Father Rapes Step Daughter In The Woods

Her mom already noticed him looking at her in a wrong way. She warned her not to go into the woods with him, but this girl had to learn the hard way.

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asshole +149 points2191 days ago

Goodness gracious , I haven't seen better acting in my entire existence. Reply Report

anna21 +2 points95 days ago

@asshole are you being serious? I can't tell. she honestly looks like she might be special needs... Reply Report

torishavelle +2 points366 days ago

@asshole this reminds me of how i lost my virginity Reply Report

Letshavefun +1 points40 days ago

@torishavelle let's chat helpmehelpyou601@gmail com Reply Report

JohnKino +1 points84 days ago

@torishavelle Did dad forcefully fucked you the first time and later you liked to screw with him so now you're onto incest? How old were you Reply Report

Pussyboi -6 points360 days ago

@torishavelle Reply Report
Junior Mintz

Junior Mintz +70 points2177 days ago

She fucking sounds like Chewbacca.
"Naaaaaaaar, Naaaaaaaaar!"
Reply Report
 Head ass

Head ass +1 points267 days ago

@Junior Mintz hahahahahahanahaha Reply Report
 Head ass

Head ass +1 points267 days ago

@Junior Mintz hahahahahahanahaha Reply Report

Kim88 +1 points320 days ago

@Junior Mintz all I could think of was chewbacca comment the whole time LOL!! Reply Report

[unsuspecting] +14 points770 days ago

Lmfao...I shouldn't have read the Chewbacca comment first. Lmfao
Reply Report

B +1 points200 days ago

@[unsuspecting] I know right. Made fapping impossible. Reply Report
big dick bee

big dick bee +1 points925 days ago

XD Reply Report

QTZ0069   0 points939 days ago

LOL!!! Reply Report

dad +23 points2171 days ago

that is his daughter now hes shood fuck her young pussy all dad shood she can take dick like a good girl thow to bad it wasnt harder Reply Report
Rape Me

Rape Me +21 points1854 days ago

I want my pussy to be fucked I don't care if I become a sex slave the rapist will love my fucking tight pussy he can cum inside my pussy as much as he wants & pee inside my pussy and he wants me to have his babies & make me his & his alone & im a virgin and he can fuck my pussy nonstop Reply Report

JohnKino +3 points84 days ago

@Rape Me Why don't you let dad, uncle and grandpa fuck your cunt and become their sex slave? Reply Report

Rey9889   0 points488 days ago

@Rape Me
Still interested
Reply Report

donzie226   0 points628 days ago

you ever give me that offer and consider yourself RAPED!!! Reply Report

andyglackin   0 points781 days ago

my dream woman, would love to make a love slave out of you, whatever way you feel like when we go at it. Reply Report

... +16 points2180 days ago

is this one of those goat videos everyone's been talking about?
Reply Report

Woop +15 points2185 days ago

Being retarded is the welcome inside my pussy sign Reply Report

wizzard +15 points1991 days ago

How does one know for sure whether this is real or not. The girl looks retarded and IMO Dad and his friend thought it to be nice if they record it. I saw real rape a few times and it doesn't look much different from this. Do you backwards fucks actually think a woman will sound sexy as you rape them? If you want to see that stick with fake. this video is highly plausible to be real. Reply Report
11 year old puffy pussy lips taste the best

11 year old puffy pussy lips taste the best +13 points2112 days ago

Shes obviously is mentally ill and he led her to the woods to fuck her tight virgin little cunt where no one would hear her scream and cry, hopefully it isn't her step dad because it looks like hes found his new favorite hobby Reply Report

shoney +12 points2187 days ago

Great. I love it when my step dad pounds me. I used to fight but now i make his cock very happy. Im his special little slut.
Reply Report
What the fuck is wrong with you people?

