Father Raping His Daughter

Ok it's his step daughter, but that doesn't make it any less wrong.

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hannahhard +268 points885 days ago

I fantasize about my daddy coming into my room to fuck me Reply Report

missg +1 points40 days ago

@hannahhard i am the same way. Reply Report
otto blundly

otto blundly +7 points259 days ago

@hannahhard He does too. Reply Report

FatcockDADDY +2 points433 days ago

I can fuck you Reply Report
Daddy likes it

Daddy likes it +5 points490 days ago

I so wish I was your daddy. Reply Report

Jordie +15 points486 days ago

I wish you were my daddy Reply Report

MC- BOUNTY CYBER BOUNTY HUNTERS +7 points516 days ago

Trust me i will be proud to earn those 20000$ up on your head Reply Report
Story sweetheart

Story sweetheart +9 points562 days ago

Me too hun, it's so twisted but the thought of it makes me so wet x Reply Report

donzie226 +2 points600 days ago

good for you hannah Reply Report

Kacey   0 points640 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with you? Reply Report

Yepppp -7 points632 days ago

Same thing I was thinking Reply Report

HugeC -3 points660 days ago

Youthink he would if you gave him hints? Reply Report

ballz2deep69 +28 points675 days ago

if I was your daddy I would rape your ass everynight when your mom went to sleep Reply Report

trashbaby +10 points620 days ago

Pleaseee Reply Report

gothcumslut +5 points661 days ago

Be my daddy please!!! Reply Report

nata87 +6 points680 days ago

Hole this is not someone i know Reply Report

scoutmeridian +16 points782 days ago

This is pretty much standard sex between me and my girl, every time I fuck her she;s getting raped by Daddy Reply Report
rape me

rape me +1 points195 days ago

@scoutmeridian ohhh be my daddy please! Rape my tight pussy ;) Reply Report

Pornbred   0 points71 days ago

@rape me I would like to talk about it. Reply Report

BigRed83   0 points97 days ago

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Fuck meat

Fuck meat +14 points740 days ago

Come rape me daddy cum down my throat Reply Report
big dick bee

big dick bee +10 points862 days ago

ill fuck you Reply Report

Lyn -5 points873 days ago

Me too Reply Report

t4k3n +187 points2070 days ago

its actually an old video, she is old enough, just not very willing. Reply Report
Non member

Non member +187 points2056 days ago

I'm going to hell. I'm a female, but I get off on believing this IS real. I want to be her. Reply Report
Kum girl

Kum girl +8 points638 days ago

Me too girl me too Reply Report

Bigmike +16 points1142 days ago

I'll help u Reply Report
Rape Me

Rape Me +102 points1791 days ago

I want my pussy to be fucked I don't care if I become a sex slave the rapist will love my fucking tight pussy he can cum inside my pussy as much as he wants & pee inside my pussy and he wants me to have his babies & make me his & his alone & im a virgin and he can fuck my pussy nonstop Reply Report
CantSay my name here

CantSay my name here +1 points306 days ago

@Rape Me Reply Report

Fuckyeahiwill +1 points152 days ago

@CantSay my name here Reply Report

donzie226 +1 points600 days ago

tell me where you are at i will do within 30 days
Reply Report

StrangerRape +1 points190 days ago

@donzie226 I’m in NJ come rape me Reply Report
Rape me

Rape me -1 points307 days ago

@donzie226 alaska Reply Report
come here

come here +5 points1111 days ago

i need your details. now Reply Report
I'm 15 rape me

I'm 15 rape me +45 points1207 days ago

I'm also a virgin and I agree with u Reply Report

jmj +2 points532 days ago

im here where u from? Reply Report
Location ?

Location ? +1 points685 days ago

Happy to destroy some box Reply Report
Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen +1 points77 days ago

@Location ? Fucking pedo Reply Report

cfh -2 points1698 days ago

Age and location? Reply Report

Yep +3 points1785 days ago

Where r u az? Reply Report

Icame40times +91 points1733 days ago

I love how all of you are judging eachother on a rape site lmao. Reply Report

stupidyeehawbitch   0 points20 days ago

@Icame40times sksksksks seriously Reply Report

nellymoolins +84 points678 days ago

I fantasize about my daddy coming into my room to fuck me Reply Report
Cum 4 god

Cum 4 god +5 points640 days ago

I wanna suck your hole bitch
Reply Report
daughter fucker

daughter fucker +70 points2055 days ago

That's it sweety. Just close your eyes and go to your happy place. And remember if you tell mommy, I'll say it was your fault. Reply Report

Yourlittlegirl +13 points756 days ago

Daddy... my special place tickles.. ill be quiet and i wont tell mommy if you play with me.. Reply Report

gothcumslut +9 points895 days ago

Be my daddy please?!?! Reply Report

Wulfgang -2 points1045 days ago

That was so crude...but funny... :p Reply Report

ffs +66 points2056 days ago

This is real. You can tell from the noise her nostrils makes. It cannot be faked, can only sound like this when she's crying for real...

At 1:30 she's trying to get off the bed too, and the way he restrains her..this is all too natural, not even professional actors can pull this off. She has probably been raped so long that she's used to submitting to this fat old guy.

Poor thing, you can tell from her sobbing the traumatization she's going through.
Reply Report

inceststory +62 points1830 days ago

i like it when the girls cry
To take the force too do everything you like to her even if she is your dauther ;)
Reply Report

lilgirlrape +1 points244 days ago

@ especially if she's your daughter Reply Report

dad +32 points1687 days ago

I totally agree with you to bad you dont live on my block you like my daughter an her cute little bubble ass to go with it Reply Report

D@DDY +52 points1478 days ago

spread your legs bitch, daddy want to ram his cock deep & hard into that tight little cunt and make those cute little tits bounce as you squeal. my balls hitting your cute ass,as I shoot my load so hard your cunt will be dripping for weeks Reply Report

mary +49 points2056 days ago

I'm also a female. This is hot as hell Reply Report

D. +10 points1143 days ago

I agree. It is hot Reply Report
rape is AWESOME

rape is AWESOME +42 points1510 days ago

guys thereis nothing better than rape. I love to dream about a random guy picking me up off the street and raping me me and taking my virginity while another guy is video taping the whole thing and making my little ass red! I have been wearing mini skirts for here's where you doing for my dad to make me his slave and his friends to to. If you are in the Ohio area and you need a slave just pick me up off the street and I will submit and fight and to everyone who thinks this is bad just shut up Reply Report

Wes +1 points409 days ago

What town are u in@rrape is AWESOME Reply Report

Dizzy_d99 +1 points1089 days ago

Where in Ohio? Reply Report
i like rape

i like rape +2 points1354 days ago

i live in ohio and i will gladly fuck you Reply Report

michel +8 points1410 days ago

it's no rape if you like it Reply Report

shitfilledvagina +1 points261 days ago

@michel It's rape if you didn't consent even if you love it (: Reply Report

himynameis +39 points1208 days ago

I'm 24 female, I feel so bad for her but this video makes me cum so hard Reply Report

