Oral Rape

Poor girl slapped in her face and forced to suck cock.

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:O +106 points1668 days ago

you ppl are fuked!! Reply Report

DepressedPsychopath -1 points186 days ago

This is fucked so much.........defiantly clearing my browser history tonight Reply Report

lol +10 points1330 days ago

clearly ur fucked aswell then ur on here just like us so u are one of us "ppl" Reply Report
Jesse pinkman

Jesse pinkman +35 points1466 days ago

Man i feel bad for fapping to this... :<
Did It anyway
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Mr. White

Mr. White   0 points90 days ago

Feel 'ya
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Melissa +29 points1587 days ago

I'm a girl and see nothing wrong here but two guys teaching a girl how to make a man happy. I love serving my man Reply Report

Sickboy +9 points1395 days ago

If you are a girl than I am Darth Vader Reply Report

waiwut?   0 points429 days ago

lmfao Reply Report

hotnaughtygirl +19 points1745 days ago

the guy just holding her with his foot in the back her head... WHAT THE FUCK? I like things going pretty rough, hardcore etc, but just if those involved are really into it. what that pigs did with the girl in that scene is disgusting. the girl itself was dumb indeed, but that is not an excuse to take advantage of someone. some people just cross the line. hope she left the porn industry after that scene (seems like it's not the job for her anyway). ------ oral RAPE indeed. Reply Report

daddysslutpup +17 points1425 days ago

Wish daddy would do this to me Reply Report

Urdaddy +1 points779 days ago

I'll be your daddy and do this and worse Reply Report

fuck +16 points1747 days ago

this one is terrible. in their site, they didnt even put her name, they called her simply "puke face", cause she pukes when things get worse than what shows us that short video. those stupid assholes were fucking cruel with that chick, really. was so damn degrading, I mean it, in a sincere way. the girls's thereand all she can do is cry, even so dizzy she can't even talk. if I could, i'd torture them, making they say they're nothing but my fucking whores gagging with diarrhea and blood. Reply Report
their site?

their site? +7 points1304 days ago

what's their site name ? Reply Report

fuckyoufuck +19 points1395 days ago

Keyboard hero Reply Report
a dad

a dad +12 points1617 days ago

please come train my daughter just like this her dad should be very proud of her Reply Report

Strega +11 points1746 days ago

Deep throating is one thing...having yo spit and slap them repeatedly deserves the same in return...any guy can slap or punch a girl. Sad. Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +11 points1270 days ago

I treat my stepdaughter like this she loves it. Reply Report
Random graduate student from Taiwan

Random graduate student from Taiwan +9 points791 days ago

Thanks to this video, now I realize I am a pathetic shit watching online porn. I have a beautiful loving gf already and what I should do is to treat her right, not like this. This girl in the video doesnt even get to touch them with hands? What the actual fuck. What's also worth noting is that she showed the way she blowed her bf which is the right gental loving way. When I saw that part I regret instantly that I am watching porn videos in which none of these men respect women.

Thanks, again, for waking me up.
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Ditto -1 points466 days ago

The exact same thing happened to me. Reply Report
Yea... Good point

Yea... Good point -1 points482 days ago

Seriously. We all need to wake up. Reply Report
Roger horny dog

Roger horny dog   0 points695 days ago

You chose to watch this be you and other guys like you including me are horny! No one forced us to watch bis! Reply Report
Random graduate student from Taiwan

Random graduate student from Taiwan -1 points791 days ago

But just to be fair, while we should treat ladies right, some of women out there like her don't respect themselves in the first place. For money, for fame, or even for better genes?
I am an atheist but I think it is necessary to quote "God helps he who helps himself." because in the same logic, how can you ask for respect when you degrade yourself?
This world is just a crazy crazy realistic world. That's why when I study international relations, I am usually a believer of realism. People can do anything just to get what they want.
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Random graduate student from Taiwan

