Vintage Rape Porn

Old video that showed up of your grandma (when she was still hot) being raped.

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umm are you serious

umm are you serious +31 points2037 days ago

of course it's fake you fucking dumbasses!!!
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funbarbie3 +11 points1906 days ago

my boyfriend and i role play like this. i will dress up in satin, a satin dress or a satin skirt, and silk or satin blouse, and pantie hose. he will grab me and force me into his van and take me to a place and rape me, in role play. he loves me in satin and hose. this is a good role and good movie. i would have had pantie hose on with no panties. Reply Report

NEMESIS2018   0 points25 days ago

For once, you wear boots too! We'd love to fantasize you, in your horny boots as well, while your boyfriend, rapes you! Reply Report
Mr roughsex

Mr roughsex +1 points513 days ago

Does he rape you really good does he fuck you like a animal Reply Report

funbarbie +4 points1927 days ago

i do a lot of role playing with my boyfriend where i will wear satin, pantie hose for him. he loves raping me in role play llike this. Reply Report
fuckin infants watching porn, I guess

fuckin infants watching porn, I guess +3 points1936 days ago

Grandma? This shit's from the 80s. You need to turn the porn off and go clean your room, or you'll totally get a timeout when your mom gets home lol! Reply Report

glos +3 points1932 days ago

nice vid
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satin lovr

satin lovr +2 points1999 days ago

love it! Reply Report

Yup +2 points546 days ago

Looks like she's gunna have to reapply that lipstick. Reply Report

gamecock +1 points1614 days ago

Remember this from back in the day...My very 1st rape porn vid! lol Reply Report

Non-Member   0 points1950 days ago

This is fucking great in all, but I'm pissing myself 2 see babesintrouble vids. Could u get Sahar Rose hogtied and fucked? Reply Report

reazs   0 points964 days ago

whats name this movie ? i want full video. Reply Report

skjsdo82387   0 points526 days ago

the description though, wtf Reply Report

the_serial_rapist   0 points213 days ago

You can't stop thinking about being used, being broken, being savagely raped by a man who has done this before who has done this for watch the videos over and over so wet, so fucking wet and as your fingers find your wetness, find that feminine place, you wish it was you in the video being wish there was a man, a cruel man who knew what you truly wanted, what you truly needed...everyone thinks you're a good sweet girl, the loyal girlfriend, the perfect wife, the innocent girl...but all you can think about is a man using you, a stranger, a masked man who could be anyone, who will never tell a soul who you truly are, and how you fought and cried and begged...You need that man to use you, like he's used so many others, yet use you in a way unique to you...
These words make you so fucking wet, and you know if you don't act on'll wonder for the rest of your life, what would it have been like, for those few hours or that whole weekend to be well and truly fucked, to be raped by a man like me...check my profile.
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predator   0 points109 days ago

According to my granddad (81), my grandma (72) is a total freak whom he worries will kill him with sex. Based on the way she dresses, I believe him! Reply Report

beedee241 -2 points1905 days ago

Excellent vintage role play! Reply Report
fuck you

fuck you -8 points2038 days ago

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waesdrft -8 points2037 days ago

yeah that is fake, she enjoyed the bj, how come she was holding it then O-o Reply Report