Kumgirl +3 points638 days ago

Makes me cum too Reply Report

wasintoit +36 points2055 days ago

i clicked this video and was totally into it but this just seemed... a bit too real ya know, even if it was fake it just.... i felt bad :/ Reply Report

vajesus +4 points65 days ago

@wasintoit thats what makes it so fucking hot. It looks real. Real rape is probably the epitome of the sexiest thing a man can do to a woman Reply Report

daddy +32 points1642 days ago

This is how you foster your daughter into knowing her place. Reply Report

FAP +30 points2057 days ago

FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP Reply Report

xsolo18x +24 points2026 days ago

1 part


Reply Report

sweething +24 points1547 days ago

My little pussy is so wet thinking about getting thrown down and brutally stuffed with a fat cock and letting them blow their load deep inside me Reply Report

Fatcock +2 points1538 days ago

Fuck I will do it Reply Report

sallymay +22 points1848 days ago

daddy please fuck me Reply Report
blah blah blah

blah blah blah +1 points1026 days ago

I'll fuck u Reply Report
Crying Man

Crying Man +20 points1953 days ago

Some say this video is real, others say fake. If it's real this is dreadful. If it's fake, then shame on them for making it. I have no problem with porn, sex, or even incest as long as it's consensual. I just happened to come across this video while viewing this site, and It was hard to watch even for the three minutes it was playing. I lost my boner almost instantly, and had to force myself to watch the rest. Being raped is a terrible thing for anyone to go through, and I think is appalling that someone might have actually raped this young girl. And if it is a fake, it encourages people to commit rape. This was disturbing. Reply Report

Emma62892 -1 points67 days ago

@Crying Man i completely agree. It made me sad rather than horny. I have seen plenty rape fantasy video, but this one i feel is actually real. The girl is constantly crying. Reply Report

Kitten +26 points1882 days ago

Fantasy rape my friend. It's hot as hell. I'm a chick and I would never ever want to be raped but it is a fantasy that I like to do, I like being held down and feel weak against the man, I'm into hair pulling and spanking. I love the fantasy rape scenario. But as I've said before. Has to be a consensual fantasy. Reply Report
Fire torch

Fire torch +20 points1769 days ago

If she were a step daughter an I saw her naked I'd want to fuck her ton
Reply Report
non member

non member +19 points2041 days ago

Normal everyday shit here...u guys know the old saying ...say it with me.. old enough to pee.... old enough to repeatedly rape till u destroy her slef esteem and turn her into a worth less cum dupster and toilet for piss.. great video love watching a girl be broken.. I recommend punching her horribly hard in the kidneys every time she doesnt arch her back during doggy though ..break those bad habits early or she will have them for life Reply Report

Okthen   0 points262 days ago

@non member mmmm Reply Report

Top +18 points2055 days ago

Where is the Full vid? I have Seen it longer Reply Report

,..   0 points303 days ago

I know somewhere on motherless
Reply Report

Well +16 points2054 days ago

I think this is an uxeperienced girl that took money for doing it and then kind of wasn't happy about it but went through it since the deal was made. Reply Report

emma21 +16 points1460 days ago

I wish I was her. Reply Report

Yusobutthurt? +15 points2056 days ago

Don't come to a porn site if you're going to get a dick in your ass and get offended. Reply Report

.... +15 points2055 days ago

Wish i could find the full one... :/ Reply Report

diablo +15 points2032 days ago

Gotta flip the little cunt on her stomach, and Fuck her tight asshole till she screams. Reply Report

Z +15 points1531 days ago

I would do this to any girl. Reply Report

minash +14 points2053 days ago

Good daddy...you make it right! Reply Report

Satan +14 points2039 days ago

even I feel dirty now... Reply Report

Smacks69 +13 points1350 days ago

My pussy gets so wet, and I always get off to this video!! Yummy. This man.. oh man playin with her clit, rubbing his hands al over her body, when she tries to get up, uh oh you think you're going anywhere, stick my fingers in that pussy that I'm going to fuck every day. Lucky bitch. Cuming again so turned on Reply Report

not123 +12 points2056 days ago

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (; Reply Report
his right

his right +12 points1895 days ago

It is a fathers right to take his daughters virginity on her 18th bday after all those years of raiseing her Reply Report

Daddyrapeme +4 points99 days ago

@his right you are totally right it is his right to fuck her as hard as possible but I think it should be started a much younger age like 13 and then he should share her with all his friends so the daughter can know what it feels like to have multiple cocks in her so she can make her future sexual decisions about her life with clarity and not be confused about her sexuality, she will know if she likes cock or doesn't and she will also know if she likes multiple socks or just one Reply Report

lilgirlrape   0 points244 days ago

@his right agreed Reply Report

No +8 points1669 days ago

Before that I take it way before I deflower there sweet little cunts early and impregnate them Reply Report

homeforloving +10 points1757 days ago

it is cruel to let her wait this long Reply Report

Moonwalker +4 points1868 days ago

Shame on u! Hope u never will get children Reply Report

Yappylena2005 +16 points1757 days ago

I hope he has many daughters Reply Report

looooool   0 points276 days ago

@Yappylena2005 ahahah lmao Reply Report

Kitten +28 points1882 days ago

Okay seriously? That's disgusting and I hope you do not have children. It's gross but don't get me wrong. The fantasy rape thing is fucking hot as hell, but that's all it should ever be. A fantasy to reenact with your partner Reply Report

really +7 points1890 days ago

Well your a sicko Reply Report
Your mom

Your mom +10 points2056 days ago

This shit is awesome to fap to!! Reply Report

yes! +10 points2056 days ago

I used to have this video, and lost it. finally i get to see Kristina's sexy body again. Reply Report

Melissa +10 points2056 days ago

@Non-Member pussy rape lover
Then why don't you fuck your mother? She have got a vagina so there you go.
Reply Report

Haha +10 points1939 days ago

Happens to the best of us. Can't fight fate mother fuckers. :) damn slut deserved it Reply Report
your laughing?

your laughing? -5 points1890 days ago

Well you deserve wayy worse. And Im sure your master Satan will make certain you get it Reply Report

Haha +10 points1939 days ago

She deserved it. U can't fight date boys and girls. He's just doing his Job Reply Report
your wacky

your wacky +2 points1890 days ago

You are coo coo for coco puffs Reply Report

Tom +10 points1879 days ago

You guys should be happy dads rape their girls. Thats how you produce sluts. thumbs up Reply Report

erikarae +2 points230 days ago

@Tom you’re right daddy made me a slut that way! Reply Report
Wtf man

Wtf man +8 points1745 days ago

No that's how you get asexual recluses that never leave their homes Reply Report
Just Saying

