Drunk Teen Raped

Poor girl is so drunk that she vomits on the rapist.

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. +198 points1743 days ago

When i watch videos like this and finish i always feel horrible Reply Report
Fuck em

Fuck em +31 points613 days ago

I had a nice chick friend. Who came over and we watched some porn. We got hella drunk and started messing around. Before I knew it she was barely conscious and still had all her clothes on. I called her bf to come pick her up. She later spread rumors at school that I tried to rape her, even though I did the right thing. I always wish I would have done more to her. Fuck that shit. Reply Report

- +4 points678 days ago

This is gold Reply Report

Mssk +10 points1180 days ago

Hahah :D Reply Report

stickman +27 points1888 days ago

Look at the great tits on this girl! I bet they drugged her. Reply Report

Maj-ahj +23 points1874 days ago

Hope she knew these guys and was expecting this as payment for the booze... but can anyone translate what they are saying? Reply Report

Creative +22 points1928 days ago

Russian pig's Reply Report

bigfarter +19 points1742 days ago

Hilarious! Hope these guys fucking knocked her up! Reply Report

peta +15 points1594 days ago

Its a wonder they even feel like tapping that, I can't stand the smell of vomit ... Reply Report
pete le meat

pete le meat +13 points1898 days ago

what the fuck? Reply Report

Omg +13 points1388 days ago

Great vid came so hard - another girl :) Reply Report

Lol +12 points1823 days ago

Great porn Reply Report

Djk +12 points1134 days ago

Hot as fuck!!!!! Reply Report

Banana299394 +12 points808 days ago

Generally this is why you should never do drugs. We shouldn't make a world support poor choices. Rape is wrong, and this is the same as having sex with someone who's asleep hope he gets caught and sent to prison. However, it was her choice to get drunk. Reply Report
gordon freeman

gordon freeman +11 points1800 days ago

continuation of this video pls... Reply Report

:D +10 points1569 days ago

Lovely exactly how id do it to a bitch when they are drunk and vunerable! ;) Reply Report

Attitude. +1 points623 days ago

Love fucking while wasted. Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +10 points1143 days ago

I would have licked her cunt Reply Report

5alive +10 points810 days ago

Her parents must be so proud of her! Reply Report

pew +9 points1068 days ago

i wish this video was longer Reply Report

loveit +8 points1546 days ago

Fucking brilliant I'd do the same to the little bitch you don't need to tie them up and gag them to rape them when they're drunk I'd love to do this to a little girl more of a fresh young pussy Reply Report

pervyguy   0 points98 days ago

@loveit hell yea me too, I like the way you think, wish we could talk about that more Reply Report

Lillity   0 points186 days ago

@loveit yeah I would love be that lil girl , I dreams since I was 11 to be raped over and over again as many man I could but I didn't have this lucky Reply Report

Blackkitty13   0 points254 days ago

Where r u located Reply Report
ccgaminghd (kik)

ccgaminghd (kik) +3 points556 days ago

You could do that to me. ;D Reply Report

me +5 points1421 days ago

Would love two get my wife that drunk and watch a few blacks do her that way Reply Report
Clearly real

Clearly real +5 points1219 days ago

I love russia Reply Report

Vesty +4 points632 days ago

Hope the dumb cunt learned a lesson for her stupid ways! Reply Report

Stoff +4 points1493 days ago

Fucking pricks!!! Fuck all rapists!!! Reply Report
Fucking wankers

Fucking wankers +4 points774 days ago

these guys need to be hanged, you are fucking miserable if you do shit like this. I bet you never had sex before and I think you moms aren't proud of ya. Get a life you miserable cunts. Reply Report
Rape them all

Rape them all +3 points766 days ago

Proper fucking order a pussy becomes a cunt thanks to this hero raping this little blonde bitch like all women she got what she deserved
Reply Report
Proper treatment of bitches

