Girl Slaps The Wrong Guy

Way too many women abuse their rights, so I'm glad someone finally beat the bitch back!

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dumb dumbq

dumb dumbq +107 points1952 days ago

Women want equal rights? Well that's what she got. Reply Report

hobo +53 points1952 days ago

If a girl raises her hand to hit, damn right she is entitled to what comes after. Reply Report

john +34 points1952 days ago

if women hit a guy they should get hit back that life Reply Report
The Terminator

The Terminator +28 points1952 days ago

I would of bent her over the desk and spanked her ass beat red Reply Report

membr +27 points1940 days ago

sad thing is, he probably got expelled from school while everybody thinks that girl is the innocent victim Reply Report

ncktyu +21 points1949 days ago

I hate this idea that girls have that they can just hit guys because "guys can't hit girls back" It is ridiculous. I don't hit someone because I think they are vulnerable and easy to beat up. I hit someone because I want to hurt that person Reply Report

penis +19 points1939 days ago

she deserved it. good for her ass. girls think they can get away with this shit, and this is coming from a girl. i wish more dudes would hit back instead of saying "i can't hit women". teach that bitch a lesson!! Reply Report

ThatOneGuy +17 points1939 days ago

Equality, bitch. Hahaha. Reply Report
Stupid bitch

Stupid bitch +14 points1940 days ago

She deserved every bit of that women right equal punishment!
Reply Report
Fuck Yeah

Fuck Yeah +13 points1951 days ago

Stupid slut got what she dished out... If she can't take it, don't give it Reply Report

Haha +11 points1952 days ago

He should have stopped after the one bitchslap, but can't say she didn't deserve it. You hit someone, you better be prepared to be hit back. Reply Report

jill +10 points1940 days ago

Hey. That's what she deserves obviously her parents did not teach her to never play fight with boys. She's a slut in the making soon we will see her blowing black guys and getting beat by baby daddies..smh Reply Report

heh +10 points1940 days ago

she fucking deserved it Reply Report

scum +9 points1913 days ago

i'd like to slap her with my dick Reply Report

;kljdsf +8 points1940 days ago

Like a Cleveland Bus driver once said "If you gonna act like a man I'm gonna treat you like a man" Reply Report

S +8 points1939 days ago

If I was a man, I would of done the same shit. Even though I usually don't accept men hitting women and all that, but sometimes a girl LIKE THAT needs to be put in her place. Reply Report

hmmm +8 points1936 days ago

wish he would have beat her ass more Reply Report

yeah +7 points1940 days ago

Bro's over Hoe's Reply Report

Gartho +7 points1939 days ago

Good for him hit that bitch, she fkn deserved it, hey bitches when a guy tells u not to hit him u better listen skank Reply Report

I WANT MORE!! +7 points1934 days ago

I WANT MORE!! Reply Report

= +7 points1825 days ago

She deserved that. She had no right to hit him in the first place Reply Report

Miley +6 points1940 days ago

I think she deserved it! I'm a girl, if a guy is HURTING you you can do that but not cause you want to and he didn't do anything Reply Report
Papa Doc ellipse

Papa Doc ellipse +5 points1939 days ago

that b**** deserve that s*** slap me in the face I'm not your f****** night out Reply Report

Tyco +5 points1939 days ago

I want to see the rest Reply Report
equal rights

equal rights +4 points1939 days ago

it comes with a slap in the face cunt Reply Report

wondering +3 points1939 days ago

thejudge : if you didn't do shit after getting slapped like that you are also a pussy... so which is it, stick up for yourself and stop this stupid chick from thinking she can get away with it... or don't... either way, according to you, you're a pussy. Reply Report

me +2 points1939 days ago

"You join to jail now!" (Cleveland Uppercut) Reply Report

FTW! +1 points1940 days ago

I feel so evil for enjoying this! LOL XDD Reply Report

yeah +1 points1939 days ago

oi! @thejudge you're gay Reply Report

Superchicken +1 points1939 days ago

It started out great, but then it looks like it turned into a hair pulling contest. Reply Report

lol +1 points1557 days ago

kill Reply Report

whoremasterbastard +1 points1087 days ago

Slut thinks cuz she got pussy she won't get what's coming to her. Stupid whore bitch got what she needed. Next time she'll show respect Reply Report

qas   0 points192 days ago

only selfdevense Reply Report

Retard -3 points1939 days ago

Honestly unless she does more than a tap like that you shouldn't beat the shit out of her. just either give her a good punch in the face or the hardest fucking slap you can possibly give someone. Reply Report

lol -6 points1940 days ago

lol the kid hits like a bitch. Maybe thats why he hit her, they're both bitches Reply Report

weppie1986 -6 points1816 days ago

One warning is enough for me if it doesnt work action is taken but she is a woman ,you just dont do that there is many other ways to open her eyes and scare the shit out of a woman all you need to do is let her know she is tickling a lions ball Reply Report

wow -8 points1939 days ago

she hardly slapped him once. there was no reason to do her like he did. yea hit her back once not beat the shit out of her, all yall guys are fucking pathetic Reply Report

qEQ -8 points1885 days ago


thejudge -21 points1940 days ago

If your a guy you just cannot unleash yourself like this geek boy does in a situation like this, everybody knows a man can easily knock a female down in almost all cases so he could have just humiliated her or something , but i would be shamed as fuck if i got teased like that by a girl and than jumped on her in this fashion :)
Conclusion is that the boy is gay ( i would bet my money on that)
Reply Report
Luke Wright

Luke Wright   0 points585 days ago

You're an A1 prick Reply Report
albanian proff

albanian proff -21 points1933 days ago

usa people no respect for wimen look Reply Report

Me -129 points1952 days ago

What a little fucking prick! Reply Report

Satan -171 points1951 days ago

Brave guy...NOT! Hope you get beaten to death you little sucker. Anyone who knows where he livs and can post his adress? Reply Report