Terrible Real Rape Video

Poor girl screaming out loud for help, but no one comes to rescue her.

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hannahhard +213 points619 days ago

I fantasize about the day I get abducted and raped lol. Am i crazy? Reply Report

Huntermann   0 points9 hours ago

@hannahhard I would fuck your brains out Reply Report

Wannaripthatass86 -2 points108 days ago

@hannahhard crazy? No! The love of my life? Quite possible Reply Report
Hard one

Hard one +6 points506 days ago

I am pretty sure there are plenty of guys that would rape you lol but you can't rape the willing Reply Report
Jericho Aunswill

Jericho Aunswill +1 points526 days ago

I could always help you out with that. Reply Report
Tom wenlock

Tom wenlock +4 points599 days ago

I would happily rape you ;) Reply Report

SaraBanana +9 points615 days ago

I fantasize with the same thing too Reply Report
mr. realrape

mr. realrape +79 points1860 days ago

By now we shold know, when it says 'real rape' on heavy-r, it is fake...
I think the girl should smoke less, by the way, her voice is terrible.
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Lolol112   0 points138 days ago

@mr. realrape +++ Reply Report
Give me under 18

Give me under 18   0 points163 days ago

@mr. realrape init there are videos of people getting hung,stabbed and burnt alive but no real videos of rape like nigga da fuk
Reply Report
sexy boy

sexy boy +7 points730 days ago

its real this is a small clip from a man raping his mentally disordered daughter Reply Report

ղϲ×   0 points791 days ago

Ѕнє нαѕ α мєитαℓ ∂ιѕσя∂єя Reply Report

jannybh +18 points1452 days ago

her cries made me flow out
hope she suffered
Reply Report

hurdur +14 points1400 days ago

you people just say it's fake so you feel less guilty for jacking off to it. Reply Report

Jesse18 +2 points317 days ago

I don't think it's fake, i hope it's real and i hope she suffered! She is a a cunt and we exist to serve me and suck cock regardless of whether we want it. Reply Report
Learn how to fuck

Learn how to fuck +11 points1395 days ago

It's like the guy doesn't know what he's even doing..wtf is this shit Reply Report

Tucker +8 points1767 days ago

Got her dude! Reply Report

tsunami8 +8 points1117 days ago

Yes, because I'm sure someone who's getting raped for real would be laughing and smiling like she was... Reply Report

guy +6 points1824 days ago

love to got a turn on her Reply Report

Mmmm +5 points1372 days ago

Does he know how to fuck?... Reply Report

Rapedgirl +5 points552 days ago

Want to be raped badly im a dirty skanky whore who needs to be punished loved getting raped when i was younger my screams made him pump harder Reply Report

rapedbefore +5 points482 days ago

I was just recently raped. I loved it so much. The feeling of his cum in my pussy felt so good. I was also a virgin, I was not happy he took my virginity, but I soon changed my mind. Is it weird? Reply Report
same here

same here -1 points361 days ago

me too. its not always easy to deal with the fact that such an experience can be the future basis of your sexuality. Reply Report

irishguy +3 points504 days ago

skinny drunk women...passed out....i pick one up every sat night. they always pass out in bathroom, then they get 10 inches... Reply Report
Gagging for It

Gagging for It +3 points256 days ago

Please rape me! I fantasize about it, ever since I was raped under a bridge. Reply Report
Dat boi

Dat boi +2 points401 days ago

Yummy tears Reply Report

ingomat +2 points52 days ago

Not even the film team will help
Probably fake, but push a baseball bat up his ass anyway - and rip his balls off
Reply Report
Love big cock

Love big cock +1 points543 days ago

I always fantasize about being tied up an raped. Wish someone would!! Reply Report

Harddaddydick +1 points600 days ago

Yeah because a real rapist would think "wait.. Let me just take my fucking shoes off too" Reply Report

Henry8 +1 points492 days ago

No you are normal woman all woman does. Reply Report

Lol   0 points1641 days ago

Yeah, the vid was terrible alright, not by its content tho but rather by the acting itself. ;)
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love fucking women

love fucking women   0 points529 days ago

love to hear a woman scream as she feels cock inside her being raped Reply Report

fredy   0 points561 days ago

it's not a real rape ! it's an extract from a porn movie (russian) Reply Report

sfasl   0 points368 days ago

bulgarian? Reply Report

X88B88   0 points329 days ago

This is disgusting Reply Report

bvvcbv   0 points264 days ago

FAKE Reply Report

Excaliber   0 points113 days ago

Horrible Reply Report
Registered sex offender

Registered sex offender   0 points18 days ago

Just fill them with cum and give them the beating of their life Reply Report
Registered sex offender

Registered sex offender   0 points16 hours ago

I can't rape anymore cause they have my fingerprints and DNA but I still jerk off and I know one of the cunts I raped is still in a mental institution for what I done to her Reply Report

BadNate -1 points1737 days ago

By now we should have the dumbass comments option TURNED OFF! Reply Report

jmj -1 points1636 days ago

It is not real. How would the man find the time to undress himself totally ? Reply Report
Needs more violence xD

Needs more violence xD -1 points860 days ago

it's fake, but it's hot! Reply Report

-1 points838 days ago

Gaaay!! Reply Report

BigCat -1 points824 days ago

Terrible yes Real NO! Reply Report

alieNusss -1 points731 days ago

If these things are real,those mother fuckers need to be killed !!!
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GONGO of the hall

GONGO of the hall -2 points1748 days ago

shis cant screaming ............... this mas is very madddddd and ithink his gaaaay
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you -2 points393 days ago

WTF Reported Reply Report

hbhb -2 points687 days ago

how can any body think that there is no justice i think this video should go to police and sould do stricked action on it Reply Report

alexandria76 -3 points818 days ago

She kind of looks like one of the Hillside Strangler's victims, in the same setting. So it gets me off thinking if i was this guy, i would kill her after wards. very hottt Reply Report

alexandria76 -4 points818 days ago

She kind of looks like one of the Hillside Strangler's victims, in the same setting. So it gets me off thinking if i was this guy, i would kill her after wards. very hottt Reply Report