pain and horror that he has caused ten fold. No mercy for that piece of shit. Cotterise the wounds as you cut an inch of skin off at a time, crush fingers and toes. Make him feel it for a long long time. Take him apart till he is nothing but upper torso without arms and legs or any sexual organs of any kind. The rest of his torture will be living this way the rest of his life. That nasty fucked up shit. It makes me sick. If she were my family nobody on earth could stop what he would get. Monsters get what they deserve!!!! Reply Report
average geeekman Joe

average geeekman Joe   0 points405 days ago

This really should be removed and user who uploaded this content should have their account suspended for 6 months. This is disgusting. Reply Report
Big boi

Big boi   0 points378 days ago

I know this isn't really but damn that sure is a boner killer I am twisted as fuck but damn
Reply Report
Bmack produtions

Bmack produtions   0 points362 days ago

Ur all fucking sick minded that not from a movie because thats my fucking sister so im going to find u all and im going to stab u in the fucking back and then im going to gutt u all open u fucking petofiles
Reply Report

self-loathing   0 points349 days ago

that was too much. I could not get a woody from that. I was grossed out and I think of myself as quite hardcore. Reply Report

djsksjsjoje   0 points347 days ago

This is way to far Reply Report
Its a movie scene.

Its a movie scene.   0 points302 days ago

Its a scene from the movie Chaos (2005). Reply Report
he dvh

he dvh   0 points298 days ago

Jesus fuck... Reply Report

dufuk   0 points296 days ago

bruh its fake. stop complaining. you can see all of the fake blood and the terrible acting
Reply Report

Akisan   0 points269 days ago

Me next. Reply Report

JuleDolr   0 points261 days ago

Scary... Reply Report
Love this

Love this   0 points255 days ago

The better scene in Chaos is when Emily gets it later on. Chaos uses his knife to cut her anus so it joins her vagina, but then his sense of delicacy keeps him from being able to rape her corpse as he did with Angelica Reply Report
ill rape ur kid

ill rape ur kid   0 points232 days ago

hot af Reply Report

dickpleb   0 points218 days ago

simply a masterpiece Reply Report

Thesickgirl   0 points212 days ago

I came when he sliced off that nipple the may have been fake but it mastabateable and you people didn't like this video why click on it when it says snuff and rape fucking pussy go back to porn hub this is a great site I rekon Reply Report

George0166   0 points202 days ago

Guys, the movie´s name is Chaos (2005) Reply Report

undermined   0 points93 days ago

After all that and he still couldn’t last more than 30 seconds Reply Report

sarunas   0 points159 days ago

realy dont like... soo badddd... deleted this shit....
Reply Report

Fuckmetodeath   0 points56 days ago

One of my favorites just can't stop cumming back to it. Reply Report

Imonthatpartoffheinternet   0 points137 days ago

as Long as it’s fake I’m ok with it Reply Report

Slutty106   0 points130 days ago

I m a girl but i love when they rape girls it turns me up Reply Report

Imgunnakillmyself   0 points115 days ago

Ok holy shit I am.. kinda sad that humans exist wtf is this site I got here from fucking ads and now I’m... throwing up in my mouth I am sickened that we are the top of the food chain idc if this is fake or not this shouldn’t exist Reply Report
Little red

Little red   0 points106 days ago

I hope this is fake reminded me of The Last House on the Left Reply Report
Non M

Non M   0 points102 days ago

Is this real Reply Report

Boobie   0 points74 days ago

Well damn Reply Report
Breeding Inc.

Breeding Inc.   0 points40 days ago

Bit of a waste I would lock her up in a basement making her a breeding slave, and dispatching her only after she did her duty birthing half a dozen babies. Reply Report
Abrosinova rjakzakovd

