Bachelorette Fucked By Male Stripper

Hot future bride gets fucked in front of her friends by the stripper they hired for her bachelorette party. Not sure if the groom will be so happy if he knew what happened.

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Dude +22 points1713 days ago

fake. Reply Report

eh +14 points1713 days ago

She does not deserve to get married. You wouldnt fuck some one else if you were actually in love. Especially a stripper you have just met. Fuck this video Reply Report

Dickhead +11 points1714 days ago

Great example of why marriages fail. Like Devin tha Dude said, "you can't make a hoe a housewife".

Not that I'm complaining.
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All in the name of fun

All in the name of fun +10 points1713 days ago

This is typical example of decadent American lifestyle Reply Report

gross +10 points1712 days ago

What a whore she is why I think we should have a jack the ripper copycat I hopes she gets sores all over her face fucking slutbag nasty cunt Reply Report
Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson +9 points1713 days ago

if this girl really did do this while her groom wasn't there all i gotta say is Bro's before Hoe's! Reply Report

Tx +9 points1713 days ago

shes a terrible person Reply Report
Nigga Nigga

Nigga Nigga +5 points1714 days ago

puta Reply Report

Nymfo +3 points1714 days ago

how awkward would that fucking be haha Reply Report
Fuck Yeah four-eyes whore !

Fuck Yeah four-eyes whore ! +3 points1714 days ago

Baby got the meat ! Fuckin glasses make the bitch even more naughty and sexy... Reply Report

angelique21 +3 points715 days ago

Well who knows if it's a fake...all I know is that I have 3 guys I know well who screwed girls, hookers, massage girls..who fucking cares.. when they went out on their Stag even tried to get in my room and fuck me..when he was marrying my cousin the next day.
You guys are such CUNTS...when she does it....ooooh you are all so judgemental...When it's one of you ar a friend who fucks a girl on his Stag Night...."Oh What a Stud""....You Hypocritical Fuckers....No wonder I prefer Girls
Oh Yeah what if she was fucking another girl ???.....Oh that's OK then.
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sssssssssssssssssssss +2 points589 days ago

Nice generalisation moron......

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butt cheese

butt cheese +2 points1709 days ago

fake and gay Reply Report
Green wristlet

Green wristlet +1 points1709 days ago

All those with a green wristlet are fucking whores. Reply Report

Fake +1 points1565 days ago

Any fiance at a bachlorette party wouldn't take off her ring unless she is a total whore
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goofy goofer

goofy goofer +1 points1360 days ago

you know 90 percent of dancing bear productions is fake right? Reply Report

tomcock   0 points1710 days ago

her groom fucked too!!! Reply Report
The C Man

The C Man -1 points1711 days ago

Thats exactly what i want in my porn... a bunch of screaming bitches... lol Reply Report

john -1 points1709 days ago

whos next xd Reply Report

jf -1 points1698 days ago

this makes actually makes me sad, especially considering she is cheating on her soon to be husband. I've been cheated on, and that shit hurts like a motherfucker. I feel really bad for the guy she is supposed to marry. Reply Report

eglebel -1 points1630 days ago

she's so hot! name please?? Reply Report

Ben -2 points1711 days ago

I'd do the one in the blue dress next. Reply Report