Penis Inside A Penis

Bizarre video of a guy fucking another guy... In his penis!

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non member

non member +147 points1748 days ago

well im done watching porn, i've officially seen it all Reply Report

Damn +24 points1736 days ago

Does anyone else think that the larger dick was fake? Reply Report
i want this

i want this +24 points1543 days ago

watched this 3 times while jerking off, and i came so hard Reply Report

Ewww -48 points1511 days ago

Congrats your a fag. Reply Report
Non member

Non member +19 points1752 days ago

The fuck ???!??? Reply Report
non member

non member +15 points1730 days ago

the guys name is Bulgemarc . This is a the 30sec vid the actual one is 52sec at xporn
. And no that's not fake you can get your dick that big by pumping it full of saline or silicone I forget which is which, plus he has been stretching his urethral since 1997 so I'm not surprised he can do that.
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Anon Gal

Anon Gal +1 points228 days ago

So does that mean that because his urethra is so stretched, he pisses himself? Or is that not how it works? lol Reply Report
Uganda Jay

Uganda Jay +14 points1752 days ago

@ Desiree. Yah! Like Power-Aids! Reply Report

omg +11 points996 days ago

that was so hot! yes im clearly perverted. who cares? i would never DO that to MY dick but its kinda hot to fap to....... internet what have you done to me XD Reply Report

Ulf +9 points1747 days ago

WTF did i just watch?!!?! Reply Report

Hobo +9 points1747 days ago

Homos looking for attention since daddy fucked them. Reply Report

Lol +9 points1745 days ago

i thought this shit was going possible in hentais Reply Report
14 year old girl

14 year old girl +7 points1671 days ago

Wow I never seen anything like this before thanks for the video Reply Report

well... +6 points1554 days ago

Its like inception, a cock inside a cock inside a dick
like a turdunken of dong...
Reply Report

Ass +5 points1736 days ago

To ththe guy who wrote that religous shit im pretty sure being on this site and watching the video is a sin to fuckin dipshit Reply Report
Luke Skyrubber

Luke Skyrubber +5 points1748 days ago

if you are drunk as me them you can't stop laughing Reply Report

Sup +4 points1747 days ago

It's the limit... Reply Report

yolo +4 points1746 days ago

not perveryed enough i cant fap to his shit Reply Report
Vergil's Bitch

Vergil's Bitch +4 points1728 days ago

@THATS A SIN- no one cares about your religious propaganda. You can't change people unless they want to change; and who the hell on this site would want to be a Christian? Speaking of which; what are you doing here? Looking unto anything with lust is adultery, as you should well know. Fucking hypocrite. Reply Report

RustyNickels +3 points1748 days ago

That's called docking. Reply Report

PapiDonus +3 points1743 days ago

Did the one guy pump his dick and balls? Im wondering if he did, or he has some kind of problem with them o.O Reply Report

hahaha +2 points1745 days ago

omfg this is classic Reply Report
ffck the state

ffck the state +2 points1736 days ago

the extent of the human imagination hey !!! who the fuck would even think of this ? lmao...aww shit., thats fuckin crazy..and crazy fucking. Reply Report

yuck27 +2 points1671 days ago

@that's a sin
shut up because if u really want to talk about sins lets start off with why r u on a porn site then?

now i'm not religious but i know that watching people have sex is a sin to christians
Reply Report

. +2 points1211 days ago

Hey THATS A SIN no one gives a shit about religion anymore wake the fuck up its not the ancient times anymore so that comment that took probably about an hour to write was a gigantic fucking waste of time Reply Report
Death the Kid

Death the Kid +2 points911 days ago

That's the official fact, that a man would literally stick is dick inside EVERYTHING if possible..... XD Reply Report
Death the Kid

Death the Kid -2 points911 days ago

- fact
+ proof
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Netizen +2 points622 days ago

I´ve been on the web for so long, even this fails to shock me... Reply Report

honky +1 points1747 days ago

what the fuck is this gay shit Reply Report

Member +1 points1737 days ago

Welllll, that's a new one. Reply Report

Mark +1 points1710 days ago

so you all know its called a penis pump Reply Report

kush +1 points1702 days ago

What the fucking hell Reply Report

vin +1 points1082 days ago

similar videos? Reply Report
Dickey to the gym

Dickey to the gym +1 points687 days ago

Dicks Reply Report

....   0 points1737 days ago

MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

:OOOOOOOO   0 points1737 days ago

Nothin To Do Here Reply Report

.   0 points1211 days ago

Yes that penis is probably a fake or he could just be fucking the foreskin who knows the guy with the apparently fake penis probably stretched his urethra with some kind of penis speculum or something and if you don't know what the urethra is it's the pee hole Reply Report

Anonlb   0 points46 days ago

Well shit, what's next? Letting his dog do that to him? Reply Report

frank91   0 points758 days ago

extraordinaire ! i like Reply Report

diskostik   0 points778 days ago

Wow, full video?? Reply Report
 mr emo grumpy boots

mr emo grumpy boots   0 points373 days ago

It's not gay it's a feminine penis
Reply Report
Needs my cock full of stds

Needs my cock full of stds   0 points485 days ago

Just imagine the sweet stds in that guys shaft going into that Normal cock i wanna fuck it now Reply Report
non member

non member   0 points406 days ago

hot , so fucking hot i would like to insert my hard cock in another cock and cumm inside Reply Report

mopehead   0 points14 days ago

The original fleshlight. Reply Report

lllllllllllll   0 points241 days ago

That scrotum was oversized i mean wtf. Though cool concept of dick fucking inside of a dick, that scrotum was oversized.

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I wonder

I wonder   0 points187 days ago

Does this feel like a pussy or no? I want to try that. Reply Report

to..   0 points90 days ago

.ut Reply Report
I like trains...

I like trains...   0 points31 days ago


CUCUMBERSS   0 points31 days ago

XDDDDDDDDDDD I wonder if he will do that to his father ... unless that was his father Reply Report

xxxx -1 points1748 days ago

WTF ! ! ! ! ! Reply Report

matt -1 points1737 days ago

hahaha u have to mess a dick up so much to be able to do that shiz how do u get a dik eye big enough for that max normal guy could fit is a pencil and that would strech it and hurt like fk Reply Report

Anon -2 points1318 days ago

NOPE Reply Report
rebmem noN

rebmem noN -3 points1748 days ago

And now i'm gonna go watch me some sweet little Vicky!! ;D Reply Report

mmmmmmmmmmm -3 points1565 days ago

i used to say this as a joke lol Reply Report

seriously? -4 points716 days ago

thats epicallly fake
stupid fucking idiot
Reply Report

peter -4 points1748 days ago

yehh, thats nice and horny want to it too and give him a hot blowjob Reply Report

mike -4 points1748 days ago

If your going to do that, bout getting your self some pussy
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Someone   0 points869 days ago

Because he doesnt want to have this shit, no one deserve to have this shit.. Reply Report

Unknown -4 points891 days ago

Oh my god people are so sick ffs....! WTFFFFFF Reply Report

athiest -5 points1658 days ago

I think christians are mental
Reply Report
Well im done

Well im done -8 points1688 days ago

Wel fuck you scat lovers and fuck you heavy-r i too have officially seen it all this is the last porn clip ive wached
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Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby -9 points1736 days ago

Fake and gay Reply Report

AC -16 points1747 days ago

That wasn't gay at all....LOL Reply Report

Desiree. -18 points1752 days ago

Homosexuals have super powers, swear to god. Reply Report