Just Saying +10 points1584 days ago

I would love to be fucked like this. I've always wanted to be someone's sex slave. Reply Report

lilsexy30 +10 points1366 days ago

Mmmmm hope he knocks her up wish my daddy rape me Reply Report
daddys girl

daddys girl +9 points1998 days ago

TBH I liked it iv cummed over n over to this video ;) Reply Report

Juggalette +9 points1076 days ago

Sometimes being raped leaves a person kinda twisted and I was raped in first grade I feel wrong sometimes but it's the only way I get off now my husband is a pacifist except in the bedroom and there he is master Reply Report

Robot +8 points1186 days ago

This is acting right
Reply Report
Fuck me daddy plz

Fuck me daddy plz +8 points1086 days ago

I wish my dad had done this when i was younger :-( Reply Report

lilgirlrape +2 points244 days ago

@Fuck me daddy plz same Reply Report
Nobody does their frowny faces like that

Nobody does their frowny faces like that +2 points517 days ago

I mean seriously Reply Report

Fatcunt +8 points1035 days ago

I cum to this so often Reply Report

DylanPie +8 points977 days ago

The little slut loves it. It's real you can tell. Love the way she's still slightly holding her leg up for him to get in deep. Whore. Reply Report
I Love minecraft

I Love minecraft +8 points845 days ago

Anyone got a neat minecraft server to play on
Reply Report

Confused +2 points800 days ago

Um what Reply Report
Sick daughter

Sick daughter +8 points447 days ago

I get off on this shit so much. My dad has been fucking me for a long time. I used to cry but he's stretched my pussy so it doesn't hurt anymore. I squirt now but he forces it up my asshole when he wants to make me cry and bleed so I fake cry so he will do my pussy. I'm such a whore now but I have to let him think it's still rape. Reply Report

ufcmaniacchad +4 points447 days ago

That's awesome! Your dad is a real man. Reply Report
Seemed a bit too real

Seemed a bit too real +7 points2054 days ago

my favorite part is that the blurr on the face doesnt move with him. if it IS real, and thats big if, then his face was seen and he'll be stopped, if anyone cares anyway. again thats a big if. how many of you have actually done anything about this video, vs flame the comments?? Reply Report
mr happy gap

mr happy gap +7 points1930 days ago

you guys have the full video??? Reply Report

naughtyslave +6 points1461 days ago

I wanna be someone little whore, you can hit me slap my ass , make me know my place
Reply Report

ncstlvr69er +6 points1384 days ago

I really want to fuck my stepdaughter too,but it`s just a fantasy. Reply Report

rapeable   0 points606 days ago

I can be your stepdaughter <3 Reply Report
Tryna Fucc

Tryna Fucc +4 points606 days ago

I want lick my stepdaughters cunts. I fantasize all the time about there bodies. I just wish I could fucc the shit out of both them. Does anybody know of any good hidden camera's. At least I CAN wAtch them shower and Jacc off. Reply Report

misschiff +6 points1087 days ago

Mmm.. That's hot ;) could've been a little rougher... Reply Report
Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton +6 points1045 days ago

Mmmmm....Daddy like....reminds me of the good ole days with Chelsea...mmmmm... Reply Report

birdman23 +6 points1043 days ago

if she was my step daughter i'd fuck her too. my step daughter is ugly..so unlucky Reply Report

mmsweetie +6 points997 days ago

I cried when my dad molested me Reply Report

Ufcmaniacchad +6 points840 days ago

This is how girls should be raised. Reply Report

lilgirlrape +2 points244 days ago

@Ufcmaniacchad absolutely Reply Report

=_= -1 points809 days ago

No girls shouldn't be raised like this! Girls should be raised with respect!! GIRLS SHOULD BE RAISED TO BE THEIR SELF!!! NOT RAISED TO BE DEFENSLESS!!!! NOT WEAK AND SUBMISSIVE!!! HOW ARE GIRLS GOING TO SURVIVE!!?!!' HUH!!!!! Reply Report
Big dick daddy

Big dick daddy +6 points601 days ago

Who needs a good raping? Reply Report
The truth

The truth +5 points2056 days ago

It's not fake the poor girl she fucking crying I hate this asshole Reply Report
Your all sick

Your all sick +5 points2056 days ago

Wtf this guy should pay for this the poor girl she's never gonna forget this

Reply Report

Yappylena2005 +1 points1757 days ago

we hope for this so much Reply Report

ffs +5 points2055 days ago

@ russianpapabear

No one was filming it you liar. The camera was stationary most of the time, and then when it moves around you can tell it was the rapist holding it
Reply Report

gruntje +5 points1401 days ago

is there a torrent? I need this! Watch it with my girlfriends, she can learn from it Reply Report

Nabeel   0 points298 days ago

@gruntje what she wants to learn with this video? Reply Report

freakygirl69 +5 points360 days ago

I feel bad for her :( Reply Report

mehtbhgrfed +5 points238 days ago

The slut deserves it all women do its what they were made for. Reply Report

erikarae +5 points230 days ago

My daddy does this every day god I love it! I love fucking my daddy Reply Report

Ellipsis... +4 points2053 days ago

What an interesting hypothesis non member well Reply Report

D-24 +4 points2058 days ago

YES Reply Report

BearVodka +4 points2056 days ago

Oh lol,this couple is Russian:3 Reply Report

abiy +4 points2046 days ago

this is just a bit tomuch guys.. fake rape is cool but this is disgusting Reply Report

babes +4 points1872 days ago

A big cock in my pussy nonstop hardcore fuck for atleat a hour Reply Report
I\'d give in

I\'d give in +4 points1112 days ago

I have rape fantasies. The man I thought was my dad isn't my real dad apparently, but when I was younger, I fantasized about him fucking me. I hate him now, but I still fantasize about a dad raping my tight cunt. Reply Report

justanotheraddict +4 points830 days ago

Willing and fantasizing is one thing.. Stealing her right to choose is another Reply Report

Spictastic +4 points704 days ago

Cute little cum bucket. I'd make sure she never leaves bed without cum in her. Get her pregnant and continue the cycle Reply Report

