Nigga Regrets Fucking Slut On Her Period

Slut smotheres nigga's cock with nasty blood from her cunt. As you can see he isn't really charmed by it.

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dirk +30 points1983 days ago

a real man would of eaten out that pussy after! Reply Report

maybe +9 points1998 days ago

please they both got titties...hell if c. man wldnt hve said shit... or until a nigga smelled some shit. it was a green light. dont act brandnew. Reply Report

jkidd +9 points1983 days ago

He's a fucking bitch! Man get in that pussy. If you're not comfortable at least be cool so the bitch can give you head. Dis nigga acting like he want a dick up his ass. Grow sum balls young brotha Reply Report

matt +8 points1983 days ago

why stop lol Reply Report
thats nasty

thats nasty +5 points2000 days ago

2 reasons
1hymen broke virgin
or 2 period
3 reason for condom to stop hiv/aids or unwanted babies anyway they dont allways work so just stay with one person you like watch channel 4 embarrassing bodies
or channel 4 sex education show
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Me +5 points1952 days ago

I'm just a retarded CUNT with no life and nothing better to do than watch porn videos all day and make inconsequential, stupid and cowardly comments Reply Report

S +4 points1801 days ago

lol it's like he didn't know girls get their periods. Reply Report
Dear god!

Dear god! +3 points861 days ago

lol Wtf!
I fuck my girlfriend on her period all the damn time. if she horny, she gets the dick. Im mostly not afraid of her blood cuz I took her virginity, she bled a whole lot on my dick on her first time so I guess I'm used to her blood being on my Dick lol!!
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Y0Gye +2 points1599 days ago

I would have let her finish Reply Report

geo8x6 +1 points2001 days ago

What's with the condom? is he afraid of a little blood? Reply Report

AUSSIE FOX +1 points1700 days ago

Haha, what a Lil dick black dude( there not all big, hate this bbc shit myth, and that they have pressure to do it in porn to make it, power to the lovely ladies who don't fall to the pressure) I'm white and have a bigger cock than that! And I fuck my wife on her period sometimes...... Who the fuck cares bout blood on dick! It ain't a tattoo for fucks sake, it's washed off Reply Report

b +1 points1613 days ago

what a pussy Reply Report
Menstrual blood swallower

Menstrual blood swallower +1 points909 days ago

I would love to eat her out. She could just sit on my face and I would slurp every drop of her shedding eggs Reply Report

kdc43   0 points1738 days ago

I like the guy's puffy tits, I wanna feel, lick, suck those man-tits! Reply Report

BTr   0 points143 days ago

I've gotton my blood wings. Reply Report

Czarek -19 points1983 days ago

stópki i rączki ma białe jak Idi Amin Dada Reply Report

Me -33 points1981 days ago

Filthy fucktard apes Reply Report