Woman Shitting On Cock During Sex

Suddenly while having sex this bitch drops a huge shit right on my cock. Luckily she made up by allowing me to switch holes.

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podkabluchnik +40 points2116 days ago

Delicious shitty asshole, very nice to fuck :)) Reply Report

anon +11 points2034 days ago

my girl and i don't get off on eating shit or anything that sick, but both of us love the feeling of emptying our bowels and having fresh warm shit smooshing on our bodies actually feel darn good. a shitty asshole fucks nicer than lube too i luv it when i can feel the lumpy bits in her ass.
and to all those worried about diseases and germs hey thats what showers are for you lazy fucks we dont just lie in the shit all day.
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yellow +8 points2098 days ago

Shit happens!! Reply Report
Moroccan Beautii

Moroccan Beautii +3 points2095 days ago

I want a male slave to shit on and force to eat my shit! Reply Report
Kronje, Natal

Kronje, Natal +5 points1197 days ago

Choose niggers. Their turd is as big as their cocks. Reply Report

scattysit -3 points1789 days ago

I'll be your slave! Reply Report

scatman54   0 points2110 days ago

I wish Reply Report
hate ppl that don't know shit!

hate ppl that don't know shit!   0 points2108 days ago

Do the fucking research before you judge dickhead!! This is close to birth control are gonna get..an I know a OB/GYN..the only thing disturbing may be getting shitted on..but anal sex is fine..so shut the fuck up!!! Reply Report

Rick   0 points1843 days ago

This is so sexy Reply Report

Bbk25   0 points710 days ago

Hot Reply Report

giveitatry   0 points122 days ago

So hot..... Reply Report
I don’t fuck

I don’t fuck   0 points14 days ago

Grosss! Reply Report
I don’t fuck

I don’t fuck   0 points14 days ago

Ewww and all u who do like I really hope u die soon because this is just ABSURD Reply Report
I don’t fuck

I don’t fuck   0 points14 days ago

Like I said DIE,!! Reply Report
I thought she would...

I thought she would... -1 points2098 days ago

I was so sure she would let him stick his dick back into her pussy with all her shit on it. I was so sure I could taste it. I wish they would rewind this scene and make the one that I wanna watch! Reply Report

ofmg -1 points2094 days ago

would any women shit me so on i would press this shit direkt in her mouth and piss in her face nasty bitch
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bdoe -1 points2058 days ago

Man i wish i had a female to try this with.... any type of shitting excercise ..... i want to experience it all... hell can i be someones piss or scat slave for a day? Reply Report

Sexy -1 points1699 days ago

Sexy lovr the video he's lucky Reply Report

aatt -2 points2092 days ago

weird all the shiit but anal sex is cool doubt any diseases from this that's just the boring people talking lol but yea I doubt I would like this either wel maybe I would idk xD Reply Report

gabriel -2 points2018 days ago

So,,,,this video very very cool so,this gilrs pooping fucked. Reply Report

Peter -3 points2098 days ago

Very nice video

That shit looks so Yummy. I would love to have been forced to eat it all up before I was allowed to cum

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bluergh -3 points2022 days ago

urggh... I'm gonna chunder...

Holy crap this is awesome
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bex -4 points1824 days ago

Yuckkkkk Reply Report

... -7 points2116 days ago

Get you tape worms, pin worms & diseases here folks! Step right up! (you sick fuckers). Reply Report

! +2 points1865 days ago

I fucking agree! Reply Report
@ podka twat...

@ podka twat... -16 points2116 days ago

Yah, if you are a fucking weirdo. Reply Report

asda -16 points2116 days ago

enjoy parasites honey Reply Report