2 Girls Fucking A Sleeping Guy

He's a deep sleeper thats for sure, LOL.

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ditch +45 points1688 days ago

Stupid asses that person was awake he was moving the camera Reply Report

graves +7 points1688 days ago

no way he would be sleeping. my girlfriend started sucking me off when I was sleeping and I woke up instantly. Reply Report

0.0 +5 points1688 days ago

They are gorgeous. Especially the one with the black hair. Amazing dimples when she smiles. =) Reply Report

whisoerer +3 points1687 days ago

i would pretend to be sleeping if 2 girl like them would came and started to suck me off Reply Report

really   0 points1687 days ago

because the camera totally just starts moving, when he's asleep. Reply Report
adrian farheinheit tepes

adrian farheinheit tepes   0 points1687 days ago

two guys look at when the red head covers the cam and see he skin oc he person they fuck Reply Report

@Ditch   0 points1686 days ago

Wow. Your Mom has to be proud of you. You´re such a bright lamp. Reply Report

Ig   0 points1591 days ago

That niggas dick shapeshifts! Reply Report
Anonymous 36

Anonymous 36   0 points524 days ago

Reply Report
knob watcher

knob watcher   0 points378 days ago

the first dick had a pimple . look at where the foreskin scar is .. 2 different fellas
Reply Report

AnonymousHacker -1 points1107 days ago

Just for all you blind fucks, Anyone else notice that the Mexican female was fucking a darker male member and vise versa for the while female and white male? lmao just putting it out there, it's pretty obvious but im sure you all are to fucking horny to notice..... Reply Report

Dodomeki -2 points1704 days ago

They are 2 different guys... I can see it for the color of the legs. Reply Report
Innocent Bro

Innocent Bro -2 points1519 days ago

Do what your honor?!?! I owe my sis child support!?!? I swear I never fucked that hot little whore, even tho I wanted to! Reply Report