Daddysgurl71 +4 points455 days ago

I was taken by my uncle and then brother then their friend joined Reply Report

ufcmaniacchad   0 points447 days ago

That's awesome! When did they take you? Reply Report

Daddy68 +4 points265 days ago

Cry all you like honey. Daddy takes what daddy makes! Reply Report

shitfilledvagina +4 points261 days ago

Getting raped is traumatizing, I know because I've been raped. But I'm happy for the trauma, I feel that I deserved it every time and want it to keep happening. The memories are hot as fuck too. The first time it was a girl, which was great and all and really traumatic, but I'm really glad a dude finally did rape me. Reply Report

rosko +4 points162 days ago

Wish she was my daughter Reply Report

ActuallyFake +3 points1897 days ago

Someone posted the link to the whole one, if you watch the whole thing you can see that it's actually fake, though well done enough to be quite upsetting at first Reply Report
pussy rape lover

pussy rape lover +3 points2056 days ago

fucking females all of you are whores! why do you think your pussy is for? it's for fucking. Reply Report

abc +3 points2055 days ago

lol so much flame on this video. After seeing a lot of rape and "rape" videos, id put my money on this being a fake. Chill people. Reply Report

xsolo18x +3 points2055 days ago

tenxs for coments =) Reply Report

Non-Member +3 points2054 days ago

Just...it's just not right Reply Report
really people

really people +3 points1514 days ago

Uhhh don't look this stuff up if you feel so strongly against it Reply Report

Babygirl23557392 +3 points983 days ago

I wish my step dad would have fucked me:) i still want his cock Reply Report

xraycat +3 points1132 days ago

only go to hell if u beleve in that crap Reply Report

123u9u09y09 +3 points1012 days ago

Heh. This is porn. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.
Reply Report
I\'m here with stupid

I\'m here with stupid +3 points827 days ago

I hate this video. Reply Report

Vagmagnet +3 points746 days ago

I absolutely love watching girls cry while their daddy fucks them. Reply Report

trashbaby +3 points620 days ago

Damn I wish somebody would pin me down and pound my little pussy like this, then flip me over and rape my ass till they cum deep inside me. I wanna be made into a little cumslut Reply Report
Pam Jones

Pam Jones +3 points382 days ago

I want my daddy to rape me hard and good all night long Reply Report
i want love from a rapist

i want love from a rapist +3 points380 days ago

I want to be raped so bad. And held hostage and fucked whenever they feel like it. Hell i even want to have kids! Reply Report

Jojosale +3 points300 days ago

Wish I was her father.. I'd be savoring that pussy all I could... Her crying makes it more sexy Reply Report

lovemeebonyy +3 points256 days ago

Sounds bad but i would love for this to be me plus plenty more cocks Reply Report
Amy 7777

Amy 7777 +3 points244 days ago

Super sexy, I hope it's real! I love rapists Reply Report

Childfucker +3 points223 days ago

Does anyone have any links to child porn sites ? Reply Report
15 =^-^=

15 =^-^= -1 points150 days ago

@Childfucker seriously Reply Report

Daddyslittlefuckbuddy +3 points163 days ago

I would have loved to have my daddy do that to me, what a little bitch! How ungratful of her to be crying like that. Spread to legs baby so daddy can fuck you and mommy can lie at your ass hole!! Reply Report

Savannah +3 points130 days ago

I want my daddy to do that to me hehe Reply Report

devilinheat +3 points55 days ago

damn, my daddy didn't teach me that. shes so lucky her father paid attention Reply Report

Goreluv666 +3 points44 days ago

Someone be my daddy and rape my little pussy like this
Reply Report

An +2 points2056 days ago

Looks fake, just calm the f down people. Reply Report

ThatGuy +2 points2056 days ago

I don't believe for one second that this is real. Reply Report

Fuckthisshit +2 points2055 days ago

If the stepfather as raping his stepdaughter, then who was filming it? His wife the girl's mother! Hahahaha...only dumbasses will believe this video is real. It's just a fat fuck paying a hooker to fuck, that's all Reply Report

thatrandomguy122 +2 points2006 days ago

That guy is a legend lol nice one dude show that slut whos boss. Reply Report
Non-Member 101

Non-Member 101 +2 points1977 days ago

It's funny how a lot of comments are feeling sorry for her. This is labeled under "rape" but seriously, find the first vid, she's just another submissive girl. Reply Report

lol +2 points1939 days ago

peopel should stop bitchin bout the rape and just fap shes old enough to go to the cops ot get him arrested Reply Report
whats so funny

whats so funny -4 points1890 days ago

You should just shut up ignorant fool Reply Report

Iwanttowatchmygirlsuckblackcockwhileilickherfeetin +2 points54 days ago

My girlfriend fantasizes about her father she gets me to be him n screams his name she said one time when she was 14 he came in her room and his cock was out of his boxers and that it was like 10 inches and wasnt even hard...she told me she wants him to just come in her room n hold her down and pound her pussy till he cums in her...im not attracted to anyone in my family but theirs no younger woman my age...her fantasy turns me on a father beats his baby girls pussy up while he yells yes daddy...is this normal? He also seen our convo about it one time years ago and pretty much just laughed...my girlfriend is beautiful and has a huge ass i honestly think he wants her lol i told her to just do it go into his room and grab his cock and just start deep throating it...he wouldnt stop her...i wouldnt if i was him...now my point in explaining this is i have 3 daughters am i going to be attracted to them when they get older...obviously id burry that..some woman are so drop dead gorgeous any man would find them attractive and they havd fathers lol so i think its common for dads to find their daughters sexy nobody just admits it obviously...so hypotheticaly if yall had a smokin daughter n she stares at u n accidently rubs her hands on your cock when she is grabbing the remote off the coach...or she walks in on u in the shower and just stares at your cock for 5 seconds before leaving...what do u do? Who would go into her room n fuck them harder then they will ever be fucked or who would just burry it and pretend like u dont find her attractive. Reply Report
Pedo hunta

Pedo hunta -1 points17 days ago

@Iwanttowatchmygirlsuckblackcockwhileilickherfeetin When I find you I’m gonna chop off your toes up to your legs then fingers then up your wrists while I pluck out every one of your teeth you sick fuck if you even think about your daughter I’ll drill nails into the top of your skull then chuck you in my freezer so you stay alive for as long as possible that’s the way I’m gonna do the rest of you pedo scums Reply Report

littlepunished +2 points254 days ago

my daddy made it his job to teach me sex the rite way , age 12 he began with me sucking cock then he wold lick my puss and make me deep throat his cock, Daddy took my virginity me age 14, I was not aloud to talk of it, , Reply Report

yngrapelover +2 points855 days ago

Perfect. If she don't give it, then take it! My step daughter was the same Reply Report

lilgirlrape +3 points244 days ago

@yngrapelover rapists are real men! Reply Report
15 =^-^=

15 =^-^= -1 points150 days ago

@lilgirlrape i disagree Reply Report

LilWhore +2 points980 days ago

I wish I would have had a dad to rape me every night. Lucky slut. Reply Report

Pop_my_Cherry17 +2 points491 days ago

I am about to graduate highschool and i am a virgin. Who wants to help me change that? Reply Report

paul1962   0 points483 days ago

when and where??? Reply Report

vajesus +2 points343 days ago

Hot part is he's so delicate with her. He rubs her body so softly while he rapes her unwilling cunt. You can tell she's more than just a sex toy to him. Such a good rapist <3 Reply Report

