Hairy Ass Fart

Start your day with a wet fart to the face from this hairy ass bitch.

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mary +38 points2148 days ago

I'd dive right into that and eat the fuck out of her ass. Love the hair!! Reply Report
Shweta, India

Shweta, India +5 points1838 days ago

Sit on BF's cock and fart on his balls. Reply Report

Devilance +7 points2092 days ago

I would SO eat out her fat hairy anus! Reply Report

Rimmer +7 points2139 days ago

Needs to be spreading that arse more when she farts. Such a dirty looking shit hole, especially with all that hair in her crack, seems a shame to miss seeing her poop shoot puckering when she pushes her gas out. What love to see her take a crap too... Reply Report

Yum +7 points2112 days ago

I'd fucking shove my tongue in that ass! Lick that dirty asshole while she farts, I'd love to see her shit too. Fuck I'm wet. Reply Report

vet +6 points2124 days ago

I am a Vet, i recognize a cow's ass when i see one Reply Report

Duncan +6 points2088 days ago

I'd rim that all day Reply Report

poopnfart +6 points1959 days ago

I wanna watch her push out a big thick firm long log of yummy smelly corn poop! In fact I'd catch it in my mouth! Reply Report
Shweta, India

Shweta, India +5 points1838 days ago

Sit on BF's cock and fart on his balls. Reply Report

Rimmer +4 points2139 days ago

Her arse reminds me of my girlfriend's hairy shitter. Think I might have to get my cock nice and muddy when she gets home from work. Reply Report

GurlBiSlave +4 points1912 days ago

I would love to have her force me to lick! Then fuck my pussy like a dirty bitch I am!
Reply Report

victor357 +4 points1653 days ago

I wanted her to poo as well. Reply Report
Dirty bastard

Dirty bastard +3 points2155 days ago

I just came so hard over this - fucking dirty bitch. Reply Report

fapped +3 points2154 days ago

I fapped to this... Reply Report

fgfg +2 points2157 days ago

Its a whole new world Reply Report

? +2 points2157 days ago

I'd lick all that. Reply Report

;) +2 points2154 days ago

Id eat her out, nd smell all her farts as my nose is up her asshole.", nd my mouth is tasting her delicious looking pussy. Very sexy nd made me cum good ;) Reply Report

Fake +2 points2127 days ago

She's using a fart machine I bought the same one from Spencer's Reply Report
harry stephanopolopolous

harry stephanopolopolous +1 points2156 days ago

the fuck? it's like on the actual cheeks Reply Report

A   0 points2016 days ago

I'd Become her Slave lol Reply Report

Grindo   0 points692 days ago

Want to stick my nose in her hairy asshols,sniff and eat it. Reply Report
no name

no name   0 points389 days ago

When does it starts? Reply Report

DenDen   0 points328 days ago

Wanna cum in right on her asshole, damn it is pretty!!! Reply Report

DenDen   0 points328 days ago

wanna cum as she shits out that pretty ..hairy shithole!!! Reply Report

Jaroslav   0 points291 days ago

A gorgeous ass on a natural born girl... Reply Report

ShyGuy -1 points2156 days ago

id do her in ass but i aint licking anything of that Reply Report

? -1 points2155 days ago

I wonder how Heavy-r get's all these private clip's.

I really wonder...
Reply Report

WTF!! -1 points1631 days ago

woman get hairy asses? what the actual fuck burn it with fire!!! Reply Report

mistressx -1 points1450 days ago

hey pervs visit me for some kink Reply Report

Disgusting -1 points956 days ago

That's fuggin disgusting. I know that some of the haters out there are gonna go "then why are you watching it?" I'm looking at you American idiot. I'm saying it's disgusting because her asshole is hairy. Not to mention she's fat. It looks like the spawn of a wooly mamoth and a whale. Reply Report

WTF -2 points2157 days ago

I had to click on it to really see how gross it is, and wow this is number 1 grossest ass I have ever seen. Id rather eat my own ass than this bitch's Reply Report
@Non-Member ?

@Non-Member ? -2 points2156 days ago

You are absolutely disgusting and deserve to be shunned upon by the entire world. Reply Report
Pete J.

Pete J. -2 points2156 days ago

Why did I click on this???? Reply Report

boke -4 points2157 days ago

aint no reason a bitch should have a hairy ass Reply Report

... -4 points2157 days ago

we're all going to hell Reply Report

hairyBear -4 points1945 days ago

im a hairy guy and my ass isnt even that Hairy NASTYNESS Reply Report
fucking hermafrodite

fucking hermafrodite -5 points2168 days ago

shave your nasty ass bitch. Oh and, there goes the lunch.. Reply Report

wow -5 points2157 days ago

I've never seen a woman's ass so hairy!! Ever.. even black girls. Even old ass woman, that's gross!! Reply Report