Drunk Girl Getting Fucked

Amateur homemade video of drunk girl taken to bedroom upstairs to get fucked while college home party is still going on.

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j +28 points2193 days ago

slut Reply Report

Gavin +9 points2072 days ago

My wife was at a conference and got drunk and fucked a couple of guys. They filmed it and sent a copy to me. It was supposed to shock me but I love it. Reply Report

vallavan +7 points2193 days ago

Nice video, but she has not been used as it should be. Reply Report

doggber +5 points1946 days ago

man , this one has been on the net for a loooonng time , classic Reply Report

Muslim +3 points2193 days ago

Wow! Reply Report

Meh +3 points2192 days ago

That was a nice fuck. She was wasted out of her mind, but a nice fuck. Reply Report
Dawid Yisrael

Dawid Yisrael +3 points2108 days ago

I love her !!!!!! where I find her????? lol Reply Report

WERNER +1 points1430 days ago

Good Girl ! Reply Report

Anonymouss +1 points185 days ago

Really a good slut i love that. My gf need to be like this, she not obey when i say order.
Slutty Alexandra Lapostolle
Reply Report

gosheto   0 points2193 days ago

i'am agree with vallavan this its heavy r and i don't see anything heavy !xD Reply Report

roofie   0 points2115 days ago

ya because she wasnt drugged lmao Reply Report
wow ee wow wow

wow ee wow wow   0 points965 days ago

she made a couple of XXX videos
i would love to eat her ass
Reply Report

8447291380   0 points112 days ago

Any female allow me Reply Report

James213   0 points125 days ago

I have watched this video so many times, It is ashamed that she will for the rest of her life be known for this. Physically, she is the most perfect person I have ever seen. Reply Report
Just wanted to get high

Just wanted to get high -1 points148 days ago

For one this is an old video. Secondly, she was at nardi gras when we were all partying. We were given escatsy and then they tried to get us to come up with them. I knew what was about to happen. So I had a bad trip and started yelling at everyone not to touch me. She, unfortunately, fell for it and now will forever be on the internet. Reply Report

toad -2 points1990 days ago

I would have fucked then taken her downstairs and shared her with my mates. She would love it whore Reply Report
Steve T

Steve T -2 points1021 days ago

This is from Girls Gone Wild. Reply Report
Chadwick Muscovalley

Chadwick Muscovalley -2 points487 days ago

'She is very much what i'd like my girlfriend to be. She's a hoar, and can take a compliment yet shes intelligent and refined. She'll fuck any one. I spent time with her a few years ago. She has a great chest. Can't remember if I had sex with her or not. This isn't the first time she has showder her breasts at a party, and if you notice she keeps her tits out where you can see them, doesn't put them back in her shirt. "hoar" really describes the girl, but shes cool, smiles and is nice. cchadwicka Reply Report

Yep -6 points1876 days ago

Old vid ...at 1:10 she puts her hand on her cunt to smell if she stinks lol she is definitely worth a fuck but a whore like this u do not marry!! just a slut u throw away after u are done. Reply Report

df -24 points1865 days ago

your spot on man !!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

bolita -7 points1684 days ago

Her cunt must stink hope she got a STD from this fuck Reply Report
that's my ex

that's my ex -9 points2017 days ago

Lmao that's my ex girlfriend Christina Mendez I'm showing everyone i know this shit Maybe me and my buddies can get a little gangbang going After seeing this I'm sure she's up for it Reply Report