Random graduate student from Taiwan +1 points791 days ago

Okay, no porn, not even once. I apologize to the better me because I use longdistance relationship as an excuse to watch porn. From now on, no more porn. I want to be a good man respecting my girl. Reply Report

:D +9 points1371 days ago

Nice stuff im a guy and icant help but wank over this fucked up shit i tell myself no for a few days but everytime i give in i cant help it i love seeing girls pussys ass and mouth pounded to shit by a hard dick and i like it even more when the girl doesnt want it sometimes i go very low indeed and imagine this stuff but with a little girl getting face fucked whats wrong with me Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 +9 points1239 days ago

great video i love it Reply Report

asslover15 +9 points1250 days ago

i love this ,,dirty slut,,they should have raped her ass also while they where fucking her throat,,,fucking cunt..... Reply Report

no -3 points887 days ago

HA! HA! FAG! Reply Report

Lena11 +3 points1234 days ago

If I were there and men would let and support me she would receive some real pain cowardly given by me Reply Report

rapelover +8 points1519 days ago

fucking loved it. that's how a bitch should br treated. it would have been even better if they had tied her hands behind her back. Reply Report

donno -8 points1393 days ago

Thts sad Reply Report

loveit +15 points1331 days ago

Donno shut up no it's not i would do the same rape the bitch and if she begged me to stop I'd fuck her harder until she started to scream and cry Reply Report

rapelover +8 points1331 days ago

Amazing i would of raped her as well made her scream and cry i love it when she's crying turns me on they should of forcefully spitroasted her Reply Report

rapelover +8 points1331 days ago

Would anyone like to rape a girl with me any age Reply Report

gav   0 points335 days ago

I would love to help rape a girl younger no age limits Reply Report

FR +6 points711 days ago


TheJudge +7 points1570 days ago

Remember: Some actresses are pressured into porn because of financial problems. It is an easy way to pay rent when you have little alternative. Given the alternative between making rent or voiding her contract by walking out in the middle of an abusive scene, I have no doubt that many actresses would choose the former.

The issue is not that this actress chose to stay with her scene. That is especially true since she has not even had the time to digest what is happening to her - and therefore decide to walk out.

The issue *is* that our country did not afford her and actresses like her the legal protections they deserve. We need legal limits on what pornographers can do. Remember, many porn viewers want abusive porn - which is why this abuse flies. Porn crews are happy to oblige, since a) it is profitable and b) many crews enjoy it.

If physical and emotional abuse was outlawed in pornography, this scene would never have been filmed - simply because it would never have made it to market, rendering it unprofitable. Plus, the actress would not have felt compelled to finish an abusive scene in order to get paid, if porn crews were obligated to pay actresses that quit in the middle of abusive scenes.

This bullshit has got to end.
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Lena11 +17 points1375 days ago

Me and my sister want to see THIS and not such boring, disguisting "smile"-"porn", and best with black guys. Reply Report

TheJury +3 points1395 days ago

Well, thats a nice little story you've written in the name of justice, but this is real life, not Hollywood! These things are here to stay.. Welcome to reality boy! Reply Report

lol +6 points1595 days ago

anyone else laughed when she got cock slapped? Reply Report

Ninja_Kev +5 points1116 days ago

This is excellent. One of the best ones on here. I wish I could see the full version from where they first get the girl, to where they cum in her mouth. Reply Report

boomman1768 +5 points1619 days ago

she fucking loved it Reply Report

Sickboy +5 points1557 days ago

Good video, only they could have slapped her much harder. Now full name and address please, I want part of the fun. Reply Report
Scared for her!