Proper treatment of bitches +2 points1065 days ago

All bitches are fucking cock tease fuck meat this lil slut knew what she was doing teasing those poor men. All they did is what every man should do rape dumb cunts and put them in their place Reply Report

sternman +2 points894 days ago

Most women have been fucked before and will be fucked after.. so it really doesnt matter if they have it By force a couple of times. ;) Being too drunk is like inviting guys to fuck you roughly. Many girls do like it, actually. Some shy ones like to drink and pretend passing out, and enjoy a good fuck like real whores. Cumming inside these bitches is also very important. Reply Report

Italia   0 points825 days ago

puttana te lo meriti
Reply Report

Trendsetter   0 points334 days ago

Is this in 8k? Reply Report

victor_palma   0 points119 days ago

Rape apes on action Reply Report

NotGoodRape   0 points390 days ago

Looks like she barely felt their small dicks in her. How attractive to rape a puking girl. Reply Report

.   0 points210 days ago

Take that stuff down! This is real... Reply Report

Dm   0 points184 days ago

This is fucking terrible fr fr. Take it down. Reporting it Reply Report

Anonymous-G   0 points182 days ago

This looks real and if it is, it should be taken down immediately. Very wrong. Reply Report

Jojosale   0 points155 days ago

Lucky bastarda.. Reply Report

Jojosale   0 points149 days ago

My favorite.... I wish I was there to get my nutt off Reply Report

bag -1 points1496 days ago

This is definitely real, take this down man Reply Report

pathetic -1 points1659 days ago

Pathetic Reply Report

- -1 points515 days ago

take this down. 100% real. its against the law Reply Report

88 -1 points1112 days ago

russian pig Reply Report
Thankfully the guy showed off his face.

Thankfully the guy showed off his face. -1 points373 days ago

I'm reporting this to the police, along the sick comments with this. Clearly we have predators in the mist. Reply Report
J Man

J Man -2 points1881 days ago

Take this shit off please. It is disgusting Reply Report
wtf mate

wtf mate   0 points1685 days ago

is that you? Reply Report
non member

non member -2 points1873 days ago

Best video on this site! Id rape the fuck outta this puke covered bitch all day long.. slut deserved it ...woke up sore full of nut and knew she was a used pig.. keep up the good work boys Reply Report

Unknown -2 points1175 days ago

This should be taken down Reply Report

blackmanbigdick -3 points1457 days ago

The fuck Reply Report
Mr M

Mr M -3 points871 days ago

Wall This tape i awful..Peas renovera it Reply Report

gg -4 points1820 days ago

rape to xatziri Reply Report

sick -4 points1294 days ago

take this down Reply Report

Mayo -4 points1241 days ago

wow sick Reply Report

wtf321123 -4 points605 days ago

this is horrible
Reply Report

louse -5 points1938 days ago

I would have done the same, only I would have sodomized her as well!! Reply Report
this is rong people

this is rong people -5 points656 days ago

this shuld be taken down
Reply Report

Duck -9 points1970 days ago

This video again. Take this shit off dude Reply Report

Frank -9 points1739 days ago

Easy things to fuck is a white girl. Drunk or not. Reply Report

Rasklat -11 points1423 days ago

yuck Reply Report
non member

non member -14 points1917 days ago

Great video exactly why women where put on this earth ..only thing missing was ripping her ass open and dry fucking her till she bleeds Then using ur bloody shit covered cock to sign ur name on her forehead so she realizes what a used piece of trash she really is and then gets drunk and drugged up all over again just to live with herself only to get raped more.. circle of life! Reply Report

blackmanbigdick -14 points1457 days ago

Thats sick is fuck this website need to be takeing down how bout if a black guy do that shit to a little white tight pink teenage girl you wont be saying shit? Yes the hell you wold Reply Report

becaue -4 points1018 days ago

All Niggars must burn, that's why. Reply Report

fakkkkkeee -18 points1959 days ago

its proven fake already... geez Reply Report
Stop being so stupid

Stop being so stupid +5 points1569 days ago

Just because you like this video doesn't mean you have to come up with lies you your self actually think are real Reply Report