Brutal Rape

Repairman attacks woman and brutally rapes her in her own home.

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hmm +97 points2154 days ago

um ok who the fuck gets a guy to come repair there microwave, it would be cheaper to buy a new one. Reply Report

... +13 points2154 days ago

we're all going to hell Reply Report
random guy

random guy +13 points2073 days ago

who the fuck just wears a towel while doing the dishes, answers the door and stand around in a towel in front of a stranger, these fake rape videos are ridiculous Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin +6 points1399 days ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah. "Brutal rape." They all are, according to the tags. Where's the happy rape? Reply Report
WTF repairman

WTF repairman +5 points2012 days ago

Where did the repair live, downstairs? Everytime i need anything repaired I have to wait 3 days. Reply Report

kitten +5 points1847 days ago

great scene, would've been better if she fought back a bit more (also of course it's fucking fake! porn scenarios are always fuck so stop getting so butthurt, it's like y'all won't be satisfied unless it has a deep and meaningful backstory jeeze) Reply Report

joyousonex +4 points2154 days ago

If the bitch doesn't want to get raped, she shouldn't wear her "please fuck me" towel in front of him. Reply Report

Kaadee   0 points1722 days ago

Ahahaha that's what i was thinking Reply Report

obvious +4 points1871 days ago

who the hell wears NOTHING but a TOWEL KNOWING someone is coming over? that right there is screaming RAPE ME Reply Report

tam42   0 points1856 days ago

of course and that's why its fake !!!!!! Reply Report
Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown +3 points1997 days ago

A woman being raped would be fighting to have her legs closed wouldn't she? Reply Report

>.< +3 points1882 days ago

All moaning about the repair man... but not about the guy with a camara... Reply Report

@joyousonex +2 points2154 days ago

you can't want to get raped. as soon as you want to get raped, it's not rape anymore Reply Report
Love this guy

Love this guy   0 points1028 days ago

Not true. I would love to get raped by him, fighting back with everything I have. It's the thrill of their weight holding you down mixed with the fear that they can overpower you and do whatever they want to you while you beg them to stop. Reply Report
Wait, what?

Wait, what? +2 points1802 days ago

There are a lot of obvious comments to be made about this video but I'm going for the longshot; Who does their dishes like that with no soap, using nothing but their hands? Reply Report
Rape my wife

Rape my wife +2 points483 days ago

I wish someone would rape my wife like that while I'm gone and she's home in a towel. She's already pregnant from me letting another guy fuck her unconscious body. Reply Report
Fill her up

Fill her up +1 points343 days ago

@Rape my wife i will pleasure my genitals with your wife's whore cadaver Reply Report
some guy

some guy +1 points2154 days ago

I am really getting sick of fake rape videos. Bring on the real stuff Reply Report

Non-Member +1 points1959 days ago

I love the language, but the thrill is lost when they don't truly fight back. Reply Report
Peter Perv

Peter Perv +1 points386 days ago

HOT! Got her good! Reply Report

membr   0 points2154 days ago

never call the renewal center when you have a problem with your stove Reply Report

HI!!!!!!!!   0 points966 days ago

Its not even a stove its a fucking microwave XD Reply Report

Rapist   0 points2163 days ago

Hawt Reply Report

Person   0 points2086 days ago

Rofl at least I cummed 4 stars Reply Report

IAMSHADOWS   0 points2011 days ago

She didn't even tell him where to come too..
Reply Report

Horneybitch   0 points710 days ago

She's fucking boney and ugly so is he Reply Report

Lol   0 points1307 days ago

Fair point Reply Report

eagle   0 points1138 days ago

You guys who talking about want real rape are so fucking sick in y'all mind, u should be burned alive with no remorse Reply Report

Fdowg   0 points270 days ago

obviously completely consensual...
a real rape victim would easily escape this guy, even if she was stupid enough to walk around in a towel. the is fucking hot though
Reply Report
Priest cuming

Priest cuming   0 points60 days ago

Shame on you. God is everywhere Reply Report