Drunk Girl Stripped Naked And Groped In Public

Drunk or drugged? Either way non of the guys didn't seem to care. Luckily for her the police came in time, else she would've been gang raped by a 100 guys at least.

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D +13 points1797 days ago

all of you commenters need to be castrated holy shit Reply Report

Yummy +11 points2099 days ago

Blpndes r fuckin stupid sluts Reply Report

Non-Member +8 points1836 days ago

should have been gang raped - that's what those bitches are for Reply Report

JOHN DO -5 points321 days ago

@Non-Member BITCH,GO GO FUCK YOURSELF Reply Report

RiotZ +6 points2098 days ago

song: Michael Mind - Ride Like The Wind (Klaas Remix) Reply Report

lol +5 points2099 days ago

lol that bitch ain't drunk, she's high as fuck Reply Report

Snake +3 points1128 days ago

Your site sucks. Can't even load the videos. Fuck off Reply Report

dongbot +2 points835 days ago

better give the naked girl her clothes back. Thats what polesmoking metros do. Reply Report

Ant1968 +2 points356 days ago

She wanted to be naked, so a couple of guys stepped in and gave her an assist, without going too far. Nice tits. Reply Report

aj +1 points1955 days ago

you can tell this is normal behavior for her. shes just a whore. Reply Report
Some dude

Some dude +1 points191 days ago

Just look, no need to touch fuckers. She must have felt violeted Reply Report

HeretoShame   0 points1078 days ago

Humiliate that slut! Reply Report

matt -2 points2099 days ago

ok too far leave the girl alone >;l b4 i start blowing jaws off Reply Report

merda -2 points2022 days ago

eu dou um milhão de euros ao paneleiro que entender o que eu estou a dizer! Reply Report

.   0 points625 days ago

Paga, viado Reply Report

Anne -3 points1892 days ago

If you are around a white girl getting drunk just wait she will always get naked. White drunk girls= whore Reply Report
That was easy

That was easy -3 points1708 days ago

Ghostly Rules RIP Reply Report
I\'m Trying To Save People

I\'m Trying To Save People -3 points866 days ago

Fr? You guys are so disrespectful. I hope tall find God before is too late. Reply Report

breed -4 points2096 days ago

bitch Reply Report
Dr. Goodyear

Dr. Goodyear -4 points2087 days ago

Yep acid tends to have this effect on young teens..

ps: "Luckily for her the police came in time.." Luckily?? They showed up to finish what she started lol..
Reply Report

tuga -4 points1966 days ago

merda, eu percebo. Fico à espera do meu milhão! Reply Report

chilly-willy -4 points1873 days ago

I should of been there,id of fucked that whore right then and there Reply Report
Sarcasm king

Sarcasm king +6 points656 days ago

The guys like you cum in their pant when a girl accidentally touchs you. Forget about fucking her. Reply Report

Dmitry -5 points2100 days ago

Это было в Перми на дне города!!!!!)))) Телка и тут засветилась Reply Report

god -7 points1797 days ago

everyone commenting on here is Reply Report

ChingaTuMadre -14 points1712 days ago

she should been stoned to death Reply Report
The 1

The 1   0 points50 days ago

@ChingaTuMadre why should she be stoned to death you cunt. Because she is white and had to much to drink. You watched the video you fucking pervert. Reply Report

sternman -15 points1047 days ago

This really shows me what women are like.. ALL women. Begging and whoring for attention.. well they should have it too - get gang raped. This is why women drink, to get excuse to behave like whores. Reply Report

Girl1 +2 points25 days ago

@sternman this is why you watch porn instead of fucking someone ;) stupid loser
Reply Report