Disabled Girl Flashing Her Pussy

Sexy paraplegic girl from the UK showing her pussy in public.

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Hahahaha +26 points2149 days ago

LOOOOOOOOOL !!! Reply Report
Mr Nasty

Mr Nasty +19 points2148 days ago

id fuck her so hard that she wouldn't be able to walk xD Reply Report

bonertime +10 points2148 days ago

Damn, shes got some nice tits, and that pussy aint looking bad either Reply Report

wtf +6 points2148 days ago

Her name's Leah Caprice. She's a Welsh girl who broke her back in an accident in 2008. She was in adult entertainment before the accident and is determined to carry on. Her website is ***. paraprincess.c*m There's more nude stuff on her out there, just Google her name. Reply Report

WOW +6 points2132 days ago

Seeing her legs look so weak and floppy makes me feel so sorry for her :( Reply Report

john +6 points2132 days ago

Wow she looks so hot, bet shes good in bed xxx Reply Report
Pirate XL

Pirate XL +5 points2148 days ago

Good for her she doesn't let the wheelchair to stop living! And still fuckable too! Reply Report

...:D +3 points2144 days ago

Anarchy in UK Reply Report

jami63 +3 points2132 days ago

pussy looks fine tits look "supercharged" fuckable chick Reply Report

;) +3 points2132 days ago

Lol did any one see the car at 0:30 that tried to reverse to see her... Realy nice boobs by the way Reply Report

maturejack72 +2 points2131 days ago

Love to slide my cock in her wet cunt Reply Report

date +2 points1836 days ago

as long as it makes her happy .... that is alright Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +2 points981 days ago

I would roll the little cunt into the bushes and rape her. Reply Report
Rule Brittania!

Rule Brittania! +1 points2132 days ago

Hot Wheels gets a new name Reply Report

jkidd +1 points2132 days ago

@ Mr Nasty...I'll fuck her so hard, I would reset her nervous system and she would be able to walk again!! That's how hard I would fuck her lol Reply Report

Dirk +1 points1792 days ago

this crippled slut is hot..love to fuck her in the ass and see if she feel anything..though this cunt doesn't seem too crippled Reply Report

Hilarious   0 points2113 days ago

Her legs look like spaghetti noodles. Reply Report

monkeyballs   0 points2068 days ago

the hottest cripple ive ever seen i think she deserves a stiff one Reply Report

steve   0 points1408 days ago

She is on Lez Poo eating shit. Reply Report
no name

no name -2 points2031 days ago

I Neva fuked a cripple u can be my first sexy Reply Report
no nane

no nane -3 points2031 days ago

I Neva fuked a cripple u can be my first Reply Report
non member

non member -10 points2132 days ago

Love banging cripples..u just knock them out of the chair and stick it in their ass dry.. not like they can run away or even feel the pain as u tear it open.. sometime I even prop them back up in their chair after.. sometimes though if they are rude while I rape them I leave them on the ground bleeding and dripping cum Reply Report