Anal Rape

Passed out girl taken advantage of by her horny boyfriend. He first abuses her in many other positions to make sure she's really passed out good. When he's sure of his case he puts his dick in her ass and starts fucking it hard and deep. She had a lot of pain in her ass the next few days and never knew what happened to her.

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birch +35 points2003 days ago

looks like she was enjoying her dream. It still won't explain her sore ass hole the next morning. Reply Report

Melissa +14 points1864 days ago

Forced anal is a huge turn on. I could do that for hours. Mmhhh watching my man enjoy himself while he uses me Reply Report
B r

B r   0 points8 days ago

@Melissa is it you melissa caudle,whore Reply Report
B r

B r   0 points8 days ago

@Melissa Reply Report
Steel Rookie

Steel Rookie +6 points1393 days ago

That ass of hers must be pretty worn-out if that action didn't wake her up!! Reply Report

Kitten +4 points1947 days ago

Where's the hard and deep? Reply Report
Hot guy

Hot guy +3 points1987 days ago

Hot Reply Report
What a big dick

What a big dick +2 points1988 days ago

And he looks like he has 3 balls Reply Report

TightTeenPussy +2 points702 days ago

He should of pounded hard and deep Reply Report

mike +1 points1686 days ago

loved it he shuda went harder tho
Reply Report

TELL IT LIKE IT IS +1 points696 days ago

That bitch reminds me of my ex girfriend! just lays there like a fucking dead corpse, expressionless, no moaning not nothing! At least act like you're getting into it you fucking son of a bitch! It was mentioned to me by someone that knew her that she didn't like sex much and didn't like kissing either! WTF?! Right! Me, being the dumb fuck, was captivated by her beauty and just wanted to get in her pant and fuck her fucking brains out! Then I got hooked! like the typical fucking pussy whipped guy that wants to get that ass...I got sucked in like a pro only to find out she was a high maintenance bitch with no personality (she acted ok initially but it was a front) By then it was too late. i was hooked on that pussy and didnt care if she didnt have a personality and wasn't worth a shit in bed as long as I could shove my cock in a wet hole whenever I wanted to!! GEEZ! Ok, I'm finished now! lol Like a lot of other guys..I said that I will never happen did! I got pussy whipped one more time! lol At least the one I'm with now isn't high maintenance and lets me fuck her ass (bonus) and cum in her face! Happy days! lol Reply Report

Pielover   0 points312 days ago

That was Hot Reply Report

antony   0 points242 days ago

cannot see how fucking her in the ass would not wake her up Reply Report

Loop -1 points1911 days ago

Fuck takes so long
Reply Report
My god

My god -1 points1143 days ago

His faces just ruin the entire thing... Reply Report
John Miller

John Miller -1 points888 days ago

It's not rape because she never said NO. There was a recent court case in Oklahoma where a teen girl was passed out and sleeping, and her boyfriend and a friend of his took turns having anal sex with her. The court ruled that the two males were not guilty of rape or sodomy because the girl never said NO. The fact that she removed some of her own clothing before she passed out was considered as her giving consent for sex, and since she was still conscious when both males were in the room, this gave both of them the right to have vaginal sex and anal sex with her. The two males are now suing the teen girl in civil court in Oklahoma, seeking $500,000 in damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress, because they claim that her decision to sleep after she began removing some of her clothes was emotionally distressing to them as they had a reasonable expectation to observe her moaning during the consensual vaginal sex and anal sex. Reply Report

chyleendreyer   0 points114 days ago

@John Miller That's FANTASTIC!!! I Hope they win the suit!!! Reply Report

buzmend -1 points631 days ago

passed out ass is the best ass Reply Report

Anup -1 points491 days ago

Hi Reply Report

Evildevil -2 points1988 days ago

Il call u ;) Reply Report

Legal? -3 points1012 days ago

How do they film this? I know it's staged, but she looks like she was drugged. How did they do it? Reply Report

Legalmyazz -5 points870 days ago

Oh just shut up and enjoy the porn. Reply Report