South American Girl Fucked In School bus

Slut from the school gets fucked by classmate in the back of school bus while stuck in traffic.

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hcock +17 points1971 days ago

Bitch is ugly Reply Report

Non-Member +1 points449 days ago

........and boys will still hit it; so your point is.......? Reply Report

Lol +7 points1971 days ago

Wow, uh, i couldn't have sex like that. Reply Report

Bitches +6 points1971 days ago

Everybody is a bitch xD Reply Report

Kg +6 points1969 days ago

Damn I went to the wrong high school! Reply Report
The King of the Jews

The King of the Jews +5 points1972 days ago

She'll probably hop over the border in her eight month, have the baby in Texas, and live off taxpayers illegally for the next 40 years. Viva America! Reply Report

Busdriver +3 points505 days ago

Busdriver is lazy he should have kicked them out and then they could have walked home, The bus are meant for driving not fucking. After that day he got no respect at all the kids did what they wanted this was his day to say no more and he chocked. Reply Report
Open your mind

Open your mind +2 points1972 days ago

There's no such thing as living illigally, the borders should be illegal not the people who is anyone to tell anyone where they can and can't live America is only 200'ish years old lmao it's a fucking baby country with small man syndrome. Reply Report

starrider2007 +1 points609 days ago

yall can say what ya want but this here cracker would fuck her Reply Report
Any Given Third World Citizen:

Any Given Third World Citizen:   0 points1969 days ago

"Birth control? Lol, whats that?" Reply Report
non member

non member   0 points1965 days ago

An overweight slampig Mexican taking random unprotected cock left and right... that cant be true I just dont believe it... it doesnt fit the stereo types! I mean mostly because I didnt see the other 3 kids with 3 other unknown dads thats shes already squirted out that fat hairy sloppy cunt running around watching while mom gets nutted up again ... if they were their then id believe this video was real Reply Report

anonymoussteve   0 points1581 days ago

Sweet Reply Report
Siddaraju 2584

Siddaraju 2584 -1 points1682 days ago


Reply Report

merkelangie -1 points264 days ago

what a slut ! :o Reply Report

Mike -2 points1972 days ago

Typical fuckin cockroaches.... Reply Report

twirly -3 points1972 days ago

These losers have greatly brought down the IQ of America. They are too fucking dumb to live here, we have enough troubles of our own. Reply Report

NastyAssCrackers -3 points1869 days ago

You crackers talking shit need to shut the fuck up. You all are the nastiest motherfuckers on the planet (except maybe the Japanese). They're not doing anything except fucking. You crackers are drinking each other's piss in public and pissing on escalators for no fucking reason. You have no room to talk, nasty ass crackers. Reply Report

Troll -4 points1972 days ago

We're all Americans on this part of the globe, so what if they are South Americans?! I hate that my country became so egotistical that "America" became synonymous with USA? Even in North America there are three individual countries. It's like calling Russia, Asia. Reply Report

rtard -1 points1072 days ago

Not at all the same
Reply Report

, -4 points1951 days ago

Fuck no are not mexican they are salvadorian!!!!. Nasty ass ppl, i am mexican/american with black hair light skin, hazel eyes, thick hips, C cup.. Those nasty negros are like shit to us mexicans Reply Report

Tw   0 points246 days ago

@, And you are a racist! Reply Report
non member

non member -6 points1972 days ago

Well at least the found the one thing in life that ugly fat mexican will EVER be good for in this world and used it... shes got a face worth puching repeatedly Reply Report

-6 points1972 days ago

Looks more like rape! Reply Report

denday -7 points1971 days ago