Poop In Vagina

Dirty scat slut pushes big turd from her vagina.

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geo8x6 +124 points1895 days ago

She just gave birth to a politician Reply Report

Bob +28 points1895 days ago

Bitch, you are so getting a urinary track infection. Reply Report

peterattard +18 points1880 days ago

I think That is so hot - I would love to open her pussy up and Shit inside it - mmmmmm Reply Report

vajesus +12 points1289 days ago

You can shit in my pussy Reply Report

jdav915 +5 points638 days ago

I would love to! Reply Report

dfgdf +14 points1895 days ago

in soviet russia vagina shits Reply Report

+12 points1895 days ago

What a fucking nasty looking cunt Reply Report
Non member

Non member +12 points1892 days ago

I'm going to hell Reply Report

...... +11 points1895 days ago

we're all going to hell Reply Report
nice guy

nice guy   0 points634 days ago

no she is... Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state +6 points1881 days ago

omg !!! ugggh bawks....let's be honest love; as if your pussy doesn't look bad enough even before you stuff it with shit !!! eeeeew !!! Reply Report

turdinpussy +5 points1787 days ago

Plenty of women do this without getting an infection. Sure the risks are there,but if you clean up well afterward, and don't play in it for extended periods of time. Take your probiotics, take appropriate herbs and have a fresh foods diet and your immune system will be so strong, things like this will hardly matter. Reply Report

shitfilledvagina +13 points1019 days ago

I've never gotten an infection! I've had a lot of poop in my pussy Reply Report

UnknownUser -3 points619 days ago

Tf why u need to get that shit checked out boop Reply Report

lostsole +5 points1768 days ago

this is wonderful my girl and I play this way all the time its great! And no we have never had any problems with it. Its a wonderful way to enjoy your lovers body and share your own. Reply Report

... +5 points1627 days ago

is it bad that i watched this video twice and shot my load Reply Report

carney +3 points1701 days ago

I'd love to have my mouth there when that turd comes out so I could chew on it and share it with her. But I have to admit I prefer it a little softer--more like diarrhea. Wow that makes my cock hard!
Reply Report

tr289 +2 points1895 days ago

I heard of a rumor that if you put a quarter in a girls vagina she will make lemonaid. How much do you have to put in for her to make chocolate bars ? Reply Report

Superchicken +2 points1881 days ago

This young lady is going to the doctor in a couple of days, and she will tell him that she has no idea how she got such a bad bladder infection. Reply Report

... +2 points1878 days ago

I swear... PURE curiosity brought me to this here video. Reply Report
My pussy is not wet cuz I got a dick

My pussy is not wet cuz I got a dick +2 points815 days ago

Omg she gave birth to Donald trump Reply Report

Q-man67 +2 points677 days ago

The guy should eat her out now! Reply Report

h3nn3p +2 points569 days ago

mmmm Reply Report

KatyKat +2 points532 days ago

Nasty slut Reply Report

Fuckingirl +2 points93 days ago

Shit in mine please Reply Report

????? +1 points1409 days ago

I wish I was there!
Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +1 points1327 days ago

I would love to have my mouth on her cunt when she does that Reply Report

pisshorts +1 points352 days ago

Hot hot hot Reply Report

mike_j   0 points435 days ago

amazing pussy and i would love to eat that shit out of her pussy Reply Report

toiletslut69xx   0 points486 days ago

Id tongue that pussy clean Reply Report

Serenity   0 points172 days ago

Who Pooops in there vagina? Reply Report
Still came tho

Still came tho   0 points66 days ago

How did it get in there? Reply Report
Horny lesbian 291

Horny lesbian 291   0 points31 days ago

OMG I would love to eat that peace of shit and feed it to her then eat another peace and make her spit it out in my vagina. MMMMMMM. Man. I wish that me and my gf did that Reply Report

manymanlikeme -1 points1779 days ago

Some things just ain't got to be done. Although, if you think of the most horrible shit you can imagine, then multiply that by twenty, that's will be the things that humans will do. It doesn't surprise me at all. Reply Report

Carney -1 points1458 days ago

This is getting gross
Reply Report
What the hell even is this site

What the hell even is this site -1 points522 days ago

You can get a really bad infection from this wth Reply Report

hornblower -2 points1881 days ago

Don't these people who play like this, and even eat the shit, realise that they are taking one HUGE risk with their health? And for what? Reply Report

LOL -12 points1835 days ago

she just gave birth to obama Reply Report
Stafford Fagbuttocks

Stafford Fagbuttocks -65 points1895 days ago

ooo, I like this! I shouldn't be saying this though...

I'm wearing a proximity anklet because I'm a convicted pedophile/scat aficionado.

(most of us scat fans are pedo's to one degree or another)

If someone is offended by our little fetishes, they can go straight to hell!
Reply Report