Knife Song Fail

Watch this hot girl fail painfully at the knife song video.

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Welp +71 points1925 days ago

Looks like she'll be bleeding more than once this month. Reply Report

Jazzy +6 points1907 days ago

I feel sorry for her i was liking the song till she fucked up Reply Report
The Teacher

The Teacher +3 points1883 days ago

Learn with me: do it... drunk! and try to HIT your fingers! You will never get hurt like that
It's a proven fact ^_^
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? +3 points1666 days ago

I would think if you were going to do this you would at least find the band aids before hand. Reply Report
SoHo Ho Ho

SoHo Ho Ho +3 points1650 days ago

Rub some lemon juice and salt in it and start again Reply Report
Horny Man

Horny Man +1 points1914 days ago

That's a fuckin TIGHT body. She'd be saying "woopsie" when I spew my load onto her belly. Reply Report

matt +1 points1912 days ago

dont hurt your self ;[ Reply Report

.....Lol +1 points1812 days ago

Fuckable.. Reply Report

lol +1 points1369 days ago

i love all the puns in porn site comments
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Non-Member   0 points1925 days ago

stupid vagina Reply Report

matt   0 points1912 days ago

aww shes adorable Reply Report
just me

just me   0 points1914 days ago

damn she had a nice ass. Reply Report

gogu   0 points1912 days ago

Asa se intampla cand te mananca pizda iese cu sange Reply Report

yup   0 points1812 days ago

dis bitch be emo Reply Report
this guy!

this guy!   0 points1720 days ago

I wanna marry her Aussie ass Reply Report

gaz   0 points1294 days ago

lol well that was silly wasn't it Reply Report

someonewhohasclasstomorrow   0 points1242 days ago

Aint cute the way she manage her injured finger? Wupssy! Adorable ^w^ Reply Report

anonymouse   0 points1214 days ago

chop chop chop chop chop chop chop OH FUCK

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Hemophiliac   0 points527 days ago

Next time try the wrist song Reply Report
people should practice first

people should practice first   0 points786 days ago

lol she was bleeding to death
shoulda glued that or stitched it
dumb ho
Reply Report
On the plus side...

On the plus side...   0 points634 days ago

... at least it wasn't "Boob Song Fail." X-) Reply Report

SMF -1 points1111 days ago

Thank the universe for serial killers and terrorists for karma will see that she meets up with one of them Reply Report

someone -2 points1925 days ago

come to me sexy ill make it all better Reply Report

Mmmmm -2 points1812 days ago

She got any older sisters?? I need to know how to contact her mother if all her doughters look this good XD Reply Report