Japanese Rape Fantasy

Trucker accidentally hit a young woman on her bicycle, takes her lifeless body with him and decides to rape her now she's still warm.

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l0l0l +133 points1883 days ago

it looked like the dude was trying to twerk while fucking her Reply Report

AnOmInAtEd -1 points333 days ago

lol it does as well :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O
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rsboyftw +1 points503 days ago

so true i started laughing at that part
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YOU GO TO HELL +19 points1882 days ago


alexandria76 +9 points1611 days ago

Mr Miyagi, how could you? Reply Report

Non-member +7 points1785 days ago

I prefer to think she is hurt, unconscious and powerless. I am a self-loathing woman and for some reason being used and abused appeals to me. I guess I feel its only right to be used for someone else's pleasure as I have no intrinsic self-worth myself. Of course I would never want this to happen to someone else. I often wonder if the majority of the audience for this type of pornography are women Reply Report

timmey   0 points43 days ago

@Non-member same Reply Report

jj -4 points1503 days ago

i want to fuck you Reply Report

Brutality +7 points1637 days ago

100% pedestrian's fault Reply Report
Seriously the mental age of people here is 5

Seriously the mental age of people here is 5 +6 points1733 days ago

porn* not port lol.... Unless you're sticking your dick in a USB port... which you'd have to be asian for. Reply Report

ingomat +5 points1071 days ago

He must be a silly trucker! That is not a proper way to perform First Aid Reply Report

Fox +4 points1754 days ago

The fact that they censored her cunt and his cock proves this is a perfectly legal japanese porn video. No killing and no raping took place here, now enjoy the fucking video and STFU about hell or any of taht shit. Reply Report
Too true

Too true +2 points1333 days ago

Reply Report

Alpha +4 points1085 days ago

Only the Japanese can pull this off. I wish Americans could properly produce rape fantasy porn. Reply Report

BlondeUsedBitch +4 points1066 days ago

I have certain people I like to imagine fucking me. I've never been fucked before, but I would be okay with these people having their way with me. Reply Report

abbieisawhore -7 points1064 days ago

slut Reply Report
i need that

i need that +2 points1592 days ago

i would love to get raped in my young cunt Reply Report

ii -2 points1503 days ago

i will fuck you Reply Report

alanrambo -1 points1524 days ago

i can help Reply Report

dammit +2 points620 days ago

Why the fuck would they sensor the pussy? Why?? Dammit. Reply Report

AnOmInAtEd +2 points333 days ago

she was alive cus at 6:01 she was blinking;go check it out for yourselves :):):):) Reply Report

Non-member +1 points1797 days ago

Why would you run infant of a moving truck, dumbass Reply Report

Yo +1 points1631 days ago

Slow down, grab the girl, wiggle like your tryna make her ass fall off.. Reply Report

damn +1 points1821 days ago

I came 5 times watching this video.. Reply Report

Fox +1 points1754 days ago

Ohh come on, stop saying we're all going to hell, this is all just roleplay, nothing more than a movie, none of it is real, she's perfectly alive, you can spot her breathing at 4:59.

This is no different than watching any other forms of fiction.
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alanrambo +1 points1524 days ago

love it Reply Report
this is fucking sick

this is fucking sick +1 points1089 days ago

i love it Reply Report

that-person   0 points1609 days ago

were not going to hell for watching this its fake.... idiots -.- Reply Report

Thesickgirlx   0 points26 days ago

Of course it's cencered lamee Reply Report

giddeon   0 points1002 days ago

Love this one Reply Report
random guy

random guy   0 points425 days ago

Can some tell the name of that girl and movie? Reply Report

cuminsideme   0 points751 days ago

One of my favorites. Even though it's censored. Wish I knew someone who would rp with me. Reply Report
this is av movie

this is av movie   0 points702 days ago

avだぞ、これw Reply Report
Japanese Rape Fantast

Japanese Rape Fantast   0 points436 days ago

Its a good video Reply Report

zhentingle   0 points320 days ago

Sick. Reply Report

Putok   0 points362 days ago

What's the name of guy?
Reply Report

blacktanhuskey   0 points357 days ago

this is fucking disgusting lol but fucking hilarious tbh Reply Report

Jacked   0 points249 days ago

Ken Watanabe needs more work...
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<3   0 points121 days ago

This shit makes me wet...
I wanna be fucked so hard, but I found no good boys sadly :(
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8282839491   0 points110 days ago

Is it wrong if im 14 and think this is hot? Well this is a bad example but I think dominance is suuuper sexy kinda wish someone would fuck me HARD right now XD Reply Report
Holy Shit

Holy Shit   0 points103 days ago

Holy Shit
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timmey   0 points43 days ago

shes fucking enjoying it from the moment he sticks it in she smiles slightly and opens her mouth like she loving it
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arya -1 points1799 days ago

oh nice
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hhhh boool shit

hhhh boool shit -1 points1777 days ago

its just fiiiiilm sow never mind ladyyyyys
Reply Report

Rockkurtangle -1 points964 days ago

Hey !! Could anyone tell me from which movie has this video been taken ? Or any more details please ? Reply Report

Rukidding -1 points963 days ago

Might as well have a cold one Reply Report
Just a whore

Just a whore -1 points513 days ago

My boyfriend used to rape me from the time I was 18 until I was 20. Used to smother me with a pillow and tell me sluts don't deserve air. I used to crave him coming home and giving me what I deserved. I miss being abused ando think it's time to find a new master to break me in. I'm a simple whore. I just need cocktail please. Reply Report

timmey   0 points43 days ago

@Just a whore if you know how we can share details secretly then id sure due that to you and more Reply Report

9 -1 points287 days ago

İdiots, everbody will go hell who one not good person do anything what do you want in this world don't allow use religions of you Reply Report
non member21

non member21 -2 points1763 days ago

i have fantasies about being rape and raping other woman i as a woman would love this to happen to me not in real life though and would love being the rapest in the role Reply Report

mm   0 points1503 days ago

i will roleplay rape you Reply Report

Dexter -3 points1182 days ago

Still,I would love to get the name and location of the Twinkie MFer in this video so I could dexter him into little pieces. Reply Report

beelzebubrulesbelow +4 points1175 days ago

Shut up faggot.You wont do shit, and as far as i know, you could enjoy sucking his tiny japanese dick.You homo sucking. Reply Report
This is sick

This is sick -9 points1799 days ago

This is sick why watch this?! Reply Report

Contrdiction!!! +5 points1333 days ago

You're watching it... Reply Report

... -13 points1882 days ago

we're all going to hell Reply Report

girlage21 -16 points1813 days ago

Iwish people didn't think it was so sexy to watch a girl being raped
Reply Report
sorry but..

sorry but.. +1 points854 days ago

IT STILL IS. makes me so wet.. Reply Report
non member 2.0

non member 2.0 -22 points1873 days ago

we r going to hell for watching this Reply Report