Japanese School Girl Forced To Strip Naked

Young girl stripped naked by her evil classmates and has to spend the entire class without any clothes on.

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... +71 points2274 days ago

Seriously? They were learning 1+1 ... Reply Report

- +8 points903 days ago

OMG, the ending is such a cliffhanger!!

What does 1 + 1 equal? We may never know!
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jake +6 points2277 days ago

Now i'm going to japan .... Reply Report

HerryKerry +5 points873 days ago

That is some serious Asian math at the end there! Reply Report
Meanwhile in Japan.

Meanwhile in Japan. +4 points2274 days ago

Meanwhile in japan. Reply Report

humiliateme +4 points2074 days ago

i wish this happened to me Reply Report
love naked girls

love naked girls +1 points1052 days ago

Me too Reply Report

Hex +2 points2272 days ago

Every single one of those girls are sexy.. Reply Report

EnglishHitler   0 points987 days ago

Is* Reply Report

Noneed +2 points849 days ago

It's definitely are Reply Report

:P +2 points2254 days ago

obviosly fake! but NIIICCEEE *Q* Reply Report
As you know

As you know +2 points417 days ago

Whats it how joking Reply Report

xD +1 points2274 days ago

ummmm what the fuck Reply Report
Non member

Non member +1 points2273 days ago

Lol dude it's chemistry Reply Report

daddyslilcumdumpster34 +1 points980 days ago

Someone please do this to me, but do it right and fucking abuse me Reply Report

lolzies   0 points971 days ago

Yeah I wish someone does this to me and insults me like calling me bitch, motherfucker,stupid hoe,dirty cunt shitty ass bitch, pissing hoe, and I Piss and everyone laughs at me then the girls pinch my boobs and finger me then they call me fucking, dirty slutty pissing shitting shitbag. I like it when people do that and I love ABDL check it out y'all. L Reply Report

BiGirlhoe   0 points452 days ago

@lolzies I’d love to do that to you
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Mier +1 points189 days ago

Not my proudest rap but ok. Reply Report

JJJJ9872203031 +1 points297 days ago

What is video name? Reply Report

21stcentaur-at-gmail +1 points110 days ago

I wish that sexy teacher would use that pointer to spank her ass... and mine too... Reply Report

Superchicken   0 points2273 days ago

Even Japanese men realize this is all acting. Reply Report

Prob63   0 points1786 days ago

This was cool Reply Report
dick owner

dick owner   0 points587 days ago

based on the math they were doing, those were some hot preschooolers Reply Report

NPC_093758562   0 points13 days ago

@dick owner Reply Report
Poop butt

Poop butt   0 points73 days ago

Oh ya love porn Reply Report

AndrewT   0 points105 days ago

Very 'Staged', a shame- that girl should have been tied to a chair, with 'Everything' on display. Actually she Wasn't naked, she had her shoes, and socks on.....Naked, should be NAKED! Reply Report
It\'s sexy clarina

It\'s sexy clarina   0 points93 days ago

I know 1+1=2 that's so easy u can't even stand up while saying that : you say it fast Reply Report
Nude Lover

Nude Lover   0 points33 days ago

Totally Naked, it said...She wore shoes and socks! Yes probably 1+1, if they don't know the word NAKED! Reply Report

dsfsdfsdfsdf -1 points896 days ago

mmmhm i want to put my tongue inside her asshole ! Reply Report

Demon69xxx -1 points894 days ago

I'm gonna suck and lick her boobs and tits Reply Report

Ant1968 -1 points508 days ago

It is safe to say she will never play hooky again. Heh. Nice little body. Reply Report

lol -2 points2273 days ago

you guys are sooo stupid its a porn video obviously its not really school.. thats why they were learning 1 + 1 its not real lmfao asains are smart at they age they would be in chermisty Reply Report

mike -3 points1875 days ago

I want to lick all there pussys clean Reply Report
Yuuzan Toshiba

Yuuzan Toshiba -3 points1363 days ago

Okay. First of all that's sexual abuse and harassment. It was her choice to stay clothed. And they weren't even doing the math right. 1+1=5 that's simple rossome math. And if that was in high school. Why the fuck are they learning 1+1? That part of Japan is fucking stupid. I'm a foreign exchange student and that shit happens to me all the time. Girls come strip me and take my clothes. A guy can get arrested for that. A girl would be tooken in. Second of all. The boys disagreed with the teacher. That school has so many problems. Reply Report

TheBeelzebub +1 points1090 days ago

Man shut up Reply Report
1+1 huh?

1+1 huh? -5 points2274 days ago

Must be where japans outcast potato society goes to school.

I would also rape them all.
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