Scared for her! +4 points1586 days ago

either she is an amazing actress or this is real rape! Reply Report

real +1 points1465 days ago

Hopefully real :) Reply Report

nazzzzzzi +4 points1569 days ago

best thing I've seen all day. Real sex with a real woman. HOT. Reply Report

lovely +4 points1479 days ago

Fucking brilliant I intend to do this to many in my future
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angelique21 +4 points633 days ago

Well.....I know I shouldn't....but....I Liked this vid....I would be happy to replace her.
Where can I find the rest if this ???
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rapesfun +3 points1299 days ago

The slut knew what she was getting in to so fuck her that was a awesome video I've wanked over that a few times and I'd of raped her afterwards make her scream and beg 4 mercy Reply Report
Grace Pulkowski

Grace Pulkowski +2 points484 days ago

I hope that was consensual rape.
Like hot af but still
Reply Report

655321 +1 points1096 days ago

Would have been better if she came back after for a little 12 gauge justice to their crotches... Reply Report

maaaaazafucker +1 points319 days ago

I liked your stuff till now! When she's crying like that you crossed a line motherfucker! I like it rough, but you people form facebashed just disqualified your work. Your fathers must have been useless! Reply Report

Hmmm +1 points771 days ago

She looks fucked up Reply Report

Mommalikesitkinky +1 points560 days ago

Does someone know the title of the full video?
For science.
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Justanormaldude   0 points456 days ago

so i usually dont go on this site but most of you guys are fucckkkkkkeeddd uppppppp raping people and shit should get a girlfriend or a hobby or somethin Reply Report

yummyslutsushi   0 points392 days ago

I wish my bf had the balls to treat me this way. Reply Report
conscious wanks

conscious wanks   0 points193 days ago

This is rape and should taken away Reply Report

DeppresedPsychopath   0 points186 days ago

Dayum I-I-I can't think ni of what she would be f-feeling Reply Report
6.5 gang

6.5 gang   0 points9 days ago

What are y’all freaking out about this is nothing I would have went way rougher. She is teaching girls all over the world how to be a proper woman. Reply Report

No -1 points887 days ago

THe only people that are into this shit, are closet homos. They quite literally hate women. You people are into some sadistic shit that only frustrated fags are into. Gotta get all that anger out I guess. I can't see how a straight guy "hate fucks" a woman. LMAO Reply Report

No -2 points887 days ago

Oh and they usually have small cocks. See...really frustrated people. Case in point: this video. LMAO. FAGS!!!!! Reply Report

Jess -1 points793 days ago

Heavy R is so stupid on mobile. Can't even watch it. Reply Report
Horny dog

Horny dog -1 points695 days ago

FUCK YEAH! I love to join them and make her suckered my 10 inches man shaft! Lol! Reply Report
Dominant male Will dominate

Dominant male Will dominate -1 points356 days ago

This is what every feminist deserves....Have you noticed how all the porn lately is gay shit?Fucking bitches...Suck cock. Reply Report
Name to display

Name to display -1 points346 days ago

Leave a comment... Reply Report
The voice of reason

The voice of reason -1 points150 days ago

I think this is where the police should go to look for rapists... Reply Report

Raven -2 points894 days ago

It's amazing to me how some of you people are saying this as if its normal its not vet help for God sakes some of you were even talking about raping children Reply Report

nice -3 points1471 days ago

Lucky guys I woudlve joined them but I wouldve
fucked her and creampied her pussy whilst she crys and i laugh with joy I would rather rape a girl like this
than get it willing I dont know why? It gets me so horny
fucking a bitch against her will fuck it im gunna
go kidnapp and rape some bitch now dont care
how old! :D
Reply Report

pfff -3 points1394 days ago

After all these comments i expected something way worse... if she got raped she wouldve bitten em. Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state -5 points1752 days ago

the video was art !!! it really was, spectacular backdrop...botticelli's birth of venus, amazing. Reply Report

hunterthedestroyer -5 points1087 days ago

I would kill all those pussies without a second thought. Real men show a certain degree of respect to other human beings or they should be wiped off the face of the earth. Reply Report

kinkybbwslave +4 points993 days ago

I would personally love to do this. Reply Report

DepressedPsychopath -1 points186 days ago

Why though?
Reply Report
the fuck?

