Guy Fucking Dough

Can't afford a prostitute? No problem, just fuck some dough!

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oh ok

oh ok +33 points2202 days ago

so this is how they make doughnuts for cops? Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state +18 points2192 days ago

i dont care how hard up you are..there is no knead for that !!! Reply Report

Superchicken +16 points2193 days ago

I would be afraid of getting a yeast infection. Reply Report

Blade +15 points2193 days ago

The real sense of creampie.. Reply Report

Miley +13 points2193 days ago

"This is sick but it feels good" XD LOL Reply Report
Rusty Nutz

Rusty Nutz +11 points2202 days ago

Hey it's called Dill Reply Report

wtf +11 points2202 days ago

Bored? Jaded? Think you've seen it all? Well, just keep checking out heavy-r and eventually you'll see some dude doing something you'd never have thought of in a lifetime. Boning a dough-ball! It's either the height of inventiveness or the height of desperation - maybe both. The great thing about it is that when the gooey grip wears loose, just withdraw, fold the dough over, squeeze, bore another hole and it's all virgin-tight again. If only loose old cooters were that easy... Reply Report

;) +9 points2190 days ago

Made my pussy wet Reply Report

woem +8 points2198 days ago

This is how they make cream filled doughnuts, actually. Reply Report

yourbitch +6 points2103 days ago

he can fuck me like that.
Reply Report

boy +4 points2201 days ago

wonderful idea, I think I will get a boner watching my mom eating the cookies Reply Report

ilikefuckedupshit +4 points2160 days ago

so fucking hott, made me so horney. i love men who do naughty things. Reply Report

thischick +3 points2203 days ago

i would love to be that dough
Reply Report

Ellie +3 points1539 days ago

Omg I'm in love! I squirted all over to this, my pussy is still throbbing! Reply Report

WTF +2 points2192 days ago

Did that guy just fuck some yeast? Reply Report

horndawgy +2 points2202 days ago

i wanna eat that dough. love his cock

Reply Report

Burt +2 points2202 days ago

So that is how doughnuts are made.. How many do you have punch out before you glaze? Reply Report

ryan +2 points2193 days ago

i'd totally serve this upto my friends once done Reply Report

gunner3665 +1 points2175 days ago

We don't have sausage as a topping, but we can put it in your pizza. Extra cheese? No, that's free. Reply Report

fuckyeah +1 points1990 days ago

Sexy mutha ducked!! Knead dat dough!! Reply Report

jonnyson   0 points1570 days ago

WOW looks like that feel's really good ! Reply Report

J.M.   0 points42 days ago

Screwing dough looks good but how many ever f-ck sticking cock in butter. It makes a great lube also. Parkay Reply Report

kxxnly   0 points132 days ago

God I don’t know why this is so hot?? I’m fucking ashamed of myself. Dead ass saw some guy fingering some bread on Instagram and it brought to my attention that, damn, I wish I was that fucking bread. Then I got curious and decided to look this shit up and see if it was a fetish. And now here I am, watching some guy fuck his dough. Reply Report

Ck -1 points2203 days ago

Im a dyke lesbian and this turned me on Reply Report

WTF -2 points2190 days ago

wow u could cum after fucking a fake thing?? LOL Reply Report

TvvT -4 points2193 days ago

Little faggot Reply Report