What the fuck is wrong with you people? +19 points553 days ago

What. The. Fuck!!!!!
You all are some messed up people!!!!
Reply Report
I know right

I know right   0 points207 days ago

@What the fuck is wrong with you people? Reply Report
Yolo swag

Yolo swag   0 points351 days ago

What. The. Fuck!!!!!
You four and a half it’s past your bedtime stop crying about it on p0rn sites
Reply Report

dad +12 points2043 days ago

only thing better would be if that was my daughter their instead of her Reply Report

daddy4m3 -4 points1013 days ago

That's how I want my Father to love me! Reply Report

Letsroleplay   0 points40 days ago

@daddy4m3 let's chat helpmehelpyou601@gmail com Reply Report

JohnKino   0 points84 days ago

@daddy4m3 Show him your cunt, take his hand and put it between your legs. He'll get a boner and fuck your twat! Reply Report

tang +10 points1915 days ago

Wtf is wrong with you Reply Report

uhhhhh +10 points2177 days ago

is she like a cow or something whats tht noise. Reply Report

fuckmeplz2 +10 points1757 days ago

I wish I could get fucked like that Reply Report

Letshavefun   0 points40 days ago

@ fuckmeplz2. Let's chat helpmehelpyou601@gmail com Reply Report

jest47 +2 points1626 days ago

I'd fuck you however you want to be fucked gorgeous Reply Report

sola +9 points2186 days ago

she seemed special.. Reply Report

imbatman +8 points2181 days ago

REPENT....your a nut and a fanatic oddity lol Reply Report
The emt

The emt   0 points59 days ago

@ and your faggot ass thinks you are batman. Reply Report

Ned +8 points1777 days ago

Good God I thought I was listening to an episode of Finding Bigfoot. Reply Report

Madannoyed +8 points1256 days ago

This is obviously real...i was just about to play with my pussy until I realized this girl has special needs and this is for real... Just sick. Why do this to someone with special needs? Totally ruined my nut for tonight Reply Report

Really   0 points1237 days ago

So someone is just following them and happens to somehow get ahead of them to film them walking again Reply Report

Anon +7 points2182 days ago

wow its just such, such bad acting. dick going limp. adios Reply Report

wettulips +7 points2177 days ago

LOL.. serious? what a fake and bad job .. "dad" rapes her in woods while someones following them with cam? Reply Report

Ryan +7 points1942 days ago

How else do you train white girls to become sluts Reply Report

lolol +6 points2179 days ago

I couldn't hold myself not to laugh :D LOL Reply Report

nigger +6 points2139 days ago

We'll the beast better pull out or it'll get the bitch pregnant.
Reply Report

xD +6 points1337 days ago

I think some dude voiced this over lol Reply Report

... +5 points2181 days ago

That voice though... Reply Report
fck you religion

fck you religion +5 points1988 days ago

i think its hilarious at the end the camera man just pans the area, and zooms in on the water, aw so lovely haha. and even if it was rape. thats the whole point of me searching it up, i dont need a preacher faggot condemning me to hell, if i cared i wouldnt search it up retarded sheep human Reply Report

Tight14 +5 points1844 days ago

I don't care if it's consensual I live in Alabama and I want to raped so bad Reply Report

donzie226   0 points628 days ago

I live in missouri and I would drive my car to Alabama just to rape the fuck outta you. I want to break you and own you. Reply Report

daddy +1 points1233 days ago

I'm in anniston... Reply Report

bbwgiannam +3 points1595 days ago

We live in Alabama too ... still want to be raped ... My hubby and I can so help you out naughty girl!! Reply Report

Letshavefun   0 points40 days ago

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Darc +4 points2162 days ago

She is foreign I don't know what language she is speaking but she is saying NO some languages pronounce there Os like 'ah' so no would be nah.. But as far as the whole movie goes I have to say that was the worst acting I have seen in a long time. Reply Report
No shit it's fake, idiots....

No shit it's fake, idiots.... +4 points2137 days ago

Thank you for stating the obvious you fucking retards. Reply Report

rape11up +4 points2056 days ago

hrmm nice Reply Report

Loki +3 points2181 days ago

Wtf. Reply Report

thatcrazyguy +3 points2004 days ago


dad +3 points1828 days ago

lol i put some sick shit up and people respond to it sickos Reply Report

jkidd +2 points2181 days ago

@ Repent lol...How did you find this site?? Also, did you watch the video first?? This is a very hard core site. You have to search to find it. I think it's crazy how you are preaching. Lastly, which producer told this girl that it was sexy for her to sound that way LMAO. She's making my dick limp as shit!! Reply Report