the fuck? -6 points1383 days ago

Still stuck in teenlive phantasies are ya?
Still not getting any real satisfaction out of this ... hmmm ?
Still wonder why your life sucks so much you need somebody else to suck it up do ya?
Pretty sad that I watched this ...
Reply Report
You\'re an idiot

You\'re an idiot +2 points615 days ago

You misspelled fantasies Reply Report
Too Far

Too Far -7 points1558 days ago

Reply Report

HIIIIIIII -7 points1298 days ago

i fapped on this, but if this is real, it´s really wrong Reply Report

hii -8 points1303 days ago

I like it just if it was rill than kill your self but if it was fake good job allso to the dud wonting to rape the little girl go kill your self Reply Report

jlkj -10 points1563 days ago

Yeah, usually I'm into hardcore deep throat but I think this one pushed it a little too far. Reply Report
dirty dick

dirty dick -12 points1752 days ago

tears of joy Reply Report
i mean, dude!

i mean, dude! -13 points1647 days ago

This is fucked even for this website. Reply Report

no -1 points1330 days ago

I've seen worse...done worse Reply Report

pestyone -15 points1752 days ago

After she was done and walked out she quit porn and joined a nunnery. still there till this day. California's scared straight or die program has worked like a charm. Reply Report

TheJudge -15 points1570 days ago

The filming crew belongs in jail. I enjoy adult movies but, for the first time ever, I find myself supporting legal limits on pornography. That an adult movie involving a beautiful actress can be such a turn off is a true testament to how abusive this video is.

Outlaw this crap and put the actors and the rest of the filming crew in jail. I am reporting this video to authorities.
Reply Report

Lilwhteho +13 points1268 days ago

Censors belong into jail, for supporting real acts of humiliation by forbidding movies, pictures or pulps about it; and we don´t want your boring giggle-smile-being-so-nice-and-steril porn! Reply Report

TheJury +6 points1395 days ago

So you reported this 175 days ago? Really? And what happened? Reply Report

SubWhore -23 points1703 days ago

Fuck yes, that's exactly how slut's should be treated. Just a place for him to put his dick. Reply Report

sobro -25 points1752 days ago

@daddygirl69 id be the guy for you ;) Reply Report

littlegirl -29 points1751 days ago

I just could have a nice boyfriend, who buys me shoes and nice presents and acts sooo cute.
But no, I look that kind of porn and want to be that bitch in the vid... what is wrong with me ;D
Reply Report
Filthy whore

Filthy whore -30 points1752 days ago

Daddygirl is a nasty fuckin bitch just begging for a good ol' assfucking destruction Reply Report

Dumb -34 points1758 days ago

Her fault. She's getting paid for that shit. Dumb bitch selling her self didn't kno what she was getting into. Reply Report

... -34 points1714 days ago

Known like PUKE FACE... She has no name Reply Report

andrew -35 points1750 days ago

does anyone know where I can find the whole scene? I'd like to know the name of that girl as well. Reply Report

pbbi -35 points1710 days ago

does anyone have a torrent for this video? Reply Report

pbbi +7 points1452 days ago

help me to get the full video! Reply Report

FDAZZZZZ -36 points1759 days ago

so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

cravingcum -38 points1752 days ago

damn i am so jealous of her, i wanna be choked with those cocks! so damn hot! Reply Report
evil ex

evil ex -43 points1746 days ago

if anybody wants to rape hot teen girl in the lower bc area let me know Reply Report

LOL -48 points1751 days ago

Daaaamn i want a bitch that will let me face fuck her like that for sure Reply Report

Who -48 points1739 days ago

Fuck her and fuck all u guys defending her the bitch signed papers if she wanted she coulda quit and not got paid but she never quit so quit crying the dumb whore does enough of it in the video Reply Report
ill be your whore

ill be your whore -66 points1748 days ago

damn, i am jealous, i wanna be used like this over and over and over again Reply Report

loser -80 points1752 days ago

stupid bitch probably accepted a couple hundred bucks for this... if that. Reply Report