Rape Scene

Hot rape scene from "I Spit On Your Grave".

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geo8x6 +58 points1793 days ago

I Spit On Your Grave (1978) Camille Keaton gets raped by rednecks and then gets revenge.
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cooldude9404 +8 points1636 days ago

They then walk away, leaving him behind, ashamed of how the man came after what wasn't even a full minute of intercourse. Reply Report

Wtf +6 points1719 days ago

Wtf is this shit!??? ROFLMAO Reply Report

+6 points1569 days ago

LMFAO!!! It's like he had a dick cramp and it hurted more than getting shot after having a heart attack... Reply Report

guest +5 points1775 days ago

How fake can you get? Reply Report

DerpBot   0 points283 days ago

You mean in a fictional movie from the 1970s?

Of course it's fake, you fucking dumbass.
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marian +4 points1782 days ago

stupid scene, very bad scene Reply Report

guy +3 points1758 days ago

be fun to be her for the fun of it Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +2 points1782 days ago

This is the second of three gang rapes of her by these guys in the same day. After she recovers she gets revenge on them one by one. The original title of this film was Day of the Woman. Reply Report

Yay +2 points980 days ago

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that he flopped around like a fish when thrusting. Reply Report

sickboy   0 points1783 days ago

Weird movie. These actors haven tken some screaming lessons! Reply Report

membr   0 points1782 days ago

cannibal holocaust has better scenes Reply Report
new version

new version   0 points1468 days ago

theres a newer version of this movie and its better. Reply Report

wiggajo   0 points898 days ago

Not better. Reply Report

FUNNY   0 points1424 days ago

I LOL'D Reply Report

asdfghjkl   0 points1423 days ago

zxccbnm qwertyuiop Reply Report

shankar   0 points1208 days ago

Very best Reply Report

?   0 points1191 days ago

What's it called Reply Report

cuntswithcameras   0 points9 days ago

How to film like a cunt, this cunt wins... Reply Report

Arla   0 points113 days ago

Was he dancing or raping her? Reply Report

tinykim97   0 points350 days ago

tuff shit bitch Reply Report

Pokonov5187   0 points677 days ago

Lmao that screaming could have been better. And he was humping like he was having a seizure Reply Report

IfuckinHateFootball   0 points477 days ago

Soooo funny, da dude fucking her ass is either retarded, having a fit, or both. Reply Report

Gears   0 points269 days ago

The fuck that nigga tryna do with those twists tho Reply Report

<3   0 points25 days ago

I just laughed :D that was that shit tho?! Reply Report

pauluzzz -1 points1783 days ago

@geo8x6 thanks! Reply Report

murdergirl -1 points1681 days ago

thank you membr your so right! that movie was amazing! Reply Report
what the......

what the...... -1 points1097 days ago

That was..... stupid. Reply Report
another young prostitute

another young prostitute -2 points905 days ago

Come on, you call that "rape" ? All the boys did that to me when I was at school, and they are my best friends and clients now. Reply Report
Don\'t rape people

Don\'t rape people -2 points230 days ago

I don't understand why people like to watch rape, what wrong with u? Reply Report

Anon -3 points1782 days ago

jesus fuckin christ i felt like i was watching the pool sex scene from the movie showgirls lol Reply Report

Wat -4 points1781 days ago

I totally lost my wood and started laughing when the guy started raping her. Hahaha Reply Report