Girl Raped In Car

Her parents told her so many times she shouldn't be hitchhiking. One day she would pick the wrong ride and get raped... She had to learn the hard way and gets brutally fucked in her pussy and mouth. When the rapist is done with her, he drops her off in the middle of nowhere with a face full of cum.

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lol +79 points2001 days ago

A very legitimate video of rape, complete with multiple camera angles, video editing, and rehearsed action Reply Report

deathson   0 points1742 days ago

HEY! If you don't like America, you can geeeet out! Reply Report

... +15 points1650 days ago

Of course it's fake, I just want to see fantasy and role playing, not crime you sick f... Reply Report

theninja +12 points2010 days ago

serves the bitch righ for ignoring her parents advice.
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Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline +11 points2000 days ago

The only legit thing in this video is that sexy nissan skyline rhd Reply Report

louse +5 points2000 days ago

YES!! I love giving 'fuck-face'!, and raping girls that let you do it!! Reply Report

nnn +5 points2000 days ago

nice acting ... realistic :) Reply Report

cargeek +4 points2000 days ago

nice car Reply Report

Rosie +3 points2001 days ago

She doesn't really look like she hates it Reply Report

HAAHA +3 points2001 days ago

You dont think she would bite it if this were real? Reply Report

a +3 points1999 days ago

shes so.....calm. not very legit Reply Report
Paige Vinewish

Paige Vinewish +3 points1947 days ago

I looked for this for a long time but is this REAL? I hope not I hope it is just a fake rape video
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Jaka +2 points2000 days ago

Pretty quiet for a girl being raped!
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funbarbie3 +2 points1886 days ago

my boyfriend and i do a lot of rape role playing. i wear dresses and pantie hose when we do this. like her in the movie, i am raped easier when a dress or skirt. i love it when he kidnaps me or abducts me and has me in his van and rapes me. i love it when he rapes me orally. i get into the role, i really do. Reply Report
Paige Vinewish

Paige Vinewish +1 points1947 days ago

Theninja your right but us ladies should not have to go through that like I said I hope it's fake like something they want to put on camera instead of being real rape on camera Reply Report

Meh. +1 points1931 days ago

Overall good video, woulda been great if he came in her mouth instead. Reply Report

Paige +1 points1914 days ago

I've returned well likes no one gives a fuck but not only was this girl a hitchhiker she was a gypsy but she is cute but she thought she was so cute she ignored her parents and got raped by the was I'm a girl but I don't think women deserves that but next time listen to your parents I pretty much rather walk than hitchhike she probably got a disease or something that's if it's real but she was also a gypsy meaning she could not keep still I'm Paige tea rose and I don't think no one deserves this ζ›ΈγγŸγ„ it means bye Reply Report

lol +1 points1869 days ago

Gotta say... I'm surprised nobody commented on how hot this video was with the R33 Skyline in it...
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Jack MeOff

Jack MeOff   0 points1865 days ago

Love rape fantasies. Reply Report
pure ho

pure ho   0 points935 days ago

didnt look like rape to me she wanted that cock . it a shame that girl wasent me Reply Report

deathstar   0 points719 days ago

child locked all the doors then opened the door for the camera man...and some people think this is real? LOOL
Reply Report

Bellakelly   0 points488 days ago

I wish someone would fuck my face like that Reply Report
woman fucker

woman fucker   0 points470 days ago

can you feel my erect penis inside you,all 10inchs of it fucking you. hard, and deep. ever had an erection this size before? a lot of girls can,t take a penis this size it hurts too much So you done good Reply Report