Hollyweed +2 points340 days ago

ok, we all know it's Harvey Weinstein. Reply Report

ingomat +2 points283 days ago

That's nothing but a role play Reply Report

jennyonmyblock +2 points269 days ago

I always have a big orgasm watching this. I wish I had a Daddy that used me Reply Report

Ribbons +2 points257 days ago

I wanna be raped soo baaaad Reply Report
Moms Boytoy

Moms Boytoy +2 points166 days ago

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Daddy\'s victim

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@Moms Boytoy don't feel bad all we women are for is for mens pleasure. Girls should be taught young how to take dick by their fathers and let their brothers learn on them while their fathers give instructions. If no daughters are available mothers should be used to teach sons. All women want is to be filled everyday by any man she sees because its her purpose. We should all be locked in cages and tied to a table when we are needed to be used or trained on. Our only purpose is to be filled and thrown at the mens feet to be humiliated. Reply Report
Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny +2 points42 days ago

Why can’t I have a daddy to use me whenever he wants? Reply Report

Alsheimer +1 points2036 days ago

....ein bißchen spass muß sein...dann ist die welt von sonnenschein Reply Report

KGG +1 points2003 days ago

Actually if you see the first part (which is poster around here somewhere) you realize is TOTALLY fake calm down guys I can cry on command too is really NOT that hard Reply Report

doncoboy +1 points1963 days ago

More clip?? I see only one clip. More? Reply Report

seo +1 points1939 days ago

who is this girl, someone knows a longer video???? Reply Report

** +1 points1792 days ago

Search on Lelik for more videos Reply Report

karime16 +1 points1353 days ago

I wouldn't just lay there crying. I'd enjoy daddy Reply Report

doodoo +1 points1212 days ago

ITS ALL FAKE Reply Report

Whatlole +1 points1195 days ago

lol Reply Report

Ew +1 points1031 days ago

This is kinda gross Reply Report

ishouldkbillmyself +1 points816 days ago

I can't believe i watched this Reply Report
Fuck this vid

Fuck this vid +1 points906 days ago

I have a really big rape fetish. I get off on it sooooo good. This video is disgusting because I think this is real. This is waaaaay too real for me and I hope justice was served. Just because you get off on something doesn't mean you want it to really happen. I like role play. Real rapists are disgusting.
Reply Report

I HATE RAPEISTS +1 points694 days ago

I LOVE most porn but not this, this is horrible, it's beautiful when they both just need it and give into their carnal desires, but this is mean, its selfish and honestly if it was me I'd bite his ugly cock head off. that poor kid has probably killed herself by now, fuck I'd never feel clean again :( Reply Report

Fjfh +1 points606 days ago

Wtf Reply Report

Wishiwasurdaddy +1 points171 days ago

Well I would have came in and took your pussy...Your awesomely beautiful Reply Report

Naomi +1 points490 days ago

Where can I find the full video for this Reply Report

babycela +1 points394 days ago

I want my to come into my room while I'm asleep and take my virginity and cum in my wet pussy.I want him to rape me hard Reply Report
Pam Jones

Pam Jones +1 points382 days ago

I wished my dad would come into my room.. I always sleep without my little panties on.. Reply Report
poor girl

poor girl +1 points76 days ago

Its sad because its real (i think) fantasy is one thing but IRL people get scared mentally and emotionally ! He meant to be her protector !! Reply Report

freakygirl69 +1 points335 days ago

That was crazy but it does happen :X Reply Report

PencilTree +1 points307 days ago

ok, if any of you are SERIOUS doing this to me, then comment on this, and ill give you my info. i really like rape. you have to be serious and actually do it. im a girl, young, and virgin Reply Report

Pornbred   0 points71 days ago

@PencilTree PMme Reply Report

Rapeyougood   0 points288 days ago

@PencilTree pm me your info Reply Report
fuck this slut

fuck this slut   0 points306 days ago

@PencilTree ha, you slut. ill fuck you so hard, youll be begging for more, and then i'll take you to my house and fuck you so harder yioull be a cum dumpster Reply Report
Not Foxfurr I swear

Not Foxfurr I swear +1 points292 days ago

Hey she gave him hints when she hugged him before school Reply Report

Ribbons +1 points257 days ago

I want to be raped soooo bad. I'm a virgin and I want to be destroyed! Reply Report

Savannah +1 points130 days ago

@Ribbons me too Reply Report
Kys perverts

Kys perverts +1 points234 days ago

Kys bro she is just a little kid u need to end your life Reply Report

Thicckitten +1 points158 days ago

I want my daddy to fuck me. Reply Report

Manguydude +1 points62 days ago

This is fucking sick. Reply Report

smurpf +1 points139 days ago

jesus christ, poor girl, hopefully fake Reply Report

Minahhh +1 points119 days ago

My dad is so hot but he would never do that and that sucks Reply Report

Minahhh +1 points119 days ago

Lol why not your real daughter? Scared? Reply Report

Spclk +1 points109 days ago

If that is real thats so sad obviously she doesnt like it. Ix do things to him he wouldnt like
Reply Report

random6565 +1 points89 days ago

hope the fuckin prick gets beheaded Reply Report

losingtheplot +1 points81 days ago

I'm kind of ashamed of myself for liking this but not enough to stop me watching it over and over again... ;-) Reply Report
Rosa Love

Rosa Love +1 points80 days ago

I want to be fucked like this Reply Report
The guy

The guy +1 points71 days ago

Not my proudest fap Reply Report
Guy is a dick head

Guy is a dick head   0 points2056 days ago

Words can't express my rage for that guy if I get the chance I will personally drag him to hell!!!!!!! Reply Report

albert   0 points2056 days ago

go daddy. getting paid to fuck that little hottie.
stick it to her.
of course this shit is fake. be good to watch.
Reply Report
russian papa bear

russian papa bear   0 points2056 days ago

This is fake ppl I was the 1 filming it its just a rape fantasy but its totally fake Reply Report

Thespian   0 points2046 days ago

It's called acting, dahlings. Calm your tits. Reply Report

lololol   0 points2032 days ago

her mum must be pretty ugly... Reply Report

babes   0 points1872 days ago

Need a fuck desperate Reply Report

kapitano   0 points1868 days ago

saai Reply Report

sexyman   0 points1710 days ago

feel sorry for her but fuxk me how did a ulgy cunt like him get her Reply Report

ST1FF   0 points1478 days ago

I'd dump a load up her tight ass. Reply Report

Reasoning   0 points31 days ago

Looks like rape, not d daughter wanti g her "daddy" doing anything. Reply Report
Please Fuck me