Abrosinova rjakzakovd   0 points11 days ago

ok I'm about as sadistic as it gets and this was horrifying to me. I love rape porn and assault porn but this shook me to my core. I typically don't report videos on here even if theyre disturbing because my opinion is that they can help out others live their fantasies without harming anyone. this monstrosity is too much to leave up. if this arouses you, please get help. this is not okay. Reply Report

beedee241 -1 points2002 days ago

He's one reason castration was conceived! Reply Report

thedude49594993 -1 points1986 days ago

i am scared for life Reply Report

Knotz48 -1 points1981 days ago

I'm seriously fine with a rape video, but this is not cool. Reply Report
no name

no name -1 points1969 days ago

This video should banned at this site. Sick video Reply Report

bojangler +1 points1534 days ago

You should be banned from this site Reply Report

REMOVE -1 points1965 days ago

How can you flag videos for removal? I'm in to a lot of taboo porn, but this goes WAY too far and should not be shown to people to get off on. This is horrific. -26/female. Reply Report
lady lee

lady lee -1 points1822 days ago

Disgusted right now. Fucked up my whole rape fantasy. Reply Report

Sammi -2 points1757 days ago

Right? I'm trying to get off and he cuts of her tit! I instantly dried up.... :( Reply Report

Disgusted -1 points600 days ago

I know this isn't real, but it's still SICK! Reply Report

@Therealmarshallmathers -1 points1182 days ago

Son of a bitch .... There's really nothing to say .. That's fuuuucked up Reply Report

jason -1 points1162 days ago

this isnt even something to fantasize about! Theres nothing hot about this. it is straight up torture and murder. This video needs to go away. for real
Reply Report

MALEUS MALEFICARUM -1 points1145 days ago


1313 -1 points1127 days ago

The video is not real; but it's too realistic to masturbate to. There has to be that fantasy to taking a women that doesn't want it yet enjoys it somewhat. Of course on the other extreme to this are those poorly you know it's fake videos. This one falls on the other extreme.
Reply Report

moriley -1 points745 days ago

The rapist has a hot ass and his animalistic grunting made me cum. Reply Report

Smartass -1 points314 days ago

Fuck U bitches idc if its fake but for the ppl who dont like it, this video should be removed ASAP. and i dont wanna hear its fake, we just dont like this video so remove it. Reply Report

non-member -1 points670 days ago

Why is this even allowed to be here? Disgusting and should be removed Reply Report

Gay -1 points780 days ago

The comments are killing the vibe Reply Report

Yuck -1 points285 days ago

This is horrible Reply Report
Johnny gringo

Johnny gringo -1 points391 days ago

Sad you chicken limp dick evil m.f. got yours coming. I hope you like pain. Cause you are really evil. And you need some medicine to cure that craving to do this. I could help you if I had the chance. My cure would bring you down like the coward little limp dick in your pants. Lake of fire is your last stop. Enjoy this you sick ass weak dick . Coward ass friends of yours will get rath. Again no one deserves to have to go thru your sick game of I'm a loser in life and this is how I can get laid. Lake of fire m.f. remember this little weasel
Reply Report

peeling -1 points331 days ago

all ejaculation in snuff films fails to get the women pregnant. not just because the bodies are dead but the cells do not match. dead bodies still go through impregmentation over the next 48 hours due to the dead material still dying. thats why you have three days for a funeral. Reply Report

MentallyillPatient -1 points318 days ago

I love the smell of Blood in the New Years!! Reply Report

Meeeeeeet -1 points269 days ago

Glad it’s fake, wouldn’t find it hot if it was real. Reply Report

SXXXXXXY -1 points90 days ago

I love it Reply Report

nonmembernonmember -1 points15 days ago

its ONLY a movie. Nothing of this is real Reply Report

Hannah.R. -1 points8 days ago

This made me hot as fuck Reply Report
Sick to my stomach

Sick to my stomach   0 points2 hours ago

Made u hot ? You are a sick fuck
Reply Report
Sick to my stomach

Sick to my stomach   0 points2 hours ago

Made u hot ? You are a sick fuck
Reply Report

faggots -2 points1985 days ago

fucking retarded... Reply Report

Bees -2 points1984 days ago

I have literally sit here for 5 mins trying to figure out how to respond to that, all I can think of is .... WHAT THE FUCK, that's some fucked up shit Reply Report
Jack Offman

Jack Offman -2 points1936 days ago

Now THIS is what I'm taking about! All girls should see this video to know you do as you are friggin told Reply Report

Revenge   0 points1642 days ago

hope someone tortures you...the Viking's Bloody Eagle and being set on fire should suffice Reply Report

