Kicked In The Balls By Three Girls

And they keep kicking until he bleeds from his penis.

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podkabluchnik +43 points1725 days ago

The girl in the violet dress is my favourite - she's the most talented. I'd love her to kick me unconscious :)) I wonder if she was on drugs when she did this shoot? It would be great if she was :) Reply Report

mrone4u +16 points1739 days ago

Those are some serious kicks and slaps, This is how u do it until it bleeds no short cuts, Real ball busting style ... All u penis stomping women make them bleed no bullshit videos.. Reply Report

Ermergerd +12 points1725 days ago

Oh wow..... some real sadistic bitches. Reply Report

Superchicken +4 points1739 days ago

When asked why he doesn't quit this and get a real job, he replied, "What? And give up show business?" Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state +4 points1725 days ago

i've seriously got to fuck me a japanese whore. Reply Report

WTF! +2 points1725 days ago

wtf this is something i'm going to have nightmares about Reply Report
i left

i left +2 points1725 days ago

i left this page and i;m still hearing the fucking laughter Reply Report
Rudolf Gerber

Rudolf Gerber +2 points1723 days ago

What funny pretty Girls! I love all of them. Reply Report

wnewton17 +2 points1140 days ago

One of the best ball busting I've ever seen. They're so mean. Perfect Reply Report

ksozekgmailcom   0 points508 days ago

im happy u like that.....i loved to know more Reply Report

phantasy   0 points1003 days ago

Are you a very sadistic lady? Reply Report

Asdasd +1 points1725 days ago

Some People are so fucked up... Reply Report

hornblower +1 points1724 days ago

Ouch. I hope he never wants children. Reply Report

dasd +1 points1724 days ago

WHAT A RETARD Reply Report

XCOM   0 points1724 days ago

WTH happened in his childhood? Reply Report

wtftabarnak   0 points1723 days ago

i think he is in her period Reply Report

tkhd   0 points1158 days ago

Funny Reply Report

ksozekgmailcom   0 points508 days ago

love it..........that s what i like done to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

doc -9 points1725 days ago

what the fuck id like to kick those whores in the fud until they pleed and then the same to theris tits Reply Report