Big Black Cock Fucks Girl To Orgasm

White girl never got fucked by a cock this big before and has a squirting orgasm while during the sex.

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neighborhoodtoiletsince1995 +81 points1402 days ago

message me tell what you want to do to me i'm 18 i like big black dicks cumming and pissing deep in my pussy and assmessage me tell what you want to do to me i'm 18 i like big black dicks cumming and pissing deep in my pussy and ass Reply Report

jannybh +69 points1537 days ago

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niggadaddy113   0 points311 days ago

Cum be my lil nigga slut bring ur mom and daughters to ;-)
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Frankie +20 points1619 days ago

What video is this scene from? I want to see the rest Reply Report

ladder49 +16 points1178 days ago

What ever white girl craves to be dominated and ferociously fucked by a big black more whites for her after that.. Reply Report

Saleena +12 points1760 days ago

I was only with one black man in my life and his dick was huge just like this guys and I lost my virginity to him. It was the worst experience of sex in my life and not to mention we had a sexual relationship for a year together and he told me that even after I lost my virginity that he still couldnt fit his whole cock in me without hurting me. Reply Report

Maria +7 points964 days ago

My first time was in the back seat with 2 bbc. They tied my hands and straddled me. They couldn't get it all in so they shoved it in my ass. OMG the PAIN!!! I was really bleeding and it must have been an hour. It was crazy because they used cock straps to keep them hard. Reply Report

zyman480 +6 points653 days ago

That was like my wife NYE, but it was backroom of the club. At least 6 bbc took her. A couple with cock rings. She bled from her prolapsed pussy and ass. DP'd and was only able to go balls deep in her ass. I was with the most beautiful black girl while they banged my wife!! Reply Report

Cassie +3 points418 days ago

OMG!!! I was fucked in the back of a van. They tied my legs open and fucked the shit out of me. First bbc was like a baseball bat - it was so painful and I couldn't stop cumming!! They forced some liquid up my ass and the bbcs kept fucking my ass. I was throwing up from the pain. Reply Report

Sherrybaby +7 points1185 days ago

Did you measure his dick, how many inches was it ? Reply Report

REALDEEL +11 points1759 days ago


sallymay +11 points1455 days ago

mm i want some big black cock Reply Report

ADONIS +2 points1185 days ago

How big baby ? Reply Report
so wet

so wet +11 points1011 days ago

I want that cock, deep in my cunt, pounding away until I am squirting and uncontrollably cumming all over it. Then I want him to fuck me the way he wants to. Hard and deep. I am creaming all over my chair at the thought of it. Reply Report

dream69maker   0 points389 days ago

I can make that cum true for you. Reply Report

jojo +7 points1770 days ago

this man is realy freaky Reply Report

yoyo +7 points1760 days ago

Thats funny how he uses the back of her knee to wipe her cum off his cock lol Reply Report

ssy4bbc +7 points1272 days ago

The way it was meant to be Reply Report

yeap +6 points1618 days ago

What is her name? Reply Report

OneCuck +6 points1612 days ago

She looks a lot like my wife. She is a black cock fiend!! I love watching her be treated like a cheap whore by her lover and his friends!! They stretch that pussy out!! Reply Report

wow +5 points1770 days ago

wtf is her name? wat porn movie is this!? Reply Report

Wolfgang +4 points1642 days ago

Sorry, but this is only fair! Reply Report

mooney +4 points1697 days ago

skinny negro has long dick.. his brain is in dick too
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Renee +3 points766 days ago

Can I get a
"Young" BBC to assult my pussy y please
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Edwina +2 points698 days ago

I'm in my 40s very shapely..not long come back from holidays to Jamaica with two of my friends ...and boy did we enjoy some cock ..we were fixed up in a local hotel with young studs hung like donkeys I had 3 one night I could hardly close my legs next day ...lost count of the times I came ...going back next year. Reply Report

lol +1 points1760 days ago

He looks like a crack head and she looks like a dope fien Reply Report

Jesus +1 points1726 days ago

What a cock! Moses woulda been proud! Reply Report

ct +1 points1724 days ago

If you were raped by a black man, why are you watching this, now was it really rape? Think about it Reply Report
Non-Member Jinx

Non-Member Jinx +1 points1589 days ago

My god, she's gone to PLAID! Reply Report

herman +1 points1397 days ago

She for sure got the fuckin' she came there for, wish my cock was that big :-) Reply Report

lovecat94 +1 points542 days ago

Man I don't get it. If this woman is feeling pain then why does she cum from getting dicked down by such a huge cock. I wish I the girl in the video so I could feel how it feels to get fucked by a huge cock and feel pain and pleasure at the same time. woman explain please Reply Report

boi4black   0 points453 days ago

I need a bull to fuck me like that. Make me a whore Reply Report

Daggy   0 points155 days ago

Wow Reply Report

nonyabizness -4 points852 days ago

Do girls really enjoy being fucked to oblivion like this ? How can you even take all that cock holy shit doesn't that hurt ? Reply Report

... -78 points1760 days ago

we're all going to hell Reply Report

Tahlia -144 points1760 days ago

Watching this makes me sick to my stomach. I guess its probably because I was raped by a black guy :/ Reply Report

mike -85 points1306 days ago

yes allot of sick fucks on her like sick crime Reply Report

Lena11 +58 points1379 days ago

Many people are perhaps glad to read this. Reply Report

jannybh +116 points1368 days ago

Many people perhaps even hope that it hurt and will happen again, with blck prgnancy - what a bad world :-(
Kissies, Lena :-)
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