Sammi -4 points1757 days ago

I hope to god you are joking.... Reply Report
sad girl

sad girl -2 points1829 days ago

well i know longer have a rape fantasy im about to puke and non im probably gonna have nightmares i think im done with porn and its time to go back to god omg ive shakin im totally freaked out Reply Report

rick -2 points1817 days ago

its from the remake of last house on the left, its just a movie and yes it was disturbing you dumb fucks
Reply Report

alurinha -2 points1149 days ago

amazing video! 5 stars! Reply Report

nfjewi -2 points1102 days ago

from wich fucked up movie is this? Reply Report

Blackbigot -2 points1091 days ago

Sick Fuck uploaded this dumb shit Reply Report
A disgusted citizen

A disgusted citizen -2 points579 days ago

This is just disgusting and absolutely disgraceful Reply Report

Akflgig -2 points885 days ago

A Reply Report

Tjsauiikt -2 points883 days ago

Wtf Reply Report
not a memeber

not a memeber -2 points710 days ago

i love sexs' but this is inhumane' this sick and terrible
Reply Report

xsolo18x -3 points2002 days ago

jajajaja es solo la parte de una pelicula creo =S , igual es falso =) ( obviamente ) Reply Report

SHITFUCK -3 points1986 days ago

Who likes this crap? they try to make a pro video, u see that on the camera positions but this is horiffic... Reply Report

Girl -3 points1986 days ago

I'm scared of men now Reply Report

absolom -3 points1985 days ago

although it is fake obviously I could not stand looking at it. It is a quality new to me. no not my thing. Reply Report
Massive Mass

Massive Mass -3 points1984 days ago

Wow this is so disturbing, I mean rape is okay with me as a fantasy of course but cutting
that blondie's tits is just sick! I still fapped to this but only because I was hopping
videos and couldn't hold longer Lol :0
Reply Report

Meh. -3 points1945 days ago

Boring. Reply Report
too fake

too fake -3 points1750 days ago

clearly was scripted and edited Reply Report
Removethis shit

Removethis shit -3 points1668 days ago

This video needs to be removed ! Reply Report

lilwhiteho +5 points1551 days ago

Better remove yourself! Reply Report

Wtf??!! -3 points1599 days ago

Oh my god! That's sick! I'm a girl and it's pretty hot when you fuck a dead person but don't kill them and eat them Reply Report

strager -5 points1492 days ago

I know right thats way to far and im not a sensitive person Reply Report

Headsplitter44 -3 points848 days ago

Y'all some sick folks!! Bet you guys probley dream of fucking ur on mother!! Reply Report

Non-Member -3 points705 days ago

Bring it you evil fucks as i will redefine pain and so much more and every member of your respective families that are evil will die first in front of you cowards and there's not a fucking thing you can do about.

I enjoy slaughtering evil sick fucks regardless of gender so don't think i will be merciful because I'll make you all beg plead and pray for death. Pussy won't save and besides evil bitches deserve nothing but too suffer along with their male counterparts.
Reply Report

anon123 -4 points1985 days ago

well that wasnt disturbing... Reply Report

fukker -4 points1985 days ago

...boring... Reply Report

non-membernon -4 points1981 days ago

fucking sick! who the fuck would actually film that shit? Reply Report

Nightmare -4 points1942 days ago

Ide take that knife and cut his dick off & feed it to him, the others would know it was there worst day in life for them also. Reply Report

tom -4 points1936 days ago

Thats Crank..... Reply Report

Thomi -4 points1745 days ago

I love this video, nice girlflesh. Reply Report

Non-Member -4 points1556 days ago

one less stupid cunt to reproduce stupidity in the world
Reply Report
German Hound

German Hound -4 points1209 days ago

This some good shit post more videos like this Reply Report
Faggot from hell

Faggot from hell -4 points853 days ago

10/10 top notch porn I also masturbate to the gay bar shooting,the holocaust and 9/11 Reply Report

... -5 points2002 days ago

I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Reply Report
Think of the customer

Think of the customer -5 points1986 days ago

That black girl must have been her friend :( I'm black too /// Your a man whore..@Killu You're a fucking bitch that doesn't deserve to live should've never been born...@Non Member And you are a Desprate bitch who wants to get raped just like that @rapeisgood Reply Report
This is fucking stupid