Please Fuck me   0 points933 days ago

I want to be raped badly and I want to have a big warm load in my pussy. I'm a female by the way and I wish this could happen to me but rougher. Reply Report

Wetfordaddy   0 points532 days ago

I was my daddy was alive to sneak in my house and fuck me. Reply Report

GiveItToMeBaby   0 points618 days ago

there is a lot more to this video. it would be nice if someone had the whole thing to upload. its starts off with them kissing and touching and then he lays her down on the bed and starts to touch her but she doesn't want him to. he eventually takes it out and forces it into her as she cries; which is where this part of the video picks up. Reply Report
Lil nigga big dick doe

Lil nigga big dick doe   0 points1159 days ago

This is the fastest time I've came
Reply Report
I\'m 13 and want to be raped

I\'m 13 and want to be raped   0 points910 days ago

I have a weird rape fetish and get raped in dreams I think I just want to be raped badly and I wish it could happen soon Reply Report

ieatbooks92   0 points785 days ago

I want to be raped Reply Report

Клей   0 points1082 days ago

fake. это не отец,то ли ей заплатили, или сама пришла лишиться девственности Reply Report
Im sared

Im sared   0 points745 days ago

Reply Report

whatbthevf   0 points869 days ago

why am I on this site Reply Report

Mihail123RUS   0 points1086 days ago

i watched it with sound , and she is ukrainian, also she invited him cuz he wish made a pictures but then he wish to fuck Reply Report

saads   0 points1047 days ago

A Reply Report

masternice   0 points998 days ago

Russians Reply Report

nobody210tx   0 points1007 days ago

Can I please be her please please please Reply Report
seu cu

seu cu   0 points977 days ago

Espero que exista um inferno e que todos os assassinos, molestadores, pedofilos e estupradores sofram muito por lá. Que Deus ajude todas as vítimas. TSC. Reply Report
Puerto Rican girl

Puerto Rican girl   0 points963 days ago

I want to be raped in my ass Reply Report

Bullshit   0 points956 days ago

He deserves to get the fuck beat out of him that shits wrong af Reply Report
the dane

the dane   0 points952 days ago

make her pregnant Reply Report
daddy\'s girl

daddy\'s girl   0 points946 days ago

I'm a small girl. I'm only 5 feet tall. I'm a virgin and I live in Pennsylvania. I'm a redhead and I have a fantasy of daddy coming into my room at night and popping my cherry. I wish I could make it come true. Reply Report
Im 16

Im 16   0 points917 days ago

I want to be raped Reply Report

RagtagTbag   0 points912 days ago

I'm surprised there's a report button on this site.
Reply Report

EyeCandEyeCandyy4u   0 points653 days ago

Fake or not...
... acting or not....
This one is damn good!
It's always my go to when I wanna cum really hard! This one gets me off every time! There's just something about it!
Reply Report
King Death

King Death   0 points906 days ago

Someday all of you rapist fuck tards and murdering douchebags are all going to die. And its going to happen sooner rather then later. Reply Report
2 dipshit

2 dipshit +2 points498 days ago

Everybody's going to die dipshit. Reply Report
some dude with too much time

some dude with too much time +1 points528 days ago

not to side with them but everybody will die eventually including both them human scum and the idols we praise Reply Report

Huh   0 points890 days ago

Wtf... Reply Report
I need a daddy

I need a daddy   0 points875 days ago

Id love to have my daddy cum in and all around my pussy. Fuck! Im so fucking wet. This has been my fantasy for a while. I need a daddy to fuck my tight pussy and rape me. Reply Report

GiveItToMeBaby   0 points618 days ago

there is a lot more to this video. it would be nice if someone had the whole thing to upload. its starts off with them kissing and touching and then he lays her down on the bed and starts to touch her but she doesn't want him to. he eventually takes it out and forces it into her as she cries; which is where this part of the video picks up. Reply Report
Name is none of your fucking business

Name is none of your fucking business   0 points788 days ago

LF> the mother fucking report option (is probably being oblivious and has scrolled past it unknowingly by now) Reply Report

gernade   0 points762 days ago

That is some sick shit thay should all be tide down and have their balls cut off and have a basball bat shuved up thear ass till it comes out their mouths..sick bastards. Reply Report
Wtf man

Wtf man   0 points573 days ago

How the fuck is this even legal Reply Report

Ashely   0 points757 days ago

Hey Reply Report

Thommy   0 points729 days ago

Thats awsome Reply Report

Hmmm   0 points637 days ago

Hmmm Reply Report

  0 points637 days ago

I'm a girl and this sorta stuff is hot but Idk it looks pretty real... Reply Report

...   0 points588 days ago

I think it is tbh Reply Report
There goes my boner

There goes my boner   0 points588 days ago

This just made me feel depressed, dude.
Like, when she glances up at the camera, and just cries into her pillow....Man, I just got reminded of a lot of fucked up shit dude.
Reply Report

-_-   0 points568 days ago

Nice job covering up the face, guys. Real nice...
Reply Report

Anallover1343213   0 points541 days ago

I'm a guy but I would love it if someone or mutible people came to my house and raped me over and over, I would obey there every wish Reply Report

Miii   0 points513 days ago

Wtf Reply Report

Jordie   0 points486 days ago

Someone her should fuck me even better than this is will do anything Reply Report

Sctarcraftthatass   0 points484 days ago

I like to watch bitches get used by their daddy... Buy best believe if mine tried id cut his off.... My pussy throbs and pounds after cumming to a bitch crying Reply Report

Paul1962   0 points483 days ago

wish she was MY stepdaughter!!! Reply Report
Rape me Daddy

Rape me Daddy +1 points319 days ago

@Paul1962 ill be ur stepdaughter ;) Reply Report

Sextourist52   0 points2 days ago

If it's really her dad fucking her it's not going to be the last time. The best thing she can do is just relax, open her legs and enjoy it. And take care to use birth control lol. Reply Report
Father Carter

Father Carter   0 points456 days ago

I was just sitting at my desk, the church janitor comes in and says "how badly am I going to hell?" and sends me a link..... Here I am and the answer is he'll get Satan's flaming, spike studded Dildo shoved up he rectal cavity to relax from the real torture you will receive!

