Black Ghetto Whores Gagging On White Cock

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graves +20 points1681 days ago

things niggers do for money. Reply Report

grave_killa +2 points207 days ago

just like your meth head mother Reply Report
Money maker

Money maker -2 points612 days ago

You can't lie white trash is right Reply Report

FUCK U WHITE TRASH +1 points708 days ago

Crackers like u will butt ducks dogs and other animals on video because u don't see a problem with it. Or but ur trying to make it seem like blacks do this shit 24/7. When there is plenty of white folks that fuck horses they have tons of those vids. U got more white high school teens trying to become pornstar than any races you are the cause of prostitution so fuck off white trash cracker. I fucked ur white trash mother. Reply Report
he\'s not the only problem

he\'s not the only problem   0 points296 days ago

the fact that you know how many white people are pornstars, means your the cause they are. is is you who make it lucrative. You are the ones who make us white people become pornstars because you create an economic vaccuum for us to fill. fuck you. Reply Report
nasty man

nasty man +4 points616 days ago

Really Ignorant Negro

Really Ignorant Negro   0 points667 days ago

Yo man your going to get mad at him for saying nigger and then your going to call us crackers and say you fucked his mom. There is a special place for your kind of people and its in my front lawn hanging from my tree. Reply Report

1001010101011 +15 points1680 days ago

lol, theyre sisters?! atleast they'll have something to discuss about at the next family event Reply Report
Another white guy

Another white guy -1 points349 days ago

All black people are sisters Reply Report

Kenji +7 points1614 days ago


p.s. Isn't it funny, all the dumb white racist pansies claim to hate black people, yet they fap to one, in this case two beauties. Admit it, you too can't resist that sweet dark meat
Reply Report
Lame ass Crackers

Lame ass Crackers +5 points1412 days ago

If anything those disgusting trailer trash crackers are the ones eating their own shit for cash Reply Report

dadad +4 points1681 days ago

where can i find more stuff from this producer ?
does somebody know what the name of this producer ?
Reply Report

diabli +4 points1644 days ago

I love these guys. Nothing they put out is bad! Reply Report
Serious eProner

Serious eProner +2 points1681 days ago

Facial Abuse
you're welcome
Reply Report
The Things Niggers do for nothing

The Things Niggers do for nothing +2 points1426 days ago

hi im turtles. Reply Report

KKK +2 points1524 days ago

White Power ! Reply Report
black power

black power   0 points1282 days ago

Fuc u and yur kkk bitch and go back to being caveman
Reply Report

blkslut +1 points1014 days ago

Lucky bitches Reply Report
nasty man

nasty man +1 points616 days ago

way to calm these 2 niggers!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
fuck you Graves

fuck you Graves   0 points1679 days ago

@gravesL its not just black girls you raiciest white piece of trashy shit! Go back to the trailer park with your fucked up famiky where you all belong! Reply Report

CoonJuicerIsSTUPID   0 points1627 days ago

Your a fucking Mexican which means your a SPIC. lol

Your not pure white stupid.
Reply Report

LOL   0 points1565 days ago

Black whores are so pathetic they get humiliated and brag about it LMBAO!!! Ya'll bitches suck... In more than one way Reply Report

Doc   0 points1482 days ago

Deviant Reply Report
 blcc chica

blcc chica   0 points1226 days ago

fuck niggers i love white cock say watever its a turn on this is sexy Reply Report
nasty man

nasty man   0 points616 days ago

way to calm these 2 niggers!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

diablo -1 points1638 days ago

This shit like a work of art Reply Report
Black bitches are losers

Black bitches are losers -1 points1565 days ago

black women are complete bafoons. For even trying to sugar coat this disgusting shit as some kind of "lust" for black women makes me wish black women were dogged out more often... Since apparently you take it as a compliment LOL... smh Reply Report
black chic

black chic +5 points1383 days ago

its fucking sexy Reply Report

CoonJuicer -2 points1643 days ago

Nope, she is definitely a nigger, yes indeed. Btw I am Mexican, Sicilian and Prussian so technically I am a nigger as well, but not the noticeable type, I actually am allowed into places that niggers just don't belong. Oh more importantly we need to start hating te Zionists controlling the Jews and they control us like puppets and the sheeple buy right into all the shit! Why? Because they are worthless scared little herd of sheep that would much rather give up all of their freedoms to fight terrorists etc.. that do not exist. Terrorism in general is a false flag, anything done by either the IRA or Assad is the only true terror, yoU can be sure that anything that is Anti-Israel outside of middle east is complete and utter bullshit. Reply Report

5pawsakademy -6 points1681 days ago

things any girl do for money.. no only black girls.. Do you have racists tendencies user graves??
On another note if a video is nor on the site, why does heavy r keep advertising it?
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