Small Girl vs Big Cock

What you see is not a fake dick, it is real! It belongs to Mandingo also known as mr. 12 inches of pain. In this scene he sticks his enormous black cock into sexy Abagaile Johnson's tight little cunt. The cock barely fits but Abagaile is a brave girl and embraces the monster cock with her juicy warm pussy.

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klp +22 points2004 days ago

Fuck that pig Reply Report

oi +10 points2004 days ago

who cares about race... but this doesn't look too enjoyable for either of them, she can't really fit it in and thus he can't really be pleasured
I'd take "normal" sized dick over that any day
Reply Report

girthy +6 points2003 days ago

the rest of his cock must get cold Reply Report

XCOM +5 points2003 days ago

Damn. Can't say I want a cock that big. The pussy only goes so deep. Reply Report

John +4 points2003 days ago

NIGGERS. Reply Report

fredds   0 points1065 days ago

yours must be really small Reply Report

Member +4 points2003 days ago

Lets see her take it balls deep Reply Report

Dayum +4 points2003 days ago

A horse called. He said he wants his "gift" back Reply Report

Non-Member +3 points2003 days ago

ill rather have a small or average sized dick than that. no chance i want that. thats simply too big to have fun. that shit fits on some donkey or horse not on a human. Reply Report
I'm a whore

I'm a whore +1 points2004 days ago

I hope u enjoyed it darling u suck his dick so good need to get me a guy like that so I can fuck him he's asshole looked yummy Reply Report

RAPESETION +1 points915 days ago

Non-member Reply Report

Adolf932 +1 points794 days ago

I hate those tree swinging jungle bunny black bastards. Reply Report
honry for dicks

honry for dicks   0 points2004 days ago

where can i find me some big dick like that Reply Report

lonestarnaughtygirls   0 points2004 days ago

nice Reply Report

beedee241   0 points2003 days ago

Missionary position and sink that BBC "ball deep" into her cunt...make her think the head of it is between her tits! Reply Report
To you white niggers and black niggers

To you white niggers and black niggers   0 points2002 days ago

Please keep your stupidity to yourselves. Reply Report

toad   0 points1999 days ago

Thats one BIG cock no wonder she looked so happy. Would love to see my 14 sister sucking on that monster. She watches it over and over playing with her hairless little cunt Reply Report

lol   0 points1979 days ago

Riley Reid is half her size and took it like a champ and sucked the black of that dick! Reply Report
fuck me daddy

fuck me daddy   0 points1187 days ago

I want him to fuck me!!! Reply Report

Aggressive   0 points531 days ago

12 it's to big for me, i tried 8 its best cock inside my pussy. Reply Report

biggus   0 points239 days ago

A lot of butthurt niggers on here that people point out that bestiality is disgusting. Since the invention of birth control consequences for sexual activity have been mostly taken away, so women will fuck anything. But I bet you any amount that she don't want his kids. Reply Report

biggus   0 points239 days ago

What a fucking whore. I hope her father kills her. Reply Report

Anusrocket   0 points202 days ago

Would've fitted in the anus maybe... Reply Report

yeeehaaa -1 points2004 days ago

damn whitey is so jealous they even go so far as to call it fake thats hilarious Reply Report

g -2 points2004 days ago

Small Girl Vs Fake Cock Reply Report

lol -4 points2004 days ago

it doesnt take long for jealous crackers to comment on videos like this...i always read them its hilarious...theyre like stop that big black monster we cant compete hahaha so pathetic Reply Report
toads sister

toads sister -8 points2003 days ago

My brother Toad at work so poor me watching on my own. GOD i want some black cock. Going to let toad do what he likes to me then he might take me to London and then arrange for me to have some. Cant take a monster like this one but would love to suck it Reply Report

wtf -130 points2004 days ago

she was perfect until she decided to suck and fuck nigger cocks... Reply Report