Public Wanking To Girls In Subway

Black guy jerking his big cock right in front of 2 girls in the subway.

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Big black nigga in a icey watch

Big black nigga in a icey watch +16 points1915 days ago

Hey nigga, next time rape them! :) Reply Report

Dave +6 points1277 days ago

Kill yourself, pathetic rapist. Reply Report

jojo +13 points1914 days ago

If hes in Russia, they don't give a fuck.
If hes in Norway or Sweden or Asia, they are too polite to say anything.
If hes in America, black chicks will laugh and the white chicks will scream rape, while the latinos will touch it.
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Anon2 +9 points1915 days ago

I wish I was as brave as you. Great job! Reply Report

ice_0 +2 points1915 days ago

Who else wants there foreskin back :D Reply Report

Armando   0 points1914 days ago

if I was there I would walk up and start sucking you off. hope I see you around someday. I need a huge load of cum...DAILY! Reply Report

tamo   0 points1667 days ago

deffo not british railways ... Reply Report
yrain spotter

yrain spotter   0 points123 days ago

picture yourself bent over this ten inch penis deep in your vagina fucking you hard and fast until you climax Reply Report

jkidd -1 points1915 days ago

Yeah but Im pretty sure they know him. Women dont react like that kids. Either they are horrified or too busy staring because they want it. They don't continue with an intelligent conversation. The title was accurate but these girls are not random as the title might imply. Reply Report

hookeyexxx99 -9 points897 days ago

Intelligent conversation....and women? It don't exist. Reply Report
Cum on them

Cum on them -1 points1501 days ago

Should have unloaded a huge stream of cum on both of their faces. Reply Report

hobo -2 points1914 days ago

Hahahah he jerking it haahahaha Reply Report

H. -4 points1914 days ago

Monkey. Reply Report

Yum -5 points1915 days ago

Heh. If I were there I'd help him out. Reply Report

5pawsakademy -37 points1914 days ago

YOur " bravery" may cost you time in jail... Reply Report

joe -38 points1915 days ago

some one should kick him in his balls. Reply Report