lol +2 points1961 days ago

lol Reply Report
Tupelo Mississippi

Tupelo Mississippi +2 points1887 days ago

Cute teen looking to be abused by multiple men Reply Report
Fuck me

Fuck me +2 points1474 days ago

I'm a horny virgin Reply Report
12 A$$

12 A$$   0 points629 days ago

should i ask this person to fuck me Reply Report

Wtfwtfwtfwtf +2 points519 days ago

I'm a woman and I've enjoyed a lot of acted rape porn, but this..... this shit seems real and that's fucked up, I'm all for consensual adults acting out fantasies. Actual rape isn't fucking ok fucking perverts.she seems special needs, what the fuck. Reply Report

nah +1 points2180 days ago

lmao Reply Report
G mod tower

G mod tower +1 points2181 days ago

Who is she?
Reply Report

Doluletete +1 points1820 days ago

-fake give us the money back :))! Reply Report
guest babs

guest babs +1 points738 days ago

who is she? she's making more films like that?
Reply Report

anna21 +1 points95 days ago

is that waterfall zoom in supposed to mean something? Reply Report

Wowkidurbad +1 points1738 days ago

Is it chewbacca? Reply Report

Anonymous +1 points1417 days ago

her voice made me not want to watch the video. People are saying this is actual rape but, if we didn't want to watch it why would we look it up? Real or fake don't really matter. Reply Report
Darth Vader

Darth Vader +1 points1181 days ago

The camera is enough evidance to tell me that this is staged. And no lightsabers or use of the Force Im not pleased. My rating 2/10 Reply Report
kitty cat

kitty cat +1 points1031 days ago

Can someone be my daddy Reply Report

Letsroleplay   0 points40 days ago

@kitty cat let's chat helpmehelpyou601@gmail com Reply Report

Galahaadriel +1 points949 days ago

Is that bithch like... retarded? Cuz tha'll make veryhing way hotter. 3:V Reply Report

tightblondepussy +1 points1001 days ago

I want to be fucked like this. 29 houston white female Reply Report

idan +1 points838 days ago

screaming like that is a good tactic against rapers im not kidding boner killer Reply Report
Dick lovk

Dick lovk +1 points774 days ago

mmm this is good to masturbate to mmm yea fuck fuck fuck the girl hard! Reply Report
Disappointed. I hope this isn\'t real.

Disappointed. I hope this isn\'t real. +1 points591 days ago

I was really looking hard for clues of whether or not this was real or not. I really hope it was fake! There isn't even an option to report the video!! I'm all for fantasies & really good acting but not the real shit to someone who seems to have special Needs :'( Reply Report

RAPE ME I AM HORNY +1 points457 days ago

Does anyone wanna have sex with me. I am black have brown eyes and I am a brunette. PLEASE AND IF YOU FIND ME AND COME WHEN I DO NOT EXPECT IT JUST RAPE ME PLEAASSEEE! I AM SOOOOOOO SUPER HORNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
Sexy Dick Beast

Sexy Dick Beast   0 points457 days ago


Reply Report

Rapes10yearolds   0 points2190 days ago

Love it! Reply Report

dad +5 points1956 days ago

mines 10 Reply Report

torturedarse -1 points1667 days ago

Dad why wait so long? Reply Report

HEYRETARD   0 points2117 days ago

I hope all you retards who think this is a girl "faking" it, is not the case. It is quite obvious she is mentally handicap and is suffering from a mental disorder and is most likely really being raped. It's sad how most of you couldn't figure it out. Reply Report

laylah   0 points365 days ago

i wish my daddy would treat me like this. all he does is play with my pussy and boobs. he never puts anything in. it makes me sad. Reply Report

Letshavefun   0 points40 days ago

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JohnKino   0 points84 days ago

@laylah Just tell him you want him to fuck your cunt! Reply Report

guf   0 points2014 days ago

So much nice.....lets fuck like tis... Reply Report
Queen Cunt

Queen Cunt   0 points1864 days ago

She wad totally smiling in the begining...this is bullshit! Show me real rape! Reply Report

