Cum Drinking Slut

Dirty blowjob slut drinking hot cum from a glass.

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bigcumload +22 points1801 days ago

this is such a good girl,how could you not want her! Reply Report

yarbles +6 points1971 days ago

I think she's sexy. She has pretty eyes and a sexy accent. I like the way she moans, like she's really enjoying herself - not like some plastic whore who's just in it for the money and can't act worth a damn. And those tits are real. Reply Report

toad +6 points1961 days ago

Love her the way she loves spunk
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Dr Jekyll

Dr Jekyll +4 points1552 days ago

Ah the perfect protein shake Reply Report

Natalie21 +2 points2019 days ago

Why is that cum so yellow? Reply Report
cum fan

cum fan +1 points1951 days ago

ummmm.... if there really is such a thing as a succubus, this is one right here - consuming all the life-force she can from this guy Reply Report

shad +1 points1774 days ago

I want this girl .......... Reply Report
non member

non member   0 points2019 days ago

At least she knows whats shes good for and worth in life.. id like to beat her fake titties till I make them pop Reply Report

jriebe1952   0 points639 days ago

Yes it is nice. I love to help women get there daily dose of cum. I saw a video on UTube and the girl in said that cum is very healthy and she even makes cum smoothies. It is also good to rub into your skin on the face Reply Report

joseph2306   0 points570 days ago

That babe sure likes to suck cock to be able get all that cum from him. That was a good video. Reply Report

horgen   0 points641 days ago

Very clever girl... Reply Report
Straight from the source

Straight from the source -1 points2019 days ago

If she'd like, I'd give her my cum straight from the source. It's healthier that way because of minimum oxidization.

And by the way, a 'pole' is a stick or the end of the earth, whereas a 'poll' is a survey. That guy probably grew up all his life not knowing how to spell
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Spud -2 points1761 days ago

When I make my mother on law Hilary a cup of tea I always cum in her tea cup give it a good stir then I watch Hilary drinking her son in laws cum down her thorat once Hilary said to me you make a lovely cup of tea only she new what she was drinking Reply Report

love_1a1 -3 points2018 days ago

عاوز انيك يا بنات Reply Report

ncktyu -4 points2019 days ago

Dirty fuck!!!! hahahah Reply Report

ummm -4 points1790 days ago

is all cum yellow like that?? :/ Reply Report

Brock_Lee -7 points2019 days ago

Here's a little pole for everyone::
1. Does anyone actually find this girl attractive?
2. Does anyone find her CONSTANT moaning as disgusting as I do?
3. Does anyone else want SPERMTRAINER to STOP spamming popular websites with these videos? (Seriously, see how many of her videos have been uploaded in the past week on this website alone).

NOTE: I'm not using this "pole" for any actual research or marketing purpose(s). I'm just a dirty porn-hound that wants to know if others are like-minded and as grossed out by this bitch as I am.
NOTE 2: I'm not grossed out by the sperm or the consumption of said sperm. It's how ugly this whore is and the constant moaning that makes me want to toss my cookies.

Thank you for your time. I wish you all well.
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