Arm Ripped Off By RPG Backfire

RPG backfires & rips insurgents arm off clean.

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Tony Short Arse Garner

Tony Short Arse Garner +5 points2213 days ago

that's what happens when you give 3rd world monkeys modern technology
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no u!

no u! +3 points570 days ago

Definition of modern: relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.
"the pace of modern life"
synonyms: present-day, contemporary, present, current, twenty-first-century (2001-present), latter-day, modern-day, recent
"modern times"

RPG-7 first produced 1958

google launched 1998

see what i did there? pre modern technology to research pre modern weapon tech and define modern for you so u don't look a fool next time u decide to talk smack u will actually know what your talking about :)

unless you are ref. the camera used to film this and computer used to upload it then disregard everything i just said almost certainly those are produced post 2001 and then awesome thank goodness those monkeys had modern tech so we could watch this syria's funniest home videos
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Hemnecron   0 points317 days ago

@no u! I guess 1958 is still more modern than 610 for islam. It's not in the examples, sure, but "recent times as opposed the the remote past", well they haven't changed since the crusades, that's several centuries difference, the technology that was given to them is several centuries more modern than them. Reply Report
no u!

no u! +1 points251 days ago


they got less intelligent LOL!!!
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uh +3 points2214 days ago

whos video taping during a war? or at least war practice
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miki +3 points2213 days ago

Pinche pendejo se atravesó el Wuey jajajaja. Aver si para la otra se pone verga.
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heavyghost +1 points2128 days ago

That's why you yell BACK BLAST AREA CLEAR! noobs rofl. Reply Report

Flavazzz +1 points1576 days ago

God is certainly great u arab demons Reply Report
death to islam

death to islam   0 points2213 days ago

HAHAHAHA ah damn I enjoyed this so much :) I love watching dumb sandniggers getting killed !!! Reply Report
Mr Nasty

Mr Nasty   0 points2212 days ago

thanks pal xD Reply Report

Dave   0 points2211 days ago

Pmsl haha serves him right the monkey mofo Reply Report

5pawsakademy -1 points2212 days ago

snackbar need to get fixed they will rebuilt him like the 6 pesos man Reply Report