-Father Abraham M. Carter
Reply Report
big bepis

big bepis   0 points450 days ago

nice Reply Report

sexyYuki18   0 points437 days ago

I wish that was me right now Reply Report
Daddy\'s whore

Daddy\'s whore   0 points382 days ago

This is such a turn on Reply Report

Welp   0 points380 days ago

This video is the definition of a guilty wank
Reply Report
#father rapin hes daughter

#father rapin hes daughter   0 points345 days ago

I really hate heavy Riots enblem porno even do they make some disgusting illegal material its like living back on the Deep Web days feeling insecured of purselvs and these vomits of gods creations as they call each other human beens and we have evolutionated oh guess what i think your little rock hamster size head thinks raping a young girl no matter if she is 18 for me they are young adults young people well i call them kids not a big deal hope your soul burns in hell and your spirits gets sold as burned pieces of steal. Chameless sick bastards there is no apology for pedophilia and rape by the words of god so you can go fuck little demons pussys in hell bitch. Reply Report
#sick father rapin hes daugher

#sick father rapin hes daugher   0 points345 days ago

Im not stupid i could clearly see your face on that video by the . Your camera moved the blur or censored thingy got out of it that gived me the opportunity to unclip the ctr tag and take a quick look, im sorry but there is no apology taken you must go to jail im just doing my job have fun with the same people with the same mentality kalibre of yours buddy just game over. Reply Report
Hooked on rape

Hooked on rape   0 points323 days ago

I would love to be raped by at least 4 guys. I get off watching these. I would love my daddy to fuck me every day, and fuck me hard and wild. Some pain is great.
Reply Report
Not into this

Not into this   0 points288 days ago

How do I report tho Reply Report

lovemeebonyy   0 points256 days ago

Anybody can make this happen with a group I’d love to be a sex Slave ;) Reply Report

athleticgirl026   0 points238 days ago

Hmnmmm. Please daddy me next Reply Report

Manguydude   0 points62 days ago

This is fucking sick
Reply Report

letmein   0 points194 days ago

that was some sweet treat Reply Report

Wishiwasurdaddy   0 points171 days ago

Wish i was your daddy totally would have. Reply Report

somehornybitch   0 points124 days ago

I sorta wanna give birth to boys just so they can fuck me, tbh... and girls so I can eat their pussies Reply Report

BigRed83   0 points97 days ago

@somehornybitch I can help you with that. I’ll impregnate you baby. I want to fuck so badly! Reply Report

Imi   0 points127 days ago

Hi I’m Imi looking hot girls to porn Reply Report
John bin jovi

John bin jovi   0 points115 days ago

It’s not his stepdaughter it’s a movie dumbass Reply Report

Bigjimtexas   0 points115 days ago

I could ne your daddy Reply Report

treeguyagain   0 points109 days ago

She's a Russian sex slave, probably answered an ad for a nanny job and ended up in a brothel. she just wants to go home Reply Report
Ho bag

Ho bag   0 points32 days ago

Yes Reply Report

Closeyoureyesandpicturehisblackcockthenscreamhisna   0 points54 days ago

Any girls wanna get to kmow me n help furfill a fantasy my woman wont...send me pics n videos of you fucking and sucking cock...talk to me like your man and your cheating on me and telling me every detail lol...ps im attractive and have a nice cock Reply Report

Toruser   0 points24 days ago

To the weirdos who like this I hope you know this is a real one. There's a few on the site and this is one of them. This guy was a professor at her university. They are not actually family, but she deff wasn't into it. It's actually a few videos, maybe like 4 or 5. Reply Report
Rape me

Rape me   0 points19 days ago

If anyone want to rape roleplay just text me on Snapchat: taylorrushton1 Reply Report

Teen_girl   0 points15 days ago

Why do I wish this was me Reply Report

Dad4slut   0 points3 days ago

hannahhard, i will be your daddy ! Reply Report

Jasmin -1 points2055 days ago

Not real totally fake who is video tapering irf he's rapeing her Reply Report

nice -1 points2045 days ago

does anyone know the full vid? Reply Report

dedox123 -1 points2026 days ago

do you know where it can be found a full version of this movie? Reply Report

Misty -1 points1583 days ago

Yum Reply Report

Confused -1 points1536 days ago

When I watched this I felt sorry and that usually doesn't happen so is this real is this not real if it isn't real why is his face blocked out these questions Reply Report

MC-BOUNTY HUNTERS -1 points516 days ago

Sir we can search you from your ip adress and errase the blurrry from the video this is not my fist tine seen a 18 year old child being raped. We will find you we will not be sorry for whar have you done spect us we are Riot Squatron lc we fo not forget. Take this as a warning beforebi pull abullet to your head. Reply Report

Nmn -1 points1273 days ago

This is wrong Reply Report

Wannaberaper -1 points1133 days ago

Wannaberapee - Where do you live? If its near by I will be more than happy to make your dream come true. I work at a hotel. Reply Report
i\'m not robot

i\'m not robot -1 points1023 days ago

it is fake action fordaddy/daughter video...... Reply Report

Leelo -1 points995 days ago

I've been raped in my ass.I loved it Reply Report

anyom -1 points972 days ago

not any fun if they dont fight back Reply Report
Twisted af

Twisted af -1 points810 days ago

I'm glad that rape porn exists, I could never hurt someone unless it was consensual, but I do love to watch Reply Report
Baybee Kaykes

Baybee Kaykes -1 points530 days ago

She's NOT Having A Good Time. WHY!? Because This is WAY BEYOND WRONG!!! Reply Report

amateurismisthekey -1 points371 days ago

people are so retard and swallow everyhting lol !! that's why you fuckers vote libturds !! take any chick, ask her to sfake to suffer and cry and find an augly to fuck her ..have ou realized, who film being ? lol an amateur ? so shitty Reply Report

starzz -1 points343 days ago

well hard to believe he was raping her because she said nothing tho Reply Report
I am hannahhard old rusty dad add me on facebook m

I am hannahhard old rusty dad add me on facebook m -1 points276 days ago

I fantasize your dad dwiming in a dirt and lava called hell with demons singing burn you piece of shit the damage is done the damage is done for god says "if you did it to one of my young ones you done it to me so do you will burn in dust and dust will be your future rocks is your heart and so i will vomit you from my mouth". He gived you oportunities they will say i told you in secret to do that and make your fantasies teue with a younger girl "satan will say" #hannah i think your dad posted this and hes sick bitchass uncle who has a snake looking haircutt maybe you need a better one cuzz you are losin some there is no apology for rape and some countryes are punishing this crime by feath beleave or not you are fucking sick so i will rather your bumass in hell maybe the demons your punish your old rusty smelling hairy pussy with spikes beatch >:( Reply Report
Right man

Right man -1 points143 days ago

Is there any proof this is even real. You fucking sick twisted cunts Reply Report

Jamee -1 points16 days ago

Hannahhard r u serious Reply Report

sad -2 points2053 days ago

this is rape in today's society. The mother was probably filming it and the girl is probably lost in a world were no one believes her. That man is probably a priest who calls his daughter the town slut. weirdo's need to be shot and posted on this site. Reply Report

homeforloving +4 points1757 days ago

thank your for this wonderful hot and arousing imagination Reply Report

... -2 points2056 days ago

i don´t even can look at this shit, i saw almost every sexfetish on this site but this seems to be fucking wrong to masturbate to .... Reply Report

ewew -2 points2050 days ago

sick bastards i fap fap fap till to the moment where i checked this is reall rape, burn in hell mofuckers Reply Report

