Public Cumshot On Girl's Jeans

Pervert wanking in public behind girl in tight jeans and shoots his load on her ass.

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anon +81 points2244 days ago

she felt it lol Reply Report

(0) +27 points2244 days ago

Speed cumming at its best Reply Report

BAHAHAHA! +19 points2244 days ago

I'd pay so much to know what she thought it was! Reply Report

britanny +18 points2132 days ago

Had a guy do this before when i was in highschool and found the stains on my shorts when I got home Reply Report

odin -19 points2004 days ago

That was me I cummed so much Reply Report

ThatGuy +11 points2244 days ago

high jacker

high jacker -4 points1134 days ago

I would have loved to been the guy Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +11 points2243 days ago

Right, it does look like piss. Is this the same guy in a number of other videos? Maybe they're all faked in that he's perfected the art of spurting piss instead of semen. Notice he isn't really hard. Still takes some balls to piss on a girl's ass in public anyway. Reply Report

masterbator +11 points1882 days ago

i have done this on a city bus in a girls hair hanging over the seat, i have to not cum for 4 days to go fast though. Reply Report

lmao +6 points2191 days ago

hahahhaa this guys deserves a trophee Reply Report

CuntyMcFly +4 points2244 days ago

Hahahaha fuck a duck that is class A shit! Reply Report

boygirl +4 points2243 days ago

She thought she'd pissed herself... Reply Report

Isak +3 points1846 days ago

I did such naughty ejaculations in the crowded tube, It has been so satisfying, when the female got aware of the soiling. Reply Report

jumpers +2 points1974 days ago

open a small hole to her tight jeans for sexual activity damn it! Reply Report

Luckygirl +2 points1068 days ago

God I wish a guy would cum on me in public like this. I wanna watch him jack off to me from afar then come over and unload it all over me. Reply Report
Kik is seandeleeuw

Kik is seandeleeuw -2 points923 days ago

If you're ever in the netherlands, hit me up Reply Report

vajesus +1 points1756 days ago

So hot! Reply Report

cum?   0 points2244 days ago

looks more like piss to me Reply Report

:D   0 points2115 days ago

lol this is in Bratislava - trnavske myto :D (Slovakia) :D Reply Report

m   0 points2242 days ago

Viem kto si, ty kokot. Uz len ta stretnut niekde na ulici a rozjebem ti papulu a napcham ta nazad do tvojej skurvenej matky. Reply Report

jumpers   0 points1974 days ago

high boots that show the seducive and horny tight jeans! Reply Report

Spoons747   0 points109 days ago

Maybe him fall doesn’t and go boom Reply Report

Whoa -1 points847 days ago

Not a cum. But nice ass. Reply Report

TECHNO BLACK GUY -2 points2236 days ago

ninja cumshot at it's best Reply Report
Spunky monkey

Spunky monkey -2 points2166 days ago

Bloody brilliant ahahahaha Reply Report
undergtound imp

undergtound imp -2 points1408 days ago

I did this several times. The best were the girls disgusted faces when my cum was felt. Reply Report
Do exactly f

Do exactly f -2 points1056 days ago

Ffhff Reply Report
Common Sense

Common Sense -3 points2217 days ago

Fucking Hilarious! Reply Report
non member

non member -4 points2183 days ago

Oh for sure that's piss. His dick isn't hard and the way it shot out almost like water and dripped off the tip of his dick. Reply Report

devil -9 points2127 days ago

That's piss, not cum. Reply Report
say what

say what -18 points2244 days ago

what a waste do you ever think about shooting that in a fanny and making a baby

ant nobody got got time of that

now weres that werid lady who allways saids that well its remixed duh
Reply Report