This is fucking stupid -5 points1961 days ago

I understand sex, but this is way to far. What type of man would cut a women's nipple and eat it, then stab her in the back I until she doesn't speak, and then rapes her. This is way to far. If this is real (idk), then this person should be hanged (rapest). Reply Report
non member

non member -5 points1979 days ago

She was asking for it im sure.. nipple looks tasty ... plenty of women in the world a few less for this much enjoyment is exactly why they were put on earth in the first place Reply Report

guru -5 points1949 days ago

semplicemente disgustoso!!!!!! Reply Report

scott -5 points1813 days ago

you stupid fucks if i catch you your done it had not be real if it is you better pray i dont get my hands on you guys Reply Report

shitty -6 points1984 days ago

Take this shit off....what the fuck@ Reply Report

bolita +1 points1534 days ago

Your balls are hairy and stink!
Reply Report
non member

non member -6 points1985 days ago

this is sick and should be reported Reply Report

!!!! -7 points1985 days ago

THIS SHOULD BE REPORTED! Its not funny. Not entertaining. ITS DISGUSTING. Reply Report

:| -7 points1764 days ago

The fuck... A bottle of whiskey and some Valiums will make me forget this. Reply Report
The Truth

The Truth -8 points1927 days ago

This is fucking discustin.........someone needs to remove this shit Reply Report
Non member

Non member -9 points1994 days ago

Disgusting :(
Reply Report

topcat -9 points1973 days ago

There face picures have been saved and will be passed on to the FBI. he will be on the wanted list for his arrest. Reply Report

idk +7 points1674 days ago

You my friend are retarded btw shove a rusty spoon in your asshole Reply Report

realrapehater -9 points1950 days ago

OK roleplay rape is one thing it was hot until I saw the knife I thought the title was a ducking joke this shot isn't funny. If on Dexter Morgan were real because scum like this need to be put down. Able to make a video and submit it. Fuck this. Reply Report

Disgusted -9 points1951 days ago

This is fucking sick. I actually threw up, someone remove this Reply Report

ana -9 points1821 days ago

rape fantasies ok... this not ok... this is not even sexy, not making me horny... this is SICK... only SICK... i'd do the same thing with his dick, what he did to this girl... couldn't they just rape her and leave? did he have to do this, really? Reply Report
Lena 11

Lena 11 +5 points1651 days ago

But we want it to be sick!?! Reply Report
non member

non member -10 points1990 days ago

I dont get why everyone is worked up??? This is why women were put on this planet. . Nothing beats raping a dead bitch.. not like shes gonna get pregnant so no pulling out.. biggest issue with this vid is the darky getting away I lovesme some dead dark meat.. my load really shows up on ttheir dirty dead corpses lol Reply Report
common sense

common sense -11 points1986 days ago

what crazy woman would even agree to make such a movie, she has just painted a target on every female in the world, there fair game. stupid cow.
Reply Report
Wretch mangler

Wretch mangler -11 points1976 days ago

I was searching to see if the rape photos from Iraq on Press TV are real or not, and came across this. This is yet another reason I willl continue to treat misogynist Mexicans, niggers and white trash like the shitstains that they are. Gratuitous, severe, and life altering beatings will be handed out accordingly. Reply Report

WWW -12 points1986 days ago

Was that real? Reply Report

Tittylover -13 points1981 days ago

Fake or real, it's SO SICK. Reply Report
Fuck this fake ass shit

Fuck this fake ass shit -14 points1914 days ago

God this is horrible and to sick fucks that like this go kill urself a slow painful death on fire!!! You wouldn't like it if something similar or like this HAPPENED TO YOU Reply Report

:( -15 points2002 days ago

WHAT THE FUCK?!?! THAT'S SICK!! Reply Report

Anon -15 points1898 days ago

This actually disgusted me I was looking for consensual non consent this was disgusting Reply Report
Can't believe what I have just seeen

Can't believe what I have just seeen -16 points1982 days ago

Im absolutely horrified and think this is a matter for the police!!!!!!!

Also where s the report button!!!!!!!!!
Reply Report

x -16 points1929 days ago

fake and gay Reply Report

FUCK -18 points1985 days ago

THIS IS BULLSHIT .... How Idiot got this in the internet... this is sick!!!!! Better that will be send to FBI Reply Report

Stupid -19 points1959 days ago

Stupid guys who love this Reply Report

OMG. -22 points1981 days ago

No,this shud be reported. This just so sad Reply Report
Dawid Yisrael

Dawid Yisrael -24 points1984 days ago

I am asking this video should be in the FBI to investigate. why? because it is barbaric and humanity. find them all that has been done and is already involved in the case. Reply Report