Whut   0 points748 days ago

So fake... Reply Report

lava   0 points1634 days ago

Now that was fuckin awesome Reply Report

hornyincestbabe   0 points796 days ago

he should just chocke that damn annoying bitch Reply Report

ludboy6   0 points1340 days ago

hahaha... asshole.. best comment ever :) lol Reply Report

Uknown   0 points1191 days ago

Fuck me Reply Report

Kasedi   0 points1085 days ago

So fake as soon as i herd tht fake scream i got off the video Reply Report

  0 points1009 days ago

the girls moans ruined the entire video. i wanted good rape porn not fucking chewbacca getting fucked in a forest. Reply Report
The punisher

The punisher   0 points891 days ago

So so so bad, it put me off porn Reply Report

Seekingdaddy   0 points378 days ago

I would love to be taken out to the woods, tied up and raped by a few guys. Be their sex slave, my tight pussy opened for their eyes Reply Report
Me too. I need to be raped in the worse way.

Me too. I need to be raped in the worse way.   0 points294 days ago

@Seekingdaddy Reply Report

JohnKino   0 points84 days ago

@Me too. I need to be raped in the worse way. If the two of you just let strangers see your cunt there will be guys who'll shove their cocks in your horny slits! Reply Report

Harambe   0 points953 days ago

Jesus fuck, is she Autistic ? Reply Report

odetotitty   0 points643 days ago

had to think of something else to finish Reply Report
a willing daughter

a willing daughter   0 points672 days ago

can a daddy please come fuck me?
Reply Report

donzie226   0 points628 days ago

yes sweetheart your daddy will be there soon email me and we can discuss the details ok? Reply Report
Sik female

Sik female   0 points653 days ago

All ya'll claiming to be a virgin want ti auk daddy dik prolly 60yr old dude. Fkn sick ass ppl. Talkin my daughter suk my dik once. I hope yall dick fkn fall off while ur fucking a Cow. I searched it hoping to get a fake vid. Not these. Yall make me sick. Reply Report
Dava Leigh

Dava Leigh   0 points629 days ago

I 'm a lesbian and because of being raped through most of my formative years , It has become a real turn on for me . My girlfriend is a Dominatrix and knows my appetite for being raped so she gladly locks me in the cell she had built in her spare bedroom then comes in and restrains me down and repeatedly rapes me for two or three days only letting me up to pee . She has brought other women in and we enact a gang rape I love it Reply Report
Hooked on rape

Hooked on rape   0 points385 days ago

@Dava Leigh . I have a lesbian fantasy and oh how that sounds so good. Reply Report
I need this in Georgia

I need this in Georgia   0 points633 days ago

I'm not that young but I still look it. Hard to find older sexy men to take me like this where I'm at. And I can play the mixed stepdaughter, or Hispanic, whatever my daddy would want. Reply Report

Letshavefun   0 points40 days ago

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Pappy Hardone

Pappy Hardone   0 points628 days ago

This is disgusting! Cant he take her to a motel? Buy het some chocolates? Wear a rubber? Be more romantic? Good grief! Reply Report

Drumstick121 -1 points517 days ago

"het some chocolates? "
Lol,uneducated fuck. H wrote that dumb ass.
Apparently instead of watching porn use more videos on grammar.
Piss poor grammar , what are u ghetto. Dumb ass.
Seriously stay in school stop being a ignorant fool.
Reply Report
The emt

The emt +1 points59 days ago

@Drumstick121 Lmao your grammar is not much better! Faggot ass little troll. Reply Report
yes daddy

yes daddy   0 points180 days ago

I want someone to rape me like this, they can take my virginity and stick their cock in my tight wet pussy and fuck me till I scream, I would be a good little sex slave and do whatever they want and they could do whatever they wanted to me whenever Reply Report

JohnKino   0 points84 days ago

@yes daddy Ain't daddy fuck your tight wet cunt enough? Try other family members to get to use your slit and make you the family sex slave! Reply Report

Letshavefun   0 points40 days ago

@JohnKino lets chat helpmehelpyou601@gmail com Reply Report

QTZ0069   0 points541 days ago

She looks like fun. I want to have a turn with her next. And then I want to cut off the mother fucker's dick for raping his daughter. Reply Report

Z449   0 points230 days ago

Her voice cracked me up, sounded like a goat mixed with a lovesick moose Reply Report

