Soldier Shot In The Head

While recording documentary soldier gets shot in the head.

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Tony garner

Tony garner +10 points2089 days ago

another one dead my heart goes out to the families.
where do you get your uniforms from
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bigrich +4 points2079 days ago

some one get this man some asprin! Reply Report

Skorpio +4 points2010 days ago

He is in the hospital. They have him listed in "Syrias Condition". Allahu akbar!! Reply Report

5pawsakademy +3 points2088 days ago

you never use binocular while facing the sun, as it is a position give away as the optical lense will reflect sunlight""""""""""""""" plain stupid Reply Report

beast00 +3 points2083 days ago

This is not a sniper he was killed by a bomb shell probably a mortar that was launched at his position Reply Report

matt +2 points2088 days ago

this is crazy but the music somehow made it funny Reply Report

lustertom   0 points727 days ago

Just put a band-aid over the holy shit.. Reply Report

. +2 points2089 days ago

... one less. Reply Report
Uk guy

Uk guy +1 points2087 days ago

Another one bites the dust...........hopefully !!! Reply Report
Adolf H.

Adolf H. +1 points2086 days ago

Nur ein toter Teppichficker ist ein guter Teppichficker. Ich freue mich über jeden verfickten, toten, scheiß Araber. Diese gottlosen Hurensöhne haben keinen Respekt vor dem Leben von Mensch und Tier. Ich sage allen dieser Mißgeburten: Ahla läßt sich vom Teufel den Arsch ficken! Reply Report

Funny +1 points2086 days ago

Haa haa Reply Report

xD +1 points2084 days ago

are they making a movie or something i wanna see another one Reply Report

saint +1 points2020 days ago

I dont feel bad for him, im an American, DIE MUSLIM FUCKS lol jk I'm not that ignorant but nice shot Reply Report

.   0 points2027 days ago

poor man Reply Report
Body bag please

Body bag please   0 points1904 days ago

Any idea why he was breathing so heavily? If your shot in the skull, the signals wouldn't be going through?? Right unless he was just unconscious, in that case he would have drowned in his own blood, but then again.. Head shot not chest shot Reply Report

SMF   0 points1373 days ago

Good riddance Reply Report

Tallyvans   0 points716 days ago

Thats what these Tallyvans gets when they are shit at their jobs, Reply Report

sigh -2 points2088 days ago

a sniper round would have taken his head the fuck off.. i say fake... Reply Report
uh no

uh no   0 points410 days ago

clearly he was just sleeping u dummy holding those 7$ wal-mart binoculars is hard work Reply Report