Joe87 -2 points2038 days ago

Notice they cover the scumbags face up and keep the girls uncovered wish could meet her n give her a hug. Wish I could meet him so as I could tear of his dick and feed it to him. He should be hanged drawn and quartered. Reply Report
non member

non member -2 points1927 days ago

ijackoffto... you are so fucked.. up where is that video
Reply Report

Faggots -2 points1150 days ago

I find it mildly amusing how the majority of these people believe rape and incest is ethically right. Rethink your morals, you sick fucks Reply Report

regretful -2 points1132 days ago

I came here to see something different. I thought the idea of a father forcing himself on his step daughter would be so hot. Now I've seen the video I can honestly say never again. This made me so sad, and this wasn't even violent. I guess I can't stay on this site. This isnt for me.. Reply Report

....... -2 points517 days ago

This is so fucked up i didnt mean to come across this shit a friend sent the link to me and said watch it what the fuck is wrong with people rape is bad and wrong if you dont agree and you like shit like this then you are sick and twisted and deserve to die Reply Report

jett -3 points2018 days ago

Fucked up video is all i gotta say. Somebody needs to fuck him in the ass with a loaded shot gun and pull the trigger.:":":::"":"::""::"';';:":";"';":":": Reply Report

kill -3 points1994 days ago

that is bad that guy is a fat dick Reply Report

girl -3 points1976 days ago

she's just another slut. This is NOT real rape Reply Report
are you ok?

are you ok? -4 points1890 days ago

Cause you seem to be confused and in need of help after reading this comment Reply Report

david -3 points1940 days ago

this is wrong Reply Report

usickmofos -3 points1908 days ago

The guy should be arested and thrown in jail forever if this shit was real Reply Report

Name -3 points1775 days ago

stupid idiot, if i know who u are i kill u! who rape a girl????fucking idiot!!! Reply Report

Batman -4 points2009 days ago

Kill that dirty perv. I thought it was going to be a joke... Reply Report
No One

No One -4 points1381 days ago

Please someone take this down and give this poor girl some dignity. Reply Report

sympathy +3 points1186 days ago

I agree I saw this and went to the comment section and its even more fucked up Reply Report

Misunderstandisanotgoodsorry -4 points974 days ago

I was the one in the video the guy and in my defence it was not rape she just didn't want sex when I did I understand some misunderstanding happened and I'm truely sorry Reply Report

<3 -6 points2019 days ago

Poor girl. She has to live with this...forever. It's sickening. i wish i could hug her :c Reply Report

Robineo -6 points1967 days ago

This bloke is a dirty old pervert, you can see thus girl was forced!!!!
That's what it's like in Russia.... No respect for women!!
Reply Report

jarradfoster1998 -6 points1745 days ago

Guys this isn't nice i mean ladies that like getting raped by there perents can do a lot better Reply Report

jarradfoster1998 -6 points1745 days ago

Guys this isn't nice i mean ladies that like getting raped by there perents can do a lot better Reply Report

Mike +2 points1566 days ago

First it's parents, and second she could only do better if she was raped by me Reply Report

543t32532 -7 points2039 days ago

fake or not, that fat ugly piece of shit shouldn't be sticking his dick in anything but his own ass. One more for the execution chamber. Who's next? Reply Report

tyler -7 points2024 days ago

I feel sorry for the girls this dumbass should be put in jail and fucked liked that asshole Reply Report

Seriously? -8 points2056 days ago

This is rape?
I'm pretty sure girls don't sit there calm, that at least yell or fight?
She just fucking sat there?
Reply Report

jarradfoster1998 -8 points1745 days ago

I wish i knew this guy i would smash him and if this is fake its just sad for people who have been raped before my gf was raped and got pregnant and it sucks i hate this video Reply Report
Uh huh

Uh huh +4 points1505 days ago

Yes, it must suck so much for you that your GIRLFRIEND got raped. Shut the fuck up and help her through it, you lil' bitch. Reply Report

Umm... +9 points1585 days ago

Yet you are watching rape porn...
Reply Report

And...? +4 points1575 days ago

You endorse, support, and enjoy everything you look at? I watched the ISIS beheading video, does that make me a terrorist that condones beheading? What an idiot. Reply Report

DS -9 points1962 days ago

Even before seeing the first vid you can tell this is fake: @00:53 she accidentally looks right into the camera, than quickly looks away. Guys, a lot of girls are REALLY good at faking it. I am too. Pleace Reply Report

jarradfoster1998 -10 points1745 days ago

I wish i knew this guy i would smash him and if this is fake its just sad for people who have been raped before my gf was raped and got pregnant and it sucks i hate this video Reply Report

Non-Member -11 points2056 days ago

This is vomit inducing, the fact that this even happened is horrible, not to mention the fact that it will be on the internet forever now. Fuck this. I hope this fuck face rots in a federal prison for the rest of his life, and I sincerely hope he gets ass fucked a couple hundred times, so he knows how it feels. That poor girl, God help her. Reply Report

Non-Member -12 points2055 days ago

Why would they put a video of that... That is wrong this is probably fake because that guy would be in jail... They shouldn't be joking around like that...... Watch ... someday someone will watch it and call the cops Reply Report

gi -14 points2055 days ago

this person should be strung up and killed
Reply Report

jannybh +3 points1736 days ago

what do you have against her? She has not done anything wrong or worse! Reply Report
You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me

You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me -14 points2048 days ago

Okay for all of you scumbags beatin off to this, when we meet in hell it may be for different reasons, but I'll be sure to be your personal torturer. This is fucked up guys. Sex is sex, Rape is a whole other factor in and of itself. Burn in hell you crotchety old cocksucker and I hope somebody rapes and murders your sorry ass. I hope the girl in this video is okay, sorry for the rant. Reply Report

♥️   0 points168 days ago

@You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me
Grow up.
Reply Report
i agree

i agree -4 points1890 days ago

But you dont have to go to hell. Let them go alone. Jesus died for all who believe in their hearts. Nothing to do with church at all. Just with putting your faith in Him Reply Report

JesusSucksMyDick +4 points1478 days ago

Lol ! what was a religious person like you doing on a porn site like this. There is no god. dumbass Reply Report
Legalize rape!

Legalize rape! -23 points2055 days ago

Rape should be legal anyway! Reply Report

♥️ +4 points168 days ago

@Legalize rape!
I agree, Rape should be legal, all girls should be raped until they can't walk anymore.
Reply Report

... -2 points1862 days ago

If they legalize rape, they better legalize murder... because I just want you to know that your first on my list BITCH!!!! Reply Report

ok -3 points1890 days ago

It should only be legal to rape your sorry ass then Reply Report