Graeme21   0 points517 days ago

Good God she sounds like a goat Jesus fucking Crist shut the fuck up... I would of tapes the goats mouth shut . Dam Reply Report

hellhound101   0 points493 days ago

what the fuck so fake it sounds like she,s enjoying it
Reply Report

shirasabre   0 points464 days ago

i so wish it was harder then i'd be her anyday Reply Report

JohnKino   0 points84 days ago

@shirasabre Is daddy fucking you with to much love as we did with sis from a tender age? How come you're into rape? Reply Report

anon19876   0 points450 days ago

sry but this isnt fucking fake.... this is very freaking real.... Reply Report

HARD DICK48   0 points350 days ago


Kakakn   0 points97 days ago

This is werid Reply Report

Jj1   0 points282 days ago

Fake Reply Report
I want to be raped

I want to be raped   0 points277 days ago

I want someone to fuck my tight virgin pussy and do what ever they want to me I wish someone would rape me so badly Reply Report
Helpmehelpyou601@gmail com

Helpmehelpyou601@gmail com   0 points40 days ago

@I want to be raped let's chat helpmehelpyou601@gmail com Reply Report

JohnKino   0 points84 days ago

@I want to be raped Aren't your family members fucking your cunt hard enough? Reply Report

JohnKino   0 points84 days ago

@I want to be raped Daddy, uncle and granddad should fuck your tight virgin cunt, incest is the best for you and them! Reply Report

Robbyyy   0 points26 days ago

They. Should've like showed the cast at the end or something omg please tell me she's an actress Reply Report
Tasha Hawks

Tasha Hawks   0 points229 days ago

My step daddy fucked me on my 18th birthday, I loved it! Reply Report

JohnKino   0 points84 days ago

@Tasha Hawks He should've done it earlier! Reply Report
Stupid shits

Stupid shits   0 points207 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with ppl this shit is not good I was molested when I was a little girl I may not remember it all but it fucked me up all y'all a bunch of fucking perverts Reply Report

ChoMo   0 points205 days ago

So real. So fucking hot. When I adopt a son, or find a single mom ready to invite me into her life, this is exactly how I'm going to do the boy. God I love watching him rut on top of her like a wile animal, showing her what happens when she walks around the house in her panties teasing dad every day. Reply Report
Expose The Truth

Expose The Truth   0 points162 days ago

This isn't acting, this was a real rape Reply Report
barbie sedona 86336 nepente

barbie sedona 86336 nepente   0 points101 days ago

yes I am ur niece daddy rape me moar Sedona with G make me a <3 case Reply Report

Really? -1 points2176 days ago

I don't guess there are acting schools for perverted girlfriends. I bet she's in her mid 20s, my ex GF looks younger than her and she's 25. I bet after seeing the video, she says NAAA to sex now. Reply Report

Sad -1 points2152 days ago

Ya know she might have special needs or sumthin,,,sounds like it Reply Report

14yroldgirl. -1 points1794 days ago

This girl Obviously has special needs and this is real rape. Reply Report
anonymos perv

anonymos perv -1 points1084 days ago

I have one rule in my house... you can't wear any clothes, ever. Reply Report

lilsexy30 -1 points1575 days ago

I want to be raped n nc Reply Report

G-man -2 points2181 days ago

If she is old enough to fuck, why is he holding her hand in the beginning of the video? Reply Report

Tranefuhafekaf -2 points2180 days ago

This is fake , cause as soon as he grabbed her she started to like what fucking cry -.- wow cry's are fake D: i thought it was real! I WANT TO SEE REAL RAPE Reply Report
Curious psycho

Curious psycho -3 points354 days ago

I don't get this. It's understandable when some one started screaming at the beginning of the rape but why do they scream till the end. It should be obvious that no one going to come. If least they should calm down and think for a way to stay alive and if possible escape. Women are so dumb. Reply Report
Revelation 20:10-15

Revelation 20:10-15 -6 points2181 days ago

Revelation 21:11-15

Do not get caught in any of the above!
Reply Report
Sad  Case

Sad Case -8 points2115 days ago

Special level of hell for everyone here....People that talk in the cinema - are cruel to animals - search for rape, special level of hell :( Reply Report
f****** hypocrites

f****** hypocrites +15 points1963 days ago

well you hypocritical son of a b**** what are you doing looking at it Reply Report