Rape In Club

Drunk girl raped in club with a champagne bottle.

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Wat +119 points2088 days ago

Why nobody pulled out their dick and started fucking that slut is beyond me. Reply Report

Robot +2 points387 days ago

@Wat all were dickless Reply Report

psychotic +7 points1119 days ago

second. Reply Report

concerned +41 points1926 days ago

this looks real she is to drunk to give consent. i hope these men were later identified and charged. Reply Report

psychotic +5 points1119 days ago

golly gee! youre right Reply Report

cunts +38 points2088 days ago

that's sick, if i ever find out who these guys are i'll stab them up, still fapped though... Reply Report

stupid +26 points2087 days ago

guys wonder why women are believed when they accuse guys of rape...pulling shit like this on a drunk girl (regardless of being a slut or not, she is non-consensual). Idiots. Reply Report

psychotic -11 points1119 days ago

why...*sigh*...why do you people complain about this shit?
this is the kinda stuff the site is for.
white knight betas who couldnt get pussy if this slut was KO'd right in front of you, can kindly fuck right off. youre the type of person that would not fuck the drunk bitch. even she was literally pulling out your dick while asking you to fuck. this hoe knew the rules. you pass out at a houseparty as a chick? youre gettin the cum of several people, both in and all over you. you get this fucked up at a club? you getting fucked by whoever wants that pussy+fucked with by all the other clubhoes. anyways..........
THIS IS FUCKING HOT. I WISH THEY SODOMIZED HER WITH IT! or the guy putting it there fucked her mouth at the same time, that'd wake her ass up lol.
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5thward -1 points471 days ago

Il fuck your whole family dominantly Reply Report

Hm. +35 points736 days ago

In that case the new rule is if men get too drunk I'm gonna start stealing their wallets. Y'all knew the rules. Drink to much at a party? Pass out? You're waking up with A LOT less cash. Reply Report

r +19 points2089 days ago

Still it's a rape, she was too drunk to lift herself much less to struggle with a black dude Reply Report

psychotic +5 points1119 days ago

i know! thats so sexy. i kinda wish she was awake enough to cry. Reply Report

Shellshocked84 +2 points686 days ago

I know right. That's why I come to this site. To see real rape. I wish they dped her. Reply Report

wtf +17 points2094 days ago

this looks like real rape to me. wtf? Reply Report

IronyAtItsFinests +17 points1650 days ago

It's funny how some of you people are saying it's horrible and stuff AFTER you blow your load. Reply Report

drg +9 points2088 days ago

It´s better put his dick in Reply Report
Deserved it

Deserved it +9 points2065 days ago

Should have fucked the cunt Reply Report

h +8 points1778 days ago

I wish somebody did that to me, but it would be way better if they all got our their dicks and just fucked me mercilessly Reply Report

mark +8 points1661 days ago

if only a ten inch cock was fucking her Reply Report

Hex +7 points2088 days ago

Wow the end was random, and the drunk slut in the club, very good... Reply Report

maker +7 points1661 days ago

how many guys wish girls would do this to them Reply Report

jim +6 points1196 days ago

wow hot pussy and no dicks sliding in it Reply Report

usemeproperly +5 points1511 days ago

So hot I'd love to be in her place I had a one night stand who tied me to his bed and fucked me with a bottle when I passed out, public would be so much hotter Reply Report

Softnpretty +5 points1528 days ago

I can't believe non of theses idiots didn't have sex with her they must be Gay Reply Report

Nope +3 points2089 days ago

Not a rape at all, she's even smoking. Reply Report

Non-Member +3 points2087 days ago

being drunk and doing weed can make any girl be like this Reply Report
Non Memberr

Non Memberr +3 points2081 days ago

Is there any other videos from the other cams or an extended version? Reply Report

wetfemale. +3 points1837 days ago

I hope she didn't get alcohol poisoning! :( ...still could fap though. Reply Report

