Family Killed In Car Accident

Aftermath of terrible accident where whole family got wiped of the planet.

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NAH REALLY?!   0 points2205 days ago

shit captain obvious, tell me something i dont already know. sheesh Reply Report
Dr Smith

Dr Smith   0 points1873 days ago

It's poor quality and very silly. Reply Report

Fred   0 points1928 days ago

Xxoo Reply Report
worthless society

worthless society -1 points826 days ago

be like "why didn't anyone help them people are the worst do something bring them back to life I would have helped if i was there" scum Reply Report
Dengate Walmstead

Dengate Walmstead -2 points2206 days ago

Many of you may not realise that a number of people died in this sad and tragic accident.
I have medical training and a sharp eye and can see that indeed, I am correct.

Watch the video again, hint: there is more than one person dead at this particular scene.
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Well Said

Well Said +1 points1099 days ago

Hmm, I think you might be right, after watching it very closely at slow speed a few times I think I might have seen another possible victim too, thanks for you valuable expertise and input. Reply Report

NON-MEMBER +1 points1319 days ago

REALLY is that why in the description it says family not 1 person? Reply Report

Joe -4 points2199 days ago

They're all hanging around casual like. Why don't they throw a barbeque while they're at it? Reply Report

imbatman -6 points1712 days ago

Great! i bring the chips and sodas Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert -4 points1387 days ago

Take the pants off the women and see how hairy their cunts are Reply Report