Pants Pooping

Chef poops pants in restaurant and makes the place smell like a public restroom.

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Ewuuhhh wtf

Ewuuhhh wtf +11 points1976 days ago

Omg she wasted so much tissue
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we like waffles

we like waffles +6 points1982 days ago

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hyperia +4 points1960 days ago

I like how desperate she is! Reply Report

poopsucker +4 points1884 days ago

Wow Reply Report

sneakyfox +3 points1885 days ago

"Japanese aversion"? As if fecal aroma is well received by all other nationalities...though an interesting point on the intelligence side.
Shit smells bad to everyone so as to let us know, physiologically, to stay away from it as there is nothing beneficial (typically harmful) to its substance. Notwithstanding, the sexually deviant types, like maybe you or I, who find some form of nasty pleasure in it.
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simon +1 points1860 days ago

im going there for lunch....every case she dos it again.......fuckin wonderful video.....false ....but so believable......loved the wiping by her friend too............if only !!! Reply Report

smokejoke +1 points1728 days ago

nice Reply Report
no name

no name +1 points1733 days ago

damn! thats nice Reply Report

Chloe +1 points1585 days ago

I once pooped myself badly too! She was lucky to have pantyhose on! I didn't! Poop was all over! Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot -1 points1546 days ago

You should've sent it here! I would've voted for you. :-) Reply Report

wow   0 points1882 days ago

Im done Reply Report

simon   0 points1861 days ago

loved this......wanna take her panties home. Reply Report

ugh...   0 points1640 days ago

I just enjoy the comments, because all the death and shit, makes me want to throw up Reply Report

LOL -1 points1481 days ago

dumm ASS! :-) Reply Report

Tim -3 points1641 days ago

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simon -3 points1861 days ago

I am obsessed by this video.....I would seriously good money, to assist her in cleaning her up...I ADORE the smells of a womans poo. I actually tour round womens public toilets and washrooms, looking for accident panties..,shitty tights, and used toilet the waste bins.... its a serious,wonderful disgusting fetish of mine, I cannot help it.......I love it !!!! Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane -9 points1976 days ago

You see so many of these types of videos from Japan. It may be the opposite side of the Japanese aversion to the smell of feces which was employed during World War II by US intelligence operatives, who would have Japanese agents pass by high military officers and spray their clothing with a chemical that smelled like feces in order to distract them from full concentration on their military planning. Reply Report