Forced To Eat Shit

Girl is forced to eat noodles seasoned with pee and poop.

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...... +42 points1683 days ago

we're going to hell Reply Report

bill +28 points1670 days ago

I'm glad they censored the guys cock when he was pissing, it would've been disgusting to have seen that. Reply Report

JUST NO!!! +17 points1670 days ago

this needs to be taken off!!!! it's sooo wrong, like cruel wrong!!!! that poor girl deserves a proper life, she shouldn't be treated like a slave fro some arse!!! the guy probably couldn't get any girl to get with him, so he kidnapped this poor girl and made her act out his pathetic fantasy!!! the guys all need to be arrested and then given the same treatment!!!! Reply Report
it's about time

it's about time +7 points1360 days ago

Thank you for saying this. Reply Report

. +10 points1670 days ago

this is cruel

their censorship laws are flawed

she would probably be an awesome wife
Reply Report
Poor girl

Poor girl +9 points1670 days ago

She's obviously in a lot of distress. Probably forced to do it cos of money matters etc. poor girl. Reply Report

aiisha +6 points1601 days ago

This a greatvway to train ur wives o r daughters Reply Report
We wow

We wow +6 points1454 days ago

This is distrusting wtf Reply Report

+4 points1683 days ago

It has fiber, iron, and other essentials. Reply Report
Dr Dan.

Dr Dan.   0 points1008 days ago

& lets not forget the bonus of e-coli !!!! you dumb cunt. Reply Report

non-bicth +4 points1647 days ago

nasty bastereds
Reply Report

wrong +3 points1670 days ago

take this down she obv hates it Reply Report

Non-Member +3 points1669 days ago

Where can I watch the whole scene? Reply Report

Amber +3 points1668 days ago

only if shit was chocolate lol Reply Report

Wow. +3 points1528 days ago

Hey, people . . GUESS WHAT? :D It's just acting. -_- I bet half of you idiots are the ones who complain on other porn that the acting is crappy and it's not realistic enough. So one thing comes out that's realistic.. and you're all freaking about it. Make up your minds. Reply Report

WTF +5 points1367 days ago

how the fuck can they act the shit part. Reply Report

SEVEN +2 points1682 days ago

japanese so disgusting !! Reply Report

Disease +2 points1670 days ago

Poor girl is probably dead now, E-coli dose x100. Reply Report

sad +2 points657 days ago

so cruel Reply Report
Satan Worship

Satan Worship +2 points1201 days ago

Eating shit is the fastest way to prove to Satan that you are worthy of his powers.
Dig in, feel the power.
Reply Report
i\'d kick those guys asses! fucking sick fuckers!

i\'d kick those guys asses! fucking sick fuckers! +2 points273 days ago

those guys need to be forced to do this! Reply Report

barrysmith +2 points422 days ago

i want that doing to every meal i eat plus £20 paid for every meal i fail to finish i live in the uk any offers message me give me a challenge piss shit spit or anything else from your bodys pruduce Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state +1 points1670 days ago

can someone send this as a meal to rachel maddow !!! at msnbc....the fuckin puke faced fuck corporate filthy lesbo whore...the taste should not really put her off as she talks a ton of shit anyway. Reply Report
sissy misty

sissy misty   0 points1184 days ago

I am forced to eat my mistress shit all the time and never cry I even say thank you mistress I hope I pleased you Reply Report

idk lol XDDDDDDDDDD   0 points39 days ago

Billy bop doe Reply Report

FUCK THIS   0 points15 days ago

that shit nasteas fucka man you all are going to fukeing hell Reply Report
future toilet bi-male slut

future toilet bi-male slut -1 points1638 days ago

Search me & find me & enslave me as your bi toilet & bdsm & sex & porno slave for as long as you want me to serve you..... Reply Report

Deviant -1 points1484 days ago

I came as soon as the gook started crying. Reply Report

diamondminer666 -1 points1273 days ago

its just fake there acting once I saw a act WAY MORE BAD THAN THIS this girl was pooping in a girls mouth she said I will kill you if you don't let me and I said created by someone see its just fake Reply Report

Lexx0001 -1 points80 days ago

Can someone give a link for a full video? Reply Report

SAVE HER! -1 points273 days ago

I'd love to make the guys eat that! Reply Report
man, this shit is fucked up

man, this shit is fucked up -1 points43 days ago

Why are humans such cruel creatures? Reply Report

Don -2 points1484 days ago

She deserves to be treated this way, they need to feed her more shit, eat up. Reply Report
Your a weirdo

Your a weirdo +1 points301 days ago

Dude what did she ever do to you bitch. You should be the one eating poop Reply Report
Horrible Man

Horrible Man   0 points16 days ago

He should have puked and cum in thar sluts food as well Reply Report
Poo Lover

Poo Lover -3 points278 days ago

Did it make her puke? If not give more shit, next time! Reply Report

haico_2010 -4 points1666 days ago

أحب لها لإطعام Reply Report
love to be used as toilet boy

love to be used as toilet boy -7 points1638 days ago

I beg you to find me & enslave me as your humantoilet & bdsm & porno & sex slave Reply Report

jplover -9 points1676 days ago

i'd love her to feed me that way Reply Report

pffft -13 points1683 days ago

chinese food usually tastes like shit anyway . Reply Report
Tsogan Thumper

Tsogan Thumper +5 points996 days ago

Says the guy who eats breakfast lunch and dinner at McDonalds every day lol. Reply Report
Hahaha wtf

Hahaha wtf -21 points1670 days ago

Hahaha wtf? Why she crying and would she eat my pimples if I buy their made in china products? Reply Report