Drugged And Raped

Young Russian girl went home with the wrong guy. He secretly slips some rape drugs in her drink and rapes her while she's laying passed out on his couch.

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theninja +25 points1903 days ago

it may well be faked but it is so nice watching a guy rape a unconsious girl, and she will not know a thing about it when she comes round.
i have done the same to my wife several times
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hornylittlegirl   0 points134 days ago

@ theninja please do this to me, please, I want my body to be used Reply Report

pfft +2 points1428 days ago

You wish wanna be bad ass Reply Report

sloppy +5 points1288 days ago

i do this to my wife and share her with other guys Reply Report

KF +2 points864 days ago

Rapist Scum Reply Report

fan +2 points1934 days ago

hot babe drugged and fucked. she'll wake up later not having a clue so he can do it to her all over again and again. Reply Report
A girl

A girl +2 points1882 days ago

he really knows how to touch and fuck a woman. Learn to him, men!!!!! Reply Report

hotnbothered +2 points1109 days ago

That is so fucking hot! I wish someone would do that to me! Reply Report

Saralily +2 points671 days ago

He's so sweet to her, making sure to suck her nipples and fill her tight cunt deep. Reply Report

sothere +1 points1747 days ago

What A loser has to call some one to do the deed , but she is good the only flaw she did was open her mouth for dick .
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folterer   0 points1930 days ago

one of many fakes on "durgged" cunts Reply Report
Hot guy

Hot guy   0 points1891 days ago

Hot Reply Report

FAKE -3 points1848 days ago

FAKE. Reply Report

@theninja -3 points1835 days ago

What did you use to drug her?? Reply Report