Old Man Eats Young Pussy

Old horny guy hasn't had an 18yo for over 40 years. He literally attacks her pussy!

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ashleygreene +3 points768 days ago

i want to find an old man to fuck me lol Reply Report

Hermit   0 points484 days ago

Am an old man, 84 years old! Wanna fuck? :) Reply Report

cuntlicker +2 points1059 days ago

Love how he puts his nose between her legs and sniffs her knickers while she's asleep. Lucky old bastard sucks her little tits too, before he goes down to lick her pee slit. Reply Report

sallymay +1 points621 days ago

i would love to wake up to that Reply Report

jackassin +1 points48 days ago

FAIL for not sucking her toes! Reply Report

LauraSykes   0 points1417 days ago

I'd be terrified if I woke up to that o-o Reply Report

axelanderson2   0 points1057 days ago


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blackhelopilot   0 points288 days ago

His breathing is too fucking loud, very distracting. Reply Report