Mikelikesit +3 points896 days ago

While you guys argue im still going to jerk off to it Reply Report

Anoobis +2 points557 days ago

Happened in a Russian club. 4 goth girls arrived in the club , drunk a river and stood up , drunk as shit and tried to leave. The club`s security stoped them and they begun shouting and cursing.This is what happened to one of them (the most annoying one) and the pther girls were watching the hall time from a table next to this one. One of them was actually crying most of the time. It all ended after a full 40-45 mins of video ( i first saw the hall thing about a decade ago) after a woman from another table stood up and threatened them to call the cops if it was to hapen to the other girls , so they kicked them out of the club after letting the girl on the vid dress up. Russians what can you say. Reply Report

whocares +2 points412 days ago

This girl is not only pissed but also drugged up to her eyeballs.
She still smoking something while guys are inserting bottles into it`s honeypot.
I wouldn`t put my cock inside that, not without a super reinforced condom.
Any decent girl would not be in a club like that nor so pissed and drugged up. she`s a slut and this is how sluts deserved to get treated.
She got pissed, drugged and well fucked, in all a great night out for a slut like that.
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black dude?

black dude? +1 points2088 days ago

They were deff not black. Lol look at the straight hair and light yellow skin. Bitches is racist don't even know were to direct it . Btw what does being black have to do with it?? They are men period. Black men aren't stronger then every other non black man. Pshhh Reply Report

Shellshocked84 +1 points686 days ago

I know, right? I was like, "That bitch is racist as fuck..... I wish it had been black dudes! That would have been great!!" Reply Report

toad +1 points2000 days ago

Well done great vid and gave the whore a night to remember Reply Report
do that do me toad give me nite to remember

do that do me toad give me nite to remember -1 points1654 days ago

Hi toad u got a bottle for me
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ear rape

ear rape +1 points281 days ago

careful you'll want to turn down your volume
also she obviously doesn't give a fuck, she's haven't a smoke while it happens lmao
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hellbaby71   0 points217 days ago

Damn what year was this? Those phone screens are small! Reply Report

superhondero   0 points1260 days ago

me cago en la puta madre que parió a los tios que aparecen en este video y en el que lo grabó Reply Report
super celery

super celery   0 points64 days ago

hello this camera guy about as smart as a five year old I used camera better than this when i was five year old, but was exciting se the girl wanted her pussy licked not pocked Reply Report

WtfDidIJustWatch   0 points36 days ago

I could have done with a lot less club rape in my public urination video. Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points35 days ago

They are all dickless apes,they belong in the jungle Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points35 days ago

I pulled her away from those apes,and fuck her in the toilet Reply Report

Ultraman50   0 points17 days ago

This cunt wanted it. That’s why she was there. Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points8 days ago

Nice love girls who are wasted Reply Report

anonymony -1 points463 days ago

As a part-time feminist, this is so fucking sexy. Women are at their most beautiful like this. Reply Report
i have a migraine now

i have a migraine now -1 points84 days ago

@anonymony the contradiction in this sentence is mind numbing. Reply Report

Sluts -1 points436 days ago

Of course the guys are to blame, not the slut who went out and got too drunk around a bunch of scumbags. Reply Report

Kel -2 points2083 days ago

A bunch of sick fucks! Reply Report
Duncan healy

Duncan healy -2 points875 days ago

I hope these monsters were caught and prosecuted, monsters Reply Report

Ragnarok -3 points2098 days ago

Was great until they started to get nasty! Friggen flips! Reply Report
Vince Newton

Vince Newton -4 points1115 days ago

I dropped my slut off at a black bar. Somehow she came home all fucked up 3 days later. She may be pregnant, probably has std's so kicked the bitch out and laughed at her. After all it was her idea. Reply Report

sternman -5 points1008 days ago

Most women know what happens when they get drunk or pass out. Most of them enjoy it and actually want it to happen. This video is hilarious, but why they did not fuck her properly? Also, why not stick some strange object into her cunt. Reply Report

xxx -6 points2085 days ago

it aint rape she is enjoying and smoking either lol Reply Report

Who -7 points2065 days ago

That girl is a whore Reply Report

Jimbo -1 points1520 days ago

Agreed...she deserved it Reply Report

fff -10 points2088 days ago

fake but i whipped my dick out anyway Reply Report

Dude -11 points2016 days ago

Maybe the second part where they pulled out the dicks and insert into her is not uploaded.
Or maybe she is a friend, so they just want to make fun of her sexually, but not rape.
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