Young Girl Shitting In Public

Wouldn't you wanna stick your cock in that tight dirty asshole of hers?!

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fuck you

fuck you +52 points2073 days ago

You came here, watched it, wanked to it, then called us sick. nah man. go suck a dick Reply Report

Scatophile +12 points2073 days ago

Hey, closet scatfan: you really compare efro/scat and vomit fetish to snuff films? And rather suck dick than watching beautiful girls taking a shit? Now seriously WTF? Reply Report

SHIT_STAINED_PAD +9 points2073 days ago

she can poop on my face anytime while I'll eat it humbly Reply Report
So yummy

So yummy +7 points2071 days ago

Damn if can only taste some of her delicious looking Reply Report
Nice lick

Nice lick +4 points2066 days ago

Nice lifting upskirt while shitting Reply Report

dirk   0 points2009 days ago

can only imagine how good her poop tastes. Some girls poop can be a fuckin awsome meal. don't know it till u try it ! Reply Report

me   0 points1779 days ago

would love to have my lips fastened to that ass Reply Report

sneakyfox   0 points1710 days ago

incredibly gorgeous!!! Reply Report
Go Nude  again

Go Nude again   0 points1600 days ago

She has made 2 or more Hot Scat short videos , & seems to enjoy this ? Reply Report

fred   0 points1586 days ago

I'd be happy to give her a tongue wipe. Reply Report

jaat   0 points1412 days ago

Very nice. Would love to lay my wide open mouth under that butthole. Reply Report

jaat143   0 points339 days ago

Wish I could lick her butthole. Jeff Reply Report

fucktoy -3 points1319 days ago

HOLY SHIT! It's my sister! I jacked off so much to this video! I want to cum inside her! Maybe get her pieggo! Reply Report
fuck sakes

fuck sakes -21 points2073 days ago

wellll, I prefer to suck a dick rather than watching a girl shitting. Reply Report
Da fuq is wrong with us?

Da fuq is wrong with us? -22 points2073 days ago

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people?
Like are we as a society just getting more and more fucked up in the head that porn companies are taking advantage of it? Like if you need shit, throw up and snuff porn in order to get off, seek fucking help.
Reply Report
fuck sakes

fuck sakes -24 points2089 days ago

soooo, this 'shit' turns you on does it? Get help